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Not So Fun High
by Zaphod
Citation:   Zaphod. "Not So Fun High: An Experience with Bupropion (exp106254)". Feb 11, 2016.

900 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion


I started out my day as usual, breakfast and the sort. Instead of taking my regular 150mg dose I took 900, to see what effects it may have. This was around 6:40am. I didnt feel any effects until my 2nd hour class, the time was 8:30. First i just felt odd and jittery, but by 8:40 I noticed some effects.

Firstly, When my teacher spoke it was really loud, but it was a weird loud, like it snapped me to attention and I'd notice the feeling in my hand kinda go away. I would reach for a paper and my depth perception was off. Without feeling in my hand and poor depth perception made the class less enjoyable than usual.

In summary, it gave me a headache later and the effects weren't that fun. I wouldnt recommend taking this for recreation.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106254
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 11, 2016Views: 2,713
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Pharms - Bupropion (87) : General (1), School (35)

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