Check Out That Wood Grain
Citation:   bethanybunny. "Check Out That Wood Grain: An Experience with 25I-NBOH (exp106249)". Feb 4, 2019.

  oral 25I-NBOH (powder / crystals)
In the summer of 2014, the guy I was dating at the time managed to acquire a (in my opinion) ridiculous amount of NBOH 25i. During this time, I bore witness to a whole range of different reactions from friends and anyone he would sell to, as well as experimenting heavily myself. I hope my experience can shed some light on this generally little known substance.

The first time I ever tried it was in tab form, but we had a small number of those compared to powder doses. Therefore, the first time was the only one with tabs. It was recommended that I hold the tab in my mouth for about 10 minutes without swallowing my saliva. The setting was a park with a lake and wooded trails (I can't recommend the outdoors enough for this).

After maybe 20 minutes I started to feel the first noticeable effect. In my case it was my heart starting to flutter. I have an anxiety disorder so this happens pretty often. But it was surprisingly manageable. I've never responded well to stimulant drugs, and NBOH definitely has stimulant properties, but the psychedelic side made it easier to swallow. My mood was elevated enough that I did not revert to full blown panic. The first visual distortions came on soon after that. They were slight at first, most noticeably in the patterns of tree bark (and later, wooden furniture). After the first hour everything seemed to move, but patterns/colors wouldn't appear until a higher dose. At this point the mood was downright giddy. My two companions and I giggled at each other for most of the second hour. The effects are felt for several more hours, but start to diminish at about the 4 hour mark. The longest lasting effects are usually stimulant, so if you take it in the evening good luck getting sleep.

A few words on mental health- I'm assuming that because of my condition, the drug seemed to affect me stronger than many of our peers. The body high for me felt like I was being tickled from the inside and would sometimes leave me laughing uncontrollably while others wondered what was so funny. I'd advise strong caution for anyone who may struggle with mental health issues before taking any hallucinogen (trainwreck story below). Of course, every body's chemistry is different. Out of three friends with depression who tried it; one reported feeling absolutely nothing, one felt only stimulant effects, and one experienced a pleasant trip with an added bonus of feeling 'less depressed' for days after. On a different but similar note, those with a history of stimulant abuse risked misusing this chemical, particularly when it's in powder form since it may resemble coke or meth and may be ingested the same way. The dosage is drastically smaller than most other drugs.

A scale is the best way to measure proper dosage, being active at one miligram. This means the scale should go down 3 decimal points, and we had a terrible time finding one in stores. Best bet was to shop online for this. If I decide an hour or two after my initial dose that I want another, it can create a 'double peak' effect quite nicely. However, if I think I may redose I measure it all out beforehand, since measuring such a small amount can get difficult and sloppy if I'm already impaired.

Perhaps the most profound experience I ever had came when I decided to trip while taking a nighttime dip in the backyard pool. I had taken 2 doses, and as I walked towards the pool, I stumbled because it hit me so hard. Then the tickling sensation I usually felt was electrified by the cool water lapping at my skin. I decided to float on my back, and my internal sensation began to match the external, as if the water were moving right through me. It all tickled so much that I let out a laugh that was described as your typical Halloween witch. I had never laughed like this before, and have not since. But laughing made it hard to stay afloat, so I forced myself to calm down so that I could better observe what was happening above. It honestly appeared as if the stars were having a party, as they danced around in color changing lights. Some stars went shooting across the sky while others formed constellations, which morphed into different shapes. To say I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the heavens is an understatement.

Another particularly potent experience happened while tripping in a parked car in the woods at night. In my most detailed and vivid hallucination to date, I started seeing animals scampering about that according to my partner were not really there. There were deer, birds, raccoons, foxes, and squirrels, which were all native to the area, as well as a dog. I came to the conclusion that what I was seeing was ghosts of these animals, and that he was just not intuitive enough to pick up on them. This part of the trip was very peaceful and natural. But I guess my mindset changed, as these visions gave way to a bunch of creepy glowing red eyes peeking out from the woods. This was a bit unnerving, but seeing as they weren't doing anything but staring, I thought 'whatever, let them stare', and laughed.

As for the trainwreck, my ex was a pretty aggressive in his drug dealings, sometimes approaching strangers on the street simply because they 'looked shady'. Eric was one of those guys. It was only after he had taken his dose that he shared with us that he had bipolar disorder, and was supposedly on an SSRI. I told him then that he might not feel anything because of the interaction. But soon, quite the opposite occurred. It seemed to hit him faster than anyone else and he fell, breaking a glass piece he had in his pocket. It quickly was apparent he was in too deep. He became agitated and completely incoherent. I had experience caring for a bipolar individual, and recognized that we'd just triggered an episode.
I had experience caring for a bipolar individual, and recognized that we'd just triggered an episode.
It was pretty rapid cycling in my opinion, going from muttering jibberish a mile a minute, to barely awake. At this point my ex started to freak out, thinking that this guy was dying. As the sober one in the group, I decided it would be best to take our new friend home. He struggled against us as we buckled him in, and even tried getting out of the car once we started moving. My ex had to physically hold him down as I drove. When we got to the neighborhood where we had met him, we realized he could not remember his own name, let alone address. We knocked on a few dozen doors, asking if anybody knew him before we finally got it right. His parents didn't seem too fazed by his state, and assured us he'd be fine.

A few general observations- the most widely reported effects during the comeup were cold shivers down the spine and/or arms. One time, a feeling of 'sea sickness' was reported (complete with vomit) since the body high can be disorienting enough to make dry land feel like you're on a boat. I won't say one should expect the full bodied apparitions I saw. Most friends had rather mild experiences. Redosing too many times in attempt to 'break through' to that level will only build up a tolerance. Overall my personal experience was positive and would try it again, but probably won't be seeking it out.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106249
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Feb 4, 2019Views: 1,271
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