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Life of a Chipper
by bvvnihm
Citation:   bvvnihm. "Life of a Chipper: An Experience with Heroin (exp106248)". Erowid.org. Aug 20, 2020. erowid.org/exp/106248

  repeated insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)


Heroin and I crossed paths and became, good friends. My drug history started off with weed, then slowly but surely upped to benzos; Valium being my number 1 gunner, opiates; percocets being my ride or die especially when I smoke weed regardless the strength and I pop like 2 10mg percs? I'll get super leant out. I also did the DXM thing which I think is the most strongest high because it is a dissociative and it damnear feels like I died and rebirthed. I rank top 3 most strongest drugs of em all in my opinion 1. DXM 2. heroin 3. DPH (benadryl). All I need is a good 5-10 pills and I'm off to Pluto with visuals and body sensations and all types of crazy stuff.

Anyways, I stumble upon a dealer who've openly advertised their product and I decided to buy 20$ worth of heroin (whether the real deal or no deal)... I was curious anyway because I watch TV shows like Interventions on A&E and Drugs Inc. and these drug documentaries so I've grown a curious thing about H...

I go home, open up this tiny ripped up but sophisticatedly balled up plastic bag to see powder same color as khaki pants from Dockers....
I go home, open up this tiny ripped up but sophisticatedly balled up plastic bag to see powder same color as khaki pants from Dockers....
Beige off-white more into the creamy yellow side... Stale mayo how it turns more yellowish but still retains that soft white? That color. It was a decent amount to for 20$ worth too. Never underestimate the powder. It might look like a little until I take it out and see it spread out.

I took my pinky finger which grows a long fingernail, idky. I picked some up and snorted it. I felt it go up my nose, no burns but behind my eyes get warm as if I'm tearing and squinting. My legs get warm and loose for a while and I just felt physically relaxed and calm but I can easily tell I was on H because I could not stand straight, sit straight, talk straight or even walk straight. My face was drooped a little bit and I would occasionally get stuck into staring into the nothingness of drug induced void and I would unconsciously nodd out for what feels like hours but was only 5min!!!!

Fast fwd into my life + heroin habit. I work a 10 to 6-8, it varies. And I would consistently buy more heroin from these guys. Whether it is or not, I must say, its pretty OK. and omg I cannot forget! How did I forget to add the all known side effect from heroin or opiates as a whole.... That signature itch! The scratching, itching, skin rubbing, that tingling tickle body sensation! Damnn, I literally scratched myself till blood came out!

I do not inject heroin, nor do I have any curiosity or plans to do so. I'm just fine with snorting H and feeling buzzed damnear all day. Yeh my tolerance did up since my first and continued use but I'm not tripping over it. The term we use for this type of heroin user is Chipper. I snort H, go work and do a surprisingly good job as far as physical labor goes and believe you me... My job is a sonuva bitch when coming to physical labor and for $8.50 hrly too! *sighs* the only shitty thing about heroin is the finances and the type of people I gotta deal with. So yeah, I am a chipper, I snort H and it honestly makes my day zoom by, I feel like I can get thru difficult objectives at work easier and collectively.

I've had few incidents at work where ppl thought I was high because they look at me and assume shit (even if I was high or not), I was still working and getting work done! People like that, you must overwork them and make them look bad and feel bad because here it is, heroin user, drug addict, junkie, chipper, stoner, tweaker, dope head etc, comes to work everyday @ varying times 7am-10am, kicks ass, lifts 40 to 60lbs of matter, carry it, on my feet only 2 15min break a day (which I go run off and snort more H and come back to kick ass) and commit over 80+hrs in 2 weeks! I make my hating-ass-co-workers suck salt!

The only way(s) I can lose my job is randumb drug test and if I am stupid enough to get caught snorting H on the job or in public. I just keep my shit discreet and be true to myself.

It's been about a full month and a mere week using heroin. Even as I writing this story, I am using H... Snorting it... Chipping...

The bad side effects is the impurities really. There is times I'd snort and my snot would have junk and stuff that is not heroin pretty much and it does disappoint me. Worst case scenario if I can't get the pure H, I'll just stick to snorting Valium's, percs, ambiens and occasionally drinking some pure long acting cough tussin and getting that featherweight high...

Do I see myself continuing the use of H? It's a toss up...
Do I see myself continuing the use of H? It's a toss up...
Pure 90-100% heroin is super difficult to come across and me personally will not accept snorting 2% heroin and 98% cat food... Screw that crap. I can drink half a bottle of antihistamine and get a similar high as to heroin except that warm flushy feeling I get from H and that distinct nod off effect that only H can give.

But as of right now, I trust that my dealer is a honest moral kinda dealer...

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106248
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Aug 20, 2020Views: 225
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Heroin (27) : Workplace (51), Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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