Breaking Out From The World of Wonk
25D-NBOMe & Cannabis
Citation:   Triperino. "Breaking Out From The World of Wonk: An Experience with 25D-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp106066)". Aug 4, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 mg sublingual 25D-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Age at Experience: 18 yrs
Gender: Male
Weight: ~145 lbs
Date of Experience: 18 April 2015
Overly detailed experience report written over a period of 8 days following experience


EXPERIENCE BACKGROUND: Several weeks prior to this experience, I had taken an allergy dose (~500Ķg) and experienced mild but interesting thought patterns and a stronger appreciation for music, but not much else. I took a full tab the following night while at a small drinking party and had a somewhat stronger experience, including a couple very light visuals and an odd, introspective headspace. However, due to my tolerance from the previous nightís allergy dose, I definitely didnít experience a full dosageís worth of this chemical during that trip. Thus, the stage was set for my first full trip experience several weeks later on a pleasantly warm Saturday afternoon.

T+0:00 Ė Around 5:30 PM I insert the 1mg blotter behind my upper lip along with my trip mates O, who also took a full tab, and C, who only needs an allergy dosageís worth to trip. We play Super Smash Bros in Cís dorm room for 30 minutes or so while saliva collects in our mouths, after which we spit out our blotters.

T+0:30 Ė O and C leave to meet up with our friends P and S, who still needed to pick up their blotters.

T+0:40 Ė While in the bathroom after their departure I begin to notice an odd feeling in my head and some slight visuals on the floor tiles. I walk to our meeting spot, where I have a short phone conversation with my mother. Talking to her while watching the carpet beneath me softly ripple and breathe was initially a fun and pleasant experience. However, as the introspective qualities of the drug began to seep into my headspace, I felt guilty and weird about calling my dear mother while on the come-up of a research chemical, knowing how worried she would be if she were aware of what I was doing.

T+0:60 Ė Having procured their blotters, P and S along with O and C meet back up with me and we all walk to the nearby park to smoke some weed. By this time I have definite visuals: geometric patterns and symbols start appearing in grid formations on the ground, surfaces wave and breathe. My friendsí body movements have significant tracers, giving them a chopped-framerate look. I feel very happy and at peace, in awe of my surroundings. The world has an ethereal quality to it. I also feel somewhat separated from my friends and the world around me. Having conversations feels odd and unnatural. After a few minutes of basking in the parkís glow, our group smokes a large bowl of bud with Pís bong.

T+1:30 Ė P had ruined his trip by swallowing the blotter 10 minutes after inserting it, but S hadnít taken his yet. We leave S in the park to take his half dose, and the rest of us head to the campus dining hall to get food. The visuals and mental effects are really ramping up for me now. Strange, strong recurring patterns and distortions appear on anything and everything I look at. I feel totally relaxed in my body, as if Iím lying down on a couch even though in reality Iím walking. My mindset and perception of the world are growing stranger as well. Everything I see has a quality to it as if Iíd never seen it before. My thoughts are confused and tangled, and becoming increasing inward-focused. As I walk across the quad I am struck by how fundamentally incongruent my current state of existence is with all the other carefree frisbee throwers and sun tanners around me.

T+1:45 Ė As we enter the dining hall, I feel the first feelings of trepidation and anxiety. I realize how strong the effects have become, and they only keep getting stronger. As I wander around, looking at what food is available, I completely lose myself. I slip fully into the alien world that has been building itself before me. Tracers, patterns and distortions compound on each other and bleed into one another, making it hard to navigate my way around or make sense of what Iím looking at. In my head, my consciousness has retreated inside itself. My inner being feels completely separated from anything in the physical world, and strange darting thoughts and mental loops overwhelm my ability to completely process whatís going on. I somehow grab a slice of pizza and sit with my friends. By this point, my ability to communicate anything meaningful has diminished considerably. English feels fairly useless at conveying my thoughts. I find myself forming in my head what I want to communicate and trying to speak it, then realizing that I only said some detached snippet of my original thought. I also find myself cycling through states of calm recognition and acceptance of what was happening, and uncomfortable, frightening periods of being utterly overwhelmed, lost, and disconnected with reality. I have almost completely forgotten where I am and why weíre there. The lighting and location of our table makes me feel on display and vulnerable.

T+2:15 Ė We finally leave the dining hall after what feels like hours. For the first time I snap back into a somewhat lucid state of awareness, remembering how we got to the dining hall and what we were doing. We meet up with S and go back to Cís room to play more Smash. I watch them play and get recurring thoughts of how much more affected by the drug I seem to be than the others. This contributes to my paranoia and feelings of being disconnected from everything around me. I lay on Cís bed and continue to watch them play, but Iím not paying any attention to whatís happening. In my mind I can feel reality slipping farther away. The particular effect is hard to describe, but essentially I felt my consciousness occupying a completely other world of emptiness, cut off from all the information coming from my senses. Being in this plane of awareness gave me an unpleasantly empty feeling, and since I wasnít ready to let go of everything Iíd ever known I fought to stay focused on reality. A sudden urge to be engaged and not waste my trip comes over me, so I get up and try to play smash. I realize after a few minutes that I completely zoned out and killed myself multiple times, and that itís next to impossible to focus on playing the game and do well.

T+3:00 Ė The stuffiness of the room is starting to bother me anyway, and that fact coupled with my abysmal performance in Smash leads O and I to leave the room and go on a walk to look for our acquaintance D, who earlier in the day had been talking about wanting to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey. By this time Iíve had a chance to re-collect myself and am no longer overwhelmed by the trip. Through talking to O, I manage to piece together everything that had happened so far. I come to the conclusion that our frequent changing of location during the come-up had greatly contributed to my confusion. I also conclude that this drug has knocked me on my ass and that I had completely underestimated how intense my trip was going to be. O agrees with me about the location changing, remarking how every separate area we go to has a remarkably different feel to it.

T+3:15 Ė After failing to find D, O and I return to the dorm room. The environment of the room still makes me uncomfortable, and over the next 45 minutes or so I leave the room many times, both by myself and with O. Though my surroundings still have a remarkably alien, unfamiliar feel, Iím able to appreciate and enjoy them. The visuals have settled to a manageable level, but are still intense. At one point I find myself alone in my room, laying on my bed while my phone charged. I notice movement on my ceiling, and realize that one of the cracks in the plaster is pulsing like a vein. Soon the ceiling and walls are filled with the faint bumps of veins and arteries, throbbing in unison behind the paint. Directly above me part of the ceiling warps into a freakish chest cavity, wracked with stuttered breaths. I donít like the direction the hallucination is taking so I abruptly sit up and it disappears. Instead I find that points on the ceiling are dipping down into the room like a thick waves, with slow and hypnotic motion. I find that I can control the severity of the waves with my mind, and the waves appear on the walls too. The ceiling cracks and dust falls from being bent too much, at which point I stop the waves and lay back down on the bed. I am now staring up not at a ceiling, but rather into space. The bed beneath me begins to slowly launch into the galactic void above me, but as I watch the stars get closer I feel bad for abandoning my trip mates in the other room. In a decision which I retrospectively regret, I get up off my small portal to the unknown and head down to the other room.

T+4:00 Ė By now our friend E has returned from a car trip he had been on the whole day. E was planning on tripping that night as well, and I had picked up a tab for him the previous day. In a display of irony, I had managed not to lose the tab in my pocket up to this point, but as soon as I hand it to E (the only sober person in the room), itís immediately misplaced and lost. E wants to smoke before he goes to get a replacement tab, so we all (E, O, C, S, P, and myself) head back to the park. Being back at the park brings on a wave of strange feelings. Throughout my trip I had been experiencing brief flashes of understanding that my trip was cyclical in nature, in the way of a bunch of smaller, incomplete cycles culminating in an overarching ďmasterĒ cycle of events. Returning to the park came with the strong sensation that the overarching master cycle of my trip had been fulfilled. I had managed to adapt to the experience and overcome it. I had conquered it, in a sense, and since this had been accomplished I understood that the strongest part of the experience was behind me. The drug is still very much affecting what I observe and how I think, but in a subtler way than before. Most notably, I see flashes of a grid of green and pink dots (two colors which had been recurring in my visuals the whole night) over everything while we smoke Pís bong.

T+4:45 Ė After we finish smoking, which gave my overall high a nice boost, E departs with C and myself to get another tab from our friend and supplier, M. Before meeting M we stop by Cís room to collect some of our belongings. I sit in a chair while E is talking to me, but I find it hard to focus on what heís saying. While he talks to me my visuals become very pattern oriented: I can see elements of Eís face echoed in different parts of his head and hair, and everything around him seems to be arranged in a geometrically perfect way. Every object somehow fits into two planes of rhombuses, which are separated by a central axis running down the center of Eís face. Eís curly hair spirals off into infinitesimally small fractal shapes. The introspective thought patterns are still going strong, and I have a sudden, strong spiritual and personal connection with the hare (the animal). An oddly cartoonish, blocky drawing of myself as an anthropomorphic hare materializes in my head, and a part of my nature which I realize had been previously hidden from me was instantly revealed.

T+5:00 Ė We depart Cís room to go to Mís place. I still feel the weird mental effects and see the general visuals which I described earlier, but theyíve died down considerably. The level to which the effects have receded in intensity coupled with my familiarity with them at this point in the trip results in my overall state of inebriation coasting at a very manageable level. Upon arrival at Mís, E procures his blotter and inserts it. I settle myself into a large bean bag chair, noticing that the comfort or discomfort of various positions I can sit in is amplified considerably. It takes a little bit for me to find the optimal position, but when I do I feel completely relaxed and free of tension throughout my entire body. I theorize that my sense of feeling in my body was amplified by the NBOMe, and this allowed me to find the position which put the least strain on my body. The four of us and Mís roommate play more smash while E holds his tab in, and we continue to play after he spits it out.

T+5:45 Ė A little while after E spits his tab out, C leaves to go back to his room. Around this time E vocalizes that heís starting to feel the drug come on. Iíve found with this and previous NBOMe experiences that itís easy to get sucked into an activity and forget that anything else exists besides what youíre doing. This phenomenon seems to afflict both E and I, and we play smash with M and his roommate for hours. Over the course of this video game binge I have several moments of minor epiphanies about ways to improve my gameplay and things that Iíve been doing wrong. E and I throw away many of the matches if we slip into a zone of introspective thought and forget to pay attention to the game, but when we are focused on it we both perform very well, compared to our typical skill level.

T+9:00 Ė After hours of smash, E and I decide itís time to head out. He proposes that we make a trip to the local convenience store to score some snacks and a Brisk, to which I agree. On the walk to said convenience store, E says he feels remarkably sober until mistaking a small twig for a razor. Upon realizing this his world ďcompletely fell awayĒ, according to him. E however maintains a level head, determined to get a Brisk, and myself, determined to make sure he doesnít get arrested, mentally prepare to babysit if necessary. After successfully suppressing laughter in the store and completing our purchases, we part ways and walk back to our rooms.

T+9:30 Ė When I arrive back in my room, my roommate is fast asleep and the lights are out. I sit quietly in the dark at my desk, listen to music and eat my snacks. Even though I had been on the come-down for quite a while by this time, Iíve noticed that being alone greatly amplifies the effects of the drug. Music, especially some of my favorite music, sounds incredibly powerful. I can feel it resonate throughout my entire body. Feelings and tingling sensations rise and crash with the flow of the instruments. I crawl into bed and continue to listen to music and get lost in my thoughts. At this stage in my trip, my visuals are long gone and I feel somewhat close to sobriety, but my thoughts are still racing around, tinged with the unmistakable twist of 25D.

T+11:30 Ė As Iím finally starting to drift asleep around 5:00 AM, I notice that I can almost retain consciousness as I feel myself falling asleep. Iím not able to attain full sleep lucidity, as the excitement of the experience usually wakes me back up, but the few times it happened it was enjoyable nonetheless. I estimate that I finally fall asleep around 5:30 AM, 12 hours after taking my tab.

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: 25D-NBOMe really is an odd creature. Through reflection on my own experiences and discussion with my friends who have also taken it, Iíve pieced together a few tentative governing characteristics to this drug which were consistent across all of our collective experiences. These are not hard and fast rules but merely the refinement of my personal observations and thoughts.

+ The way in which the trip manifests itself seems to have a wide range of variance from person to person. For example, my experiences have had a stronger visual component to them than others.

+ Intent and setting are very important. Being in busy environments with lots of stimuli, places with a lot of people, and places where few others or no others are tripping has the potential to result in confusion, paranoia, and an overall less enjoyable trip. Changing location frequently can leave the tripper(s) feeling dazed and confused as well. Tripping while at a party seems to results in a very weird, unpleasant feeling of emptiness and uncertainty throughout the first day after the trip.

+ 25D-NBOMe is a very introspective, personal drug. It often causes feelings of disconnection from the people and things around you, and your ability to communicate may be limited. Donít expect to be social while tripping or be able to maintain a normal, sober-seeming composure around others.

+ Elements of the trip seem to become much more intense when alone.

+ Itís important to take an allergy dose the first time you try 25D. With reasonable doses and the proper precautions, 25D-NBOMe seems to be a safe drug, but a handful of people have died on this drug. You never know if you could have a lower natural tolerance to it.

+ Itís easy to be eager and get ahead of yourself after taking an allergy dose, but stick to 1 full dose before adventuring further. Even though a full dose is only twice the amount in an allergy dose, the effects of a full tab are exponentially stronger, not twice as strong.

+ Iíve had the best experiences with 25D when I find one thing to completely absorb myself in, be it the setting that Iím in (if tripping outside in nature), music, a game or a movie. If you choose to watch a movie, take care when choosing what to watch. 25D seems to allow you to become extremely invested in whatever youíre watching, and if the film is overly disturbing, violent, or emotional, that may manifest itself in your trip.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106066
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Aug 4, 2017Views: 2,689
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