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Perfect Stimulant
by John
Citation:   John. "Perfect Stimulant: An Experience with alpha-PHP (exp105901)". May 12, 2015.

20 mg oral alpha-PHP (powder / crystals)
  20 mg insufflated alpha-PHP (powder / crystals)
  10 mg vaporized alpha-PHP (powder / crystals)


I've used this drug in different ROAs, and will write different experience reports related to the ROA. I mostly use it to get shit done, since I have bad ADD.

Oral :

20mg. I put a little crystal in my mouth, it kind of numbs my mouth, but not as bad as cocaine. Minutes later I can feel the euphoria, and brilliant concentration, which lasts up to about 3 hours. The comedown is the good part about this drug, it's barely there. With low doses I barely feel the comedown, the euphoria just decreases slightly over time, and goes a little into the negative but nothing extreme. It actually feels like it gives more during the high than the comedown takes away. I did feel a comedown after the effect of my redose worked off.

Combining it with weed does wonders for me, brilliant creativity and concentration.

Snorting :

Surprisingly, this method does not work well. Takes even longer than oral to feel the effects. 20mg did about the same snorted as oral, but oral was faster (when I kept the crystal in my mouth).

Vaping :

This is where the drug shines. I put a tiny crystal (+- 10mg) on a piece of foil, light it and inhale, and instantly you feel a rush. Similar to cocaine, time seems to almost stand still, everything is beautiful. I did feel very horny the first time I vaped, I tried to masturbate but I couldn't get it up, because of the hypertension. I was kind of obsessively masturbating for hours, which sent me into a depression afterwards since I didn't get anything done.

There are negatives to this drug, it makes me very paranoid, especially in combination with weed. I have experience with cocaine, 2-FA, and Ethylphenidate, but a-PHP stands out when it comes to paranoia. There is an urge to redose but nowhere as bad a cocaine.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105901
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 12, 2015Views: 24,962
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α-PHP (677) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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