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Floating in Beauty
Citation:   Liberate. "Floating in Beauty: An Experience with MDMA (exp105895)". May 22, 2019.

1 tablet oral MDMA
It has been 4 days since I took the pill and I feel ready to submit my experience now that the comedown is already over. To begin with I am relatively naÔve to drugs, I am a regular alcohol user for 15 years now and I have previous experiences with MDMA, speed, mushrooms and different kinds of weed (but very limited use, not abuse whatsoever). I happened to have in my possession an E pill a good friend of mine gave me at a previous party.

It was my birthday the night I decided to use it and I wanted to treat myself to a different experience. Before I decided to drop it, I collected experiences from my friends who are very experienced users, as well as from the internet and I was fully prepared, both mentally and physically.

The setting was a very big club in Europe, very nice acid techno and hard techno DJs and a group of 7 very close and beloved friends. I decided not to pre-drink that night and not to drink at the club either. I wanted a full on experience and I had read that the rolling is not the same when alcohol is involved, let alone the potential complications.

1:30: We enter the club and I check out the atmosphere. Nice people, very good music, nice place. Everything was welcoming and relaxed. I order a coke and decide to wait for half an hour in order to familiarize with the place and feel comfortable.
2:00: I decide to drop the pill. The pill report said that the pill was strong and suggested consumption in two halves. I am a big girl, 70 kilos, 1.75 m and I know that my body metabolizes very fast, so I downed the whole pill. Previous MDMA experience showed me that I need higher doses to reach the desirable effect. I let all of my friends know that I dropped it and suggested that they keep an eye on me.
I let all of my friends know that I dropped it and suggested that they keep an eye on me.

2:30: I had started feeling a bit lighter, more euphoric, very cozy and a bit warm. We went to the smoking room and chilled there for a while, I had not felt anything very weird yet, just a bit of a buzz and a more comfortable feeling when talking to people.
2:45: Still at the smoking room, talking and at some point I felt the first exhilaration. I realized that the pill had started kicking in and I was ready for everything. Little did I know! In a time of one-two minutes I started fully tripping. A beautiful wave of lightness started going upwards from my toes to my head until my body felt light as a feather! I felt like I was swimming and my body did not obey the gravity rules anymore. I was floating; I could not feel my feet stepping on the ground. At that moment I felt slightly panicked due to the unfamiliar feeling that was all over me. However, it was not threatening at all so I decided to embrace it and let it cover me as a warm blanket!

I immediately talked to my best friend and asked her to go upstairs with me (there was a big chilling area with tables and couches) since I did not want to expose myself to the crowd until I was sure I can handle it. I thought that I would not be able to walk since I could not feel my feet, but I was walking and talking perfectly fine. Much better than when I am drunk or even tipsy!
And then it happened! As I was climbing the stairs, I was convinced I was flying! These stairs were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life until then. I was touching the walls and they felt soft as a pillow. Everything had a texture of soft candy and a smell of happiness.

We sat at the tables and she asked me if I wanted anything. I looked at her eyes and I realized how beautiful my friend is! Her smile was imprinted in my head like an exotic postcard and I could not stop staring at her. I was in vainly trying to explain to her how that felt like. No words in any language could describe that sense of freedom, love, warmth and heaven. I could see the music and hear the colors. Up until then I could not even imagine how that would feel and it was only then that I realized the concept. There was an urge of dancing, moving, touching and generally feeling. My senses were open as never before and I was hypersensitive to any distraction. I felt like I could see at particle level everything that was next to or around me. Until today, I remember every single detail of what I saw that night. The clothes of people passing by, the lights, the ceiling, the carpets, every single detail is so vivid and I can see it now in front of my eyes.

I was at the peak and I was enjoying my time as I had not done in a while. I touched my arm and then I felt the most remarkable sensation of that night that is still until now unforgettable! Although I had the sense of touch, my sensation of being touched was not existent anymore! I was touching my arm and although I could feel how my arm feels, I could not feel the touch of my other hand! It was exactly like I was touching a third person! I started experimenting with my head, my lips, my cheeks, my legs and it was all the same! It was the only chance in my life to perceive myself as a different, alien person and feel every single spot on my body as I would never be able to again.

I looked at the people dancing and I felt the urge of going to the dancefloor and mingling with the crowd. I looked at my friendís phone and it was already 6. I realized that I was tripping for 3 good hours. The party was almost over. We went downstairs while I had started to comedown, although I still had some waves of exhilaration which I was hoping to last for more every time!

When we went out, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I was not able to go to sleep of course so another friend joined me to the park where we stayed until early afternoon. I can surely say that the scenery was the most amazing scenery I had ever seen in my life. The colors were so bright that looked fake, almost like a painting. The air smelled like my favorite smell and the lake water felt like silk. I stayed silent for 1 hour, not being able to convince myself that this was real. I was offered a new, more alive and vivid world.
I was offered a new, more alive and vivid world.
Different perspective, nothing was the same for me anymoreÖ

I slept for two hours that day, very light sleep (I donít think I reached REM) and a few hallucinations, more like confusion of what is real and what is not. I saw my dog sleeping next to me, which was not the case and some of the objects in the room were moving but I am sure this was because of my affected vision.

The effects remained for the next day too (I was having small bits of exhilaration at times), so I just stayed in my living room with good friends enjoying my favorite music and feeling nostalgic of that new feeling that I had welcomed in my life!!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105895
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: May 22, 2019Views: 569
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MDMA (3) : Glowing Experiences (4), Club / Bar (25)

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