Low Dose Wisdom
Citation:   InnerExplorer. "Low Dose Wisdom: An Experience with DOM (exp106010)". Erowid.org. May 20, 2018. erowid.org/exp/106010

T+ 6:30
500 ug oral Etizolam  
  T+ 0:00 625 ug sublingual DOM (blotter / tab)
Dosage: 625ug DOM

Put stamp under tongue. Very bitter taste, so different from the tastelessness of LSD. I would very easily be able to tell these two apart from taste. Not expecting anything outstanding or groundbreaking at this dose.

Intentions: Test the waters and see how this new molecule will affect me. I also wish to look deeper within myself to produce more positive mental programming.

Feel like stretching, general deepening of relaxation running through my mind and my body. Nice relaxing phenethylamine body load.

Feeling energy spreading over my head and down my spine. Elevated mood and wakefulness. Multitasking becomes easier, thoughts translate to action more fluidly, the way they do on small doses of methamphetamine. Very clean feeling as well, not noticing any edginess. Very positive.

Decide to go outside to enjoy nature, will continue to make notes on phone.

Noticed slight gastric discomfort and relaxation of senses. Just arrived at the hiking destination, feel my whole body tingling and vibrating slightly with energy. Things are slightly visually different, more crisp and defined. Colors more vibrant.

Definitely up, feeling strong vibrations in body, so smooth and tranquil all the while, like a mighty stream. So appreciative and loving. So thankful. Going back home now.

The computer screen is much brighter, and I am reflecting on all the major thoughts/revelations that came through while on the hike. One first metaphor that presented itself was the struggle of going uphill, how one almost wishes to just stop, and then makes it to the top where the view is amazing and there is time to contemplate and take down some wisdom. And then begin descending with total joy at having had that unique experience to the car, which takes one to other destinations. That is to say, at the end of life, we may possibly pass on to some other vehicle or existence. Who knows?

Fuck, to think of death feels heavy right now. Be present. Be here. Be now.

During the hike, I felt so in union with nature, with this great organism we are a part of. I ran into a herd of elk and we just stood there and watched each other for an eternity of a moment. I could only send them love and admiration. Another thought that came to me is to be thankful to have the ability to hope for divinity, to hope that there may be more following this life. And having that attitude makes for a better life, whether it is true or not, putting faith and belief into it makes life better. Period. I find comfort and solace in that hope, knowing that although it may NOT be true at all, I like to think that by faith and love one may move on to higher forms. Thinking this right now brings me great peace. Waves and tingles run over my entire body, every atom is at attention and vibrating with joy. This is holy. This is perfect.
Waves and tingles run over my entire body, every atom is at attention and vibrating with joy. This is holy. This is perfect.

So far, it seems that the 2.5-3 hour mark is where this molecule really comes into focus. Very interesting that it's quite similar to the comeup time of mescaline and actually feels quite similar although DOM feels more energetic, a little slower paced (think slow endurance runner here) like a big wave that just very gently rushes over your shore.

Another thought during the hike was that I always want to take my drugs in nature, it seems to be the best place to do it. Indoors should only be acceptable in the winter time. I also like the solitude of the outdoors, without crowds of people all rushing around.

I am observing my thought processes and there's one that's quite pesky. It's the one that goes like this: 'is there something I should be worried about right now?' The answer, to the conscious mind, is obviously 'NO!' However, if I am not paying attention, I somehow find SOMETHING to worry about! What a taxing habit. I would very much like to change that. I would like to let go of that burden that I place on myself so I can be a freer person.

So it seems phenethylamines are definitely heart-opening medicine.
Tryptamines...I think they focus on the whole mind-body-spirit connection.
That seems about right. Something to think about and consider.

I feel very humbled, even on such a small dose. When I think of larger doses I wonder what that would be like...I think it also is different when one takes more breaks in between. I believe this will be my last trip for a little while, and that I won't be tripping on bicycle day. If I were to do it, I would maybe take a microdose of LSD --20ug most likely-- and just enjoy the time. I think tripping too often prevents enough integration time in between and can lead to that floundering feeling once up on the plateau of the trip.

Now I am thinking about metaprogramming, that I can program myself however I want. I am programming myself right now...how fucking fascinating! I love it.

I am seeing the direct results of each program I create--Right in the moment!

I can go through my day and see all the programs that I run. Very interesting. I am like a computer programmer with access (finally!) to the mainframe. Now I can do some shit with it!

Noticing a bit of muscle tension in my shoulders and neck, going to take some magnesium to see if that helps. Will also lie down for a little bit just to surf my mind and see what's going on in there.

--That's about it for now... I will come back to add more if I think of anything else--

Additional Notes:

I would like to make one additional note regarding the comedown/after effects. The magnesium helped greatly to reduce jaw and overall muscle tension. I did not eat dinner since I felt too worn out to cook anything and also did not have much of an appetite. I think in the future I would have some food prepared ahead of time or have some fruit handy. I took .5mg etizolam at around t+6:30 and very easily fell asleep at t+7:00. My sleep had a few vivid dreams in it, though they were not lucid and were not as long-lived as some of the dreams I have had on sober nights.

I woke up with hardly any soreness besides that which came from hiking (which was minimal). I was slightly mentally tired, but it did not affect my work throughout the day. I felt very lucid and attentive at work and performed my duties effortlessly. I also thought that maybe some lingering stimulation could have helped me through the day as well. Now, at the end of my day, I find myself being very glad that I did this experiment. DOM has some great potential on the lower dosing end of the spectrum, especially with stimulating creativity and introspection.
DOM has some great potential on the lower dosing end of the spectrum, especially with stimulating creativity and introspection.
I find the state of mind VERY similar to mescaline. Very lovely molecule, I look forward to future experiences with it.

I also would like to take this moment to comment on the HEALTHINESS of periodic, low dose use of psychedelics. I have noticed that my overall sober mindset is very healthy, optimistic, easygoing, and sharp. I am conditioning my subconscious to be more efficient, less stuck on things, and more adaptable to change. It's still a work in progress, but I think that these psychedelic experiences are definitely helping me develop and grow. I think I will also follow my own advice and take a break from psychedelics for about a month just to work on the surface level of things and navigate my mind without the aid of substances. Then it will be back to psychedelic time!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106010
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: May 20, 2018Views: 4,396
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