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An Enlightening Threshold
DiPT & Cannabis
Citation:   Goddess Mode. "An Enlightening Threshold: An Experience with DiPT & Cannabis (exp106206)". Apr 11, 2019.

36 mg oral DiPT
    repeated smoked Cannabis
This was to be my first trip in (what felt like) quite a while. After starting to come out of a period of fairly regular use, before this I now hadn't taken a psychedelic in about two and a half months, and no hallucinogens at all besides cannabis except for a threshold dose of memantine about a month and a half ago since then. I had just been kind of getting to a point where my trips were beginning to become repetitive and less meaningful because I only had so much to bring to the table each time without much life having been lived in between trips, and at the same time the physical side effects that some psychedelics give me were increasing with my frequency of use. I had opted finally to take some time off and integrate my experiences into my regular life again, which has been going wonderfully, but now I am again gifted with a short span of time where I have little responsibility before I'll be making some major life changes, so I figured it couldn't hurt to dip my toes back into the psychedelic pool again while I had the chance. In this case, I thought I might break the silence with a curious chemical I've always been interested in but never had the opportunity to try before.

Since all anecdotal accounts that I could find online seem to suggest that the audio distortion effects of DiPT work through a separate mechanism than the psychedelic effects, I decided that the only good harm reduction thing to do would be to treat this like a brand new type of drug, starting small and just taking a higher dose next time if the first trial isn't satisfying without ever redosing. I normally need higher doses than my friends for most psychedelics, so my thought was that this might be too low for actual psychoactive effects, but I tried to stay optimistic. I weighed out a powder amount which came out to 36 mg, just one above where I was aiming so that's good enough, and swallowed it with water. Down the hatch! I really had no idea what to expect at this point at all, except for maybe that this could take a bit longer to kick in for me than most tryptamines do (4-substituted ones I feel strongly in usually fifteen minutes tops), so I just tried to occupy my time. I slowly started grinding up some cannabis and loaded a bong bowl to attend to in a bit, and then I went outside to just feel the warm night breeze and mentally prepare for the experience. At around half an hour after dosing I was starting to feel a bit more certain that whatever I was feeling was not placebo, but it was very, very mild. By far the least threatening onset I've experienced from a tryptamine, which is saying a lot because I find them all quite gentle, but there was literally no anxious stimulation or tremors or anything. I suppose this may have been related to dose, but really I just felt incredibly relaxed, almost sedated, and with a faint glow of euphoria rising up. Feeling pretty good about where this was headed, I decided to grab my bong bowl and take a hot shower.

Taking the first few hits of cannabis in the water really accentuated the difference in my overall cognitive state, but it still kind of hard to put my finger on what exactly that difference was. I felt spacey like I was coming up on a trip, but it was so smooth overall that I mostly just felt a bit dissociated. Unlike where I would usually be at this point with a psychedelic, I couldn't really detect any visual changes or the like with eyes open. When they were closed, mainly what I was presented with was a dim white light and a couple of moving shapes like circles or squares just in the center, basically some of the simplest things you could possibly imagine. I did feel that there was maybe a little distortion of spatial perception going on when I was just finishing up my shower, but mostly I just felt really out of it, like dreamy almost. The one thing that caught my attention the most is that, right at the end of it, the sound of the water hitting the bottom of the tub was... the same, but different. I think probably the easiest comparison for it I could make would be like when you zone out in a room that has a loud air conditioner on, everything is distant and quite in your imagination, but then when you snap out of it it's like suddenly the room refreshes and the sound hits you all at once.... This was sort of like that, except after the refresh, you can't tell what the difference is but you know there is one. It pretty much seems like what I've heard people describe while coming up on DiPT before, and I was sure I could feel how it was going to go at higher doses as well.... Even at this point the sounds almost seemed to be 'curving' in a way that makes me think of them as more enclosed, if that makes sense. It was bizarre for sure, and certainly not easy to convey when it's this subtle.

By the time I had gotten out of the shower, dried off, and put my clothes back on, it was just about an hour after dosing. My audio distortions had not gotten particularly more intense and I was starting to suspect that they would not, but I tried to make the most of what was there. Going back outside and smoking the rest of that bowl was a very pleasant experience, and showed me that the audio is definitely not the feature of DiPT, it's just one of its many good qualities. My senses of touch and sight were enhanced very nicely and lucidly as well, in a way that felt generally reminiscent of sensory enhancement on other tryptamines that are great at it like 4-HO-MET. Something interesting that was happening that I couldn't tell what effect it was coming from was that wind chime sounds seemed to last a great deal longer than they normally would, I was having a lot of fun just listening to those. Mostly though, on an audio level I would say that the biggest difference for me is that things still just felt generally 'off' and I had an increased baseline level of tinnitus going on. Visually, by sitting outside in the dark and getting high I had started to see some mild distortions that were a bit stronger than they would've been had I done this with no psychedelic involved, but not really in any particularly distinguishable way. It wasn't too long after taking in the nature that I decided that I was about far enough into this that I should regroup and evaluate where my experience is.

I was starting to feel like I had about plateaued by now, and this was still an incredibly comfortable experience overall. I had experienced a mildly increased heart rate during the onset, but in retrospect I think this might've been just anticipation for experiencing something new
I had experienced a mildly increased heart rate during the onset, but in retrospect I think this might've been just anticipation for experiencing something new
, because it was completely normal for the entire rest of the trip. I still had no tremors or stimulation or anything, I just wanted to lie down and slip into a trance. The one thing that was bugging me though was that there was some nausea which had started to set in and remained for most of the duration unless I remained still on the ground, but that wasn't a particularly big issue since that's all I wanted to do anyway. The nausea didn't feel like it could be toxic in any way either, it really just seemed like the kind of thing that might lead to a DMT-like purge in higher doses, which would've been quite welcome this time since then I might've been able to move on from it. It's noteworthy to say that I might just be sensitive to this too because I have been having a lot of gastrointestinal issues lately, and to the DiPT's credit there was no other distress of that sort to speak of at any time. Anyway, since this was starting to seem like it might be where the trip was leveling off and it was still feeling nice and clean, I decided to try listening to some familiar music.

Again, I only got a threshold effect, but I think I did get enough audio distortion that something very real was going on.... It's just that it was still weak enough that my brain was able to catch up after a couple seconds. No matter what song I put on, I was constantly experiencing the very odd sensation that the first few notes that played were very wrong, only for things to suddenly sync up and start sounding more like the normal song again, but still with an intangible underlying sense of weirdness. There was the typical music enhancement that many psychedelics have for me going on as well, but this subtle distortion was surprisingly hard to ignore. I think I would have to say that I had the most fun with the violin music overall, but since the level of distortion I was experiencing really wasn't spectacular or anything, I actually started to find the music to be more of a distraction than anything. I definitely want to explore more with that at higher doses, but soon enough I decided to spend the rest of the time pretty much in silence for this trip. I was actually really looking forward to meditating on this both because of the way that it was relaxing me and because of the thought that the tinnitus might actually help me dissociate more easily like white noise, and just from trying to push my imagination a bit in the living room it did seem like I was at least on some level of genuinely psychedelic activity, even if I really had to strain to notice it. Luckily for me, lately I've gotten pretty proficient at going deep into meditative trances on cannabis that can become quite visionary or abstract with the right amount of resolve, and in my experience so far, if anything can bring psychedelic visuals out when they wouldn't have been otherwise, it's doing this. So, I loaded another bong bowl for myself and headed off to bed.

After smoking and getting comfortable, it didn't take long for things to start. Usually I just need to get myself to the point where I start to zone out into a hypnagogic state, and then the typical serotonergic visuals completely unlike what I would normally get from doing that come bursting out. This happened quite readily with DiPT, and I was amazed at the beauty of what I was seeing. It was still dim and transparent and everything as a reflection of the low dose, but the imagery was quite developed and vivid. The dominant color was silver, something totally new for me with psychedelics, with greens, blues, and pinks being the other most prominent colors that stand out in my memory. What I saw initially was an incredibly erotic and sensual twisting image made up of extremely three-dimensional female entities of a kind that I am quite familiar with from past experiences, but the way they were being expressed through this was still quite unique for me. The sexual imagery continued on for a moment, and then suddenly twisted into an open spherical space with a vortex in the center with massive tentacles protruding outward from it. They were actually grabbing at other objects or entities or something that were flying around in the area, but I can't remember clearly what was going on with that anymore.... The next thing that I can recall is suddenly being aware of this deeply complex tunneling patterns moving around ahead of me, by far some of the most intricate that I've ever seen. Things were starting to get very out-of-body by this point, I was in that space where it feels you are becoming aware of a great many personal or universal truths... that unfortunately are quite hard to bring back after the fact. This experience in particularly was pretty unexpected, especially the sudden jolt back to normal reality with me just lying in bed like nothing happened again, so the main thing that has stuck with me now is the emotion of it. I'm sure I would've been able to bring back more had I actually been expecting something like that to happen, but I'll just have to remember for future reference now!

Since I did find myself back in relatively 'ordinary' consciousness, I felt satisfied enough with the visions I had gotten off of this threshold dose and decided to test the erotic angle instead. It's not what I would call an aphrodisiac or anything in the way that I would with something like LSD, but I have definitely gotten less sexual enhancement from a psychedelic before. I would have to say that probably the thing it enhanced the most was the fantasy, but the physical sensations were a bit more pleasurable than usual as well. After this though, combined with the DiPT sedation and the low dose overall, and the fact that I did this at the end of the day and smoked cannabis the whole, I was feeling pretty tired overall. I remember lying in bed and enjoying how amazing it felt to just zone out and feel the sheets and stuff, and I know at some point I still felt a little bit too mentally wired to fall asleep, but I can't recall when the transition actually happened anymore. If something significant happened after that last memory, it's gone from me now. I awoke maybe six or so hours later at most still with a slight tinnitus and some body feelings that returned with cannabis, but everything else was pretty much back to baseline by then. It's now a little over half a day after dosing and I don't notice any audio effects at all anymore.

Overall, I would say that this psychedelic seems to have amazing potential for me. I specifically held off on doing visual comparisons to other trips until now.... First of all, the thing with the huge tunneling patterns is something that I have seen recreations of in ayahuasca videos and stuff like that, but I've only ever experienced it personally before after vaporizing 4-AcO-MET and then doing this same kind of meditation while wearing a light and sound machine (though using the LED lights only). I was actually pretty amazed that I was able to get them from meditating alone this time, and it really says something to me about what DiPT's visual potential might be at higher doses. Second, the thing with the tentacles, and some of the other darker imagery that was flying around at the time, reminded me quite a lot of my experiences on 4-HO-DET and 4-AcO-DET. My guess is that this is what people mean when they say that DiPT has visuals comparable to DPT, because I have not yet tried the latter at a psychedelic dose, but people tend to describe it to me the way that I describe 4-HO-DET and its ester, having both light and dark elements to it.

Lastly, the thing with the very 3D female entities.... Honestly, this sort of entity visual is something that I get on many psychedelics, but I have never before experienced it to this powerful degree on any research chemical psychedelic. I see accurately proportioned and shaded sometimes to the point of being photorealistic but ultimately flat entities in the visuals of practically any synthetic tryptamine and regular doses of LSD and DMT, but so far only fairly high dose of the latter two and moderate or higher doses of mushrooms have caused me to see them become so three-dimensional that it's like they're hyperreal, almost like a virtual reality simulation that is more vivid and intricate than actual reality. DiPT, at least from this little glimpse alone, seemed like it had at least as much potential for me in this way as mushrooms do, on top sharing in the aforementioned visual effects that compare to my other favorite synthetic tryptamines. I don't want to say anything definite from one mild trip alone, but for these reasons, DiPT already seems like it could end up at the top of psychedelic favorites list pretty quickly....

I've heard that changing the route of administration to insufflating or vaporizing rather than oral greatly increases the psychedelic effects component compared to the audio distortion, so I think the next time I may try one of those for that and the sake of getting the most out of what I have. For a chemical that I've been interested in for so long for the sake of seeing the thing that makes it unique from other drugs, I was quite surprised just how much I ended up liking DiPT primarily for the things it does share with others, but I guess that's not too surprising since I just love psychedelics in general to begin with. In the end, I would say that this was a successful, if mostly mild trial. I certainly hope to see more of what DiPT has to offer in the future!

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106206
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 11, 2019Views: 2,498
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DiPT (110) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2), General (1)

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