Just a Taste
by sentient being
Citation:   sentient being. "Just a Taste: An Experience with DMT (exp106105)". Erowid.org. Jun 4, 2020. erowid.org/exp/106105

25 - 30 mg vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)


This was my first experience with DMT. I decided to do a small-ish dose to get to know this magical substance before experimenting with larger doses. I obtained 250mg of this powder in an off-white/yellowish powder. I split it into 5 equal piles, then split one of those into two smaller piles. I eyeballed 25-30mg, but afterward I decided I really need a .001g scale to be more precise with this stuff (itís powerful!).

Method: I read up on various means of vaporizing DMT; I decided to go with the plastic bottle method for its cheapness and ease, and I have to say Iím happy with it. I got one of those fat Gatorade bottles and cut off the bottom. I then used the cap and two sheets of aluminum foil and formed a bowl in the foil with the cap. DMT will run from the flame so the bowl is essential. This was is also nice as I could take my time vaporizing the powder/crystals with the cap on and fill the bottle completely before taking my hit. I took the whole bottle in one hit.

Mindset/setting: Iím a busy grad student right now; Iím just winding up the semester and figured with how short the trip is and the lack of hangover that I could do this on a Friday night with little consequence. Iím a practicing Buddhist. I began prepping my room the day before by cleaning and organizing. I believe itís very important to have a welcoming space for doing drugs in based on experience. I have experience with MDMA, LSD, shrooms, 2C-B, xanax, and a lot of pot; DMT is a bit intimidating, so I broke my usual habit of diving into drugs head first and aimed for a smallish dose. Iíve recently made personal breakthroughs in regard to self-compassion and surrendering to my experience instead of fighting it; this helped with engaging with the trip without fear, but I was certainly nervous. I built my rig for smoking at around 10pm and spend the next hour with light music and cleaned my room. Then, I created a nest with a couple blankets and my meditation cushion. I prepped the dose and loaded the device; I lit incense and a couple candles around my room, with one directly in front of me as Iíve heard recommended to have a focal point as the trip comes on. I meditated for 20 minutes prior to dosing; I set an intention to surrender to the experience and not try to interact with any beings I may encounter, but just to share the space with them and try to be observant and peaceful. On the day of, I didnít have any other substances besides caffeine (chai) that I sipped through the morning and afternoon. I was effectively sober at time of ingestion. I had smoked half a pack of cigarettes (my first tobacco of any kind in three months) in the three days previous to the trip. I tossed the rest of the pack and saved one for post-trip contemplation.

Dosing: After my meditation, at 11:35pm, I felt ready to dive right in. I grabbed my rig and used the flame of a utility lighter to go around the outside of the bowl shape, thus hopefully vaping the powder evenly and preventing it from running (which would be more likely if I just held it dead center under the powder). The bottle filled with milky white smoke, and as soon as I was convinced Iíd vaped all the powder, I took one deep breath, exhaled, unscrewed the cap, and took the whole bottle full in one pull and held for approximately 10 seconds. The smoke wasnít too harsh, a bit plastic-y tasting, but nothing harsh enough to make me cough.

Trip: All the sudden the fireplace in front of me with the candle placed in front of it stretches and is taking on an interesting geometric pattern. Geometric patterns take over my field of vision, then I start to contact the Ďdome,í there are beings there. It is all quite intense. I pull out of it at one point for a sip of water, and go back. Iím shifting between very bright, colorful geometric patterns twisting and whirring and a scene of colorful beings, lots a neon pink, lime green, navy blue, and gold.

The beings are riding bikes; the ones I remember most clearly are a couple that rides bike to an apartment complex and run inside together. They are cheerful and appear happy/carefree. At this point I need to lay down on the floor. My thoughts are going many places; the most prominent awareness is the intensity of this and the feeling that Iím not quite in the right mindset/physical health to go much further with this substance right now.

I begin to come down. Itís all felt like a very, very concentrated acid trip. I go in and out with some geometric patterns. The fireplace and candle are still geometric, a calming and beautiful scene I made for myself. The collage on my wall is vibrant and warm; I get a brief moment of self-love. As I pull out more and more, Iím very happy I took the size of dose I did. I am assured that I received good product and know how to approach DMT in the future. The whole thing is effectively over with some glowing at 11:43pm, approximately 8 minutes in total.

I step outside and smoke my cigarette. I donít feel a whole lot different than I did before. This wasnít any spiritual awakening and I didnít gain much insight. It was a beautiful little introductory dose and I look forward to taking another ride.

Takeaway: Overall, DMT is an extremely intense substance. The trip could be quite frightening, especially if my mental and physical health weren't strong. I found myself really feeling the impact of the few days of cigarettes on my body. I resolved to abstain from cigarettes and spend more time meditating and exercising before I approach this substance again (Iím planning on at least a week before my second dose).

I really want to Ďbreakthroughí and see what I can make contact with. The scenes I was immersed within were beautiful, cheerful. This substance has such mystical potential. Iím still a bit intimidated but quite excited for more exploration.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106105
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Jun 4, 2020Views: 3,465
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