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I Have Been Here Before
Citation:   THE_HOLY_DREAM. "I Have Been Here Before: An Experience with AL LAD (exp106231)". Jul 13, 2017.

T+ 0:00
3000 ug oral AL-LAD (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 12 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 8:00   vaporized Cannabis (plant material)
[Erowid Note: The doses described in this report are potentially life threatening. The amount taken is beyond a heavy dose and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Doses such as this have been known to cause hospitalizations and/or deaths. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
EXP Year: 2015
Dosage: 3000ug+
20 hits+
Total Duration: 10 Hours

What I am about to write is the story of what happened to me the other night. I am trying hard to remember how I had gotten so confused. At the time, it seemed like the right amount, but this is a warning of why good math is always important before ingesting liquid Lysergic compounds of any nature. I am ashamed of my accidental abuse of this substance and donít plan on doing this again in the future.

I have used a lot of compounds throughout my life, smoked weed daily for 11 years and have experimented with a number of different hallucinogens throughout my life. I have triple flipped and done a whole manner of different combinations. Usually hold a deep respect for drugs and am only short of taking the real dangerous ones, which I have no desire to do.

I Have only ever had a couple of bad trips in the last ten years and would class this as an accidental overdose. I hope to convey the danger but also explore the different states and plateaus reached. I hope this is informative and also challengeís your beliefs

I ordered a sample of some powdered AL LAD (45mg) from an established Lysergic distribution company. The week before I purchased a 60ml bottle with dropper and a medicine syringe. I bought Bacardi 151 and carefully desterilized the bottle before beginning.

I worked out that one drop was exactly 100th of the bottle. This entailed that if I wanted to do a 300ug hit I would need about 0.4ml, bearing this in my mind I mixed the substance together.

My parents were away for the weekend so I decided this would be the perfect time to try out the bottle. (I done small tests the week before to check for allergy, potency etc.) It was my last day of work before I started my new job. I went for drinks before hand and then went and picked up two dogs I was looking after for the weekend.

When I got home I fed them and then went downstairs and rolled a joint. I then picked up the bottle and my medication syringe. By this point I hadnít had much to drink or wasnít feeling peculiarly stupid but for some reason it just happened. I convinced my self that it was 4ml and not .4ml I needed to take. So I loaded up the first 2ml, just a little bit over as I didnít want to squander my 300ug trip and then I loaded up the second 2ml. This one was larger than the first.

(T: 0.00) 8.30pm
I began by sparking the joint and taking the dogs for a walk, I wanted to get this out of the way before the magic was happening. Maybe take them out again later if I felt comfortable enough. Looking back this was the best idea.

(T: 0.30) 9.00pm
We began the trip doing a round of the neighbor hood and of the swing park. As soon as I got to the pond I started noticing severe time distortions and that I could feel at one with the dogs. As I moved further from the pond I started to feel myself losing track of where I was. My location was becoming more and more obscure and I could feel things were starting to jump up a gear already. I took a left and then left again. Luckily this was the right route and managed to get home before things started getting to heavy.

(T: 1.00) 9:30pm
I put on some music to ease me into the trip. I then head back up the stairs at this point I distinctly remember the warping starting to come on a little bit stronger. The room tone was beginning to change rapidly and there seemed to be some pressure in the front of my head.

(T: 1:30) 10:00pm
My friend calls and asks how the dog sitting is going, I tell him itís all good and he says him and a friend will come around at some point. I agree to it, as at the time I was unaware of the quantity I had ingested.

(T: 2:00) 10:30pm
The other guy calls asking if its cool to come down at this point Iím struggling to answer my phone or have any composure. The dogís bodies seem to be getting more and more warped and tangent into strange directions.

(T: 2:30) 11:00
My sister comes in and heads to bed. She tells me to wake her up if she isnít up by 11am, I agree and say goodnight. I turn of the music that was playing and head upstairs with a 6 pack of beer for the guys that are coming round.

(T3:00) 11:30
This is where it starts taking a turn for the worst. I am paralyzed on my couch my entire vision seems to start to disintegrate and I feel as though I am going through the start of a DMT trip. The energy starts of flowing smoothly. I try my best to catch a ride on it. Almost feels like I am deep in meditation and am heading through a string, the energy begins speeding up and speeding up.

I can remember seeing the dogs looking at me, their faces warping incomprehensibly. Shifting from the reality I was beholding and floating into the void with me. Their faces drew big lines and tailed of into either side of infinity.

(T?:??) The First Plateau
The night begins to go into inconceivable directions or go into strange timelines. I am unaware of where my body is or anything that it is doing. I am in a sea of vibrant color and seem to be traveling at a very fast speed. People from my work seem to be coming in and out of focus at the sides of my vision. Urging me to take care of my body and let me know that this is the best years of my life.

I begin to meet a whole host of different souls with information that is being telepathically received on my end. Messages about working and trying to change my life for the better. I only have one shot before I climb the ladder or begin to fall back down.

Next I am met with figures from my work. This time they are performing different actions. One is clinking bottles telling me to hold on because things are getting a bit ďFreaky DeakyĒ. Another is hunched over in the Tom MYSPACE photo manner, giving me the thumbs up and telling me to relax and to take it easy.

Next I see a woman, with the brightest aura trying to draw me in. As I get closer she shimmerís in and out of focus until I re-enter the void and am swallowed by the most magnificent color. Electricity is coursing through my veins.

(T?:??) Catching a Breath
I awake on the couch shaking. I look at the time but the numbers canít even register in my head. I notice the dogs have been sitting next to me quite content.
I stand up and look outside.

The sky is red, gold and green. There seem to be as what I can only describe as bright lights or space ships landing. I try to watch for a bit longer but the swirling of the visuals is so intense, I feel the need to sit back down. I pick up the 6 pack, and clutch it like a baby.

Looking in front of me I see a picture on my wall that says family. I start looking down at my beers and I start getting contrasting ideas of what family is and how alcohol is tearing the bonds of it apart. At this point I start getting clear visions of my whole family watching me and getting further and further from my field of vision. Itís a little disturbing but I appreciate the sentiment that it was trying to convey.

I open a beer and begin to drink it in total misery. I look outside and the skyís colors begin to be fading rapidly. I put the beer down and the hallucinations begin to get more and more intense.

(T?:??) The Second Coming
I can only describe this section as an American Dream. Everything is going well. There are waterfalls of color, bubbles are pouring all around me and fill my vision space. I am told repeatedly about the universe and how I am able to control the happenings in anyway I desire. The only way that I can keep my body though is by speeding up the energy in the void. To do this I chant and use my hands to steady the flow before releasing it. I repeatedly do this and visions become more prominent. I travel into unknown timescales and different universes with the most unimaginable laws of physics.

The hallucinations went from a swirling DMT like to a full on metaphysical world. I am able to interact with many things before traversing to the next place. Each space is set in either the future or the past and has a whole host of different places for me to explore.

The visuals are so clear it reminds me of the first time I took DMT and how true I perceived the world to be. It is almost like I am viewing these habitable spaces through a 4K Television set.

(T?:??) High Upon The Numbers
At this point of the trip I would like to point out that I have been here before. This seems to be the place that I go during intense trips. Everything to me turns into mathematical equations.

I begin to see prominent numbers. I begin doing complex equations in my head. Dividing, multiplying, subtracting and adding fractions, decimals anything goes really. During this I associate the numbers with complex algorithms that draw strange pictures and inform me of different states.

As I go further and further I see hieroglyphs that are unintelligible to me and swirl in and out of focus. Neon colors that disperse into a kaleidoscopic madness

(T6:00) 2:30AM
The only reason I can estimate the time is because I stood up for a little bit and took a bite out of a banana and chocolate muffin that was lying on the table. I then downed a pint of milk, as I was rather thirsty.

Aware that I have been rolling around for the last four hours I decided to go down stairs. This time I put on some light music. During this time I feel like I have traveled to my house in the future. I have missed important dates and feel like I have let people down for putting myself into a coma.

I turn my computer on and everything feels incredibly foreign. I put on some relaxing music and lie on my bed. Again, the electricity flows through me and I am sent away. This time I am a particle in my body. There are blue lines connecting each particle and inside is a whole different universe of myself. Each universe contains contrasting ideologies and different ways to view life. I take them in for a second and then leave to the next.

Every time I learn something new. That the universe is a giant testing facility to reach the higher ground. By taking care of the people around you and helping to influence the community that you live in for the greater good is the only way forward. I learn about important morals on life, death, religion and the infinite.

I realize that by speeding up and running I can tare through each universe and this begins to become very reminiscent of the film- Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Running faster I break into different parts of my house and am greeted in different universes by the same people who have different jobs, mindsets and ways to interact.

I am told the same group of spirits possesses a vast majority of different beings and has lived through the conscious for an infinite and incomprehensible number of years, in a multitude of different dimensions. Trying to conceive this as I feel the energy get tighter and more constricting. Everything is getting faster. The energy is beginning to rip through me like a chainsaw.

(T7:00) 3.30AM
I awake thinking I am forty years older my body aches and my room is a mess. Mainly just guitar cables, weed and bits and bobs from the week. With picking up the dogs I didnít have much time to tidy up. As I look outside the world is black. No more light. I try to thinkÖ did I lose my job? Where are my parents? How far in to the future am I?

I begin to take the words of wisdom in to my life and start cleaning up my house. I go into the bathroom and my teeth are black and yellow (because of the banana muffin) I think its because I have been neglecting my life and begin brushing them. I then go for a shower, have a shave and start vacuuming. I pour the rest of the beer out and tidy more of my house. The cleaner it gets the more light starts coming into my life (Due to the sunrise)

(T8:00) 4:30AM
I see my friend messaged me saying they couldnít make it. By this time I was getting the visuals that you get maybe of a 300ug trip still. Everything was alive i.e. the floorboards and most wood. I tell him it was pretty intense for the small amount I had taken. At this point I still have no idea of the actual dose.

I begin to smoke my vaporizer and reflect on the nightís messages, having less prominent visions and feeling a bit safer now that I was more compos mentis I decided to take the dogs out to the back garden.

(T8:30) 5:00AM
The dogs do their business and come back downstairs with me and curl up on the bed next to me I toss and turn with the lights on for maybe an hour then pass out for two.

The next day I felt like a new person. Pretty weak at some points but definitely felt like I had a new lease of life. Some of the images and guiding was so wonderful that I doubt I will ever forget it. Although I was lucky with this trip I understand that others will not be so and do not advise this to anyone.

I completely understand that all of these illusions were a part of me but at the time it was so real that I felt hard to distance myself. At times it actually felt like I was in full participation.

It wasnít until waking up today (Sunday) that I realized what I had done. After looking at the bottle and noticing a substantial amount missing I tried to piece together how much I had actually ingested and was pretty disappointed in myself. Though it did answer a couple of questions as to why the trip was so strong and out of this world.

I feel the need to maybe go and learn how to Astral Project without the use of drugs as it did give me some particularly interesting insights into my life and I think has made me a better person. Again I would never want anyone to experience this as it flipped my reality so hard that I would assume a lot of people would have a hard time coming back down.

Thanks for taking the time to read my journey and I wish you a safe return next time you explore the void.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jul 13, 2017Views: 3,730
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Alone (16)

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