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Loved Up
by Hamo
Citation:   Hamo. "Loved Up: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine (exp106294)". Sep 7, 2017.

150 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (pill / tablet)
I took this substance last year for the first time after reading the few reports on the internet. It seemed like a fairly harmless substance but one that also seemed to produce a positive experience worth talking about. I bought it in the form of small blue pills from a trusted internet vendor in Holland. The setting was an excitable night out with lots of people in Dussledorf in Germany where a group of us had come for a short holiday. My friend and I took half a pill each, and later on another half. I found this to be a great substance and I felt warm, loved up, and very focused. Interestingly the next day I felt very unfocused. I usually find with these things that the next day I get an opposing effect to whatever experience I had with a chemical the night before.

But this report is about the second time I took it when I was by myself. Since I had such a positive experience the first time round on a small amount I decided to up my game and see what a real dose would do so on a Friday night I ingested a whole pill. 150 mg.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
Before this I was clear headed, perhaps a bit tired after a day at work, but other than that in a very good mind set. Iíd just been paid and I got very excited about the idea of visiting an escort under the influence of this new chemical. So I picked a girl that I liked the look of from what seemed a respected yet not too expensive agency online. I ate the little blue pill and drove to her apartment getting there about an hour early. I sat in my car with the radio playing and a bottle of water next to me while I waited for effects. The drive was short which is why I decided to go for it though I do not recommend driving under the influence of any drug. I only did it because I was familiar with its potency and had a very short journey. I slowly started to come up on the way, and on the way back I was fully in its grip but felt very focused and took it easy.

Back to the waiting in the car with the radio on. The come up was much more intense than my previous experiences in Germany. The music sounded lovely as did the radio dj's. This time I could feel quite a powerful euphoric feeling in my body very similar to good ecstasy although not as overwhelming. I starting feeling very happy and began to think of my friends and their peculiarities and how much I loved them and how I didnít remember this often enough. As the time grew closer to my meeting with the escort I also grew incredibly excited at this prospect of meeting with a stranger for an erotic encounter and not at all nervous. I was overflowing with sexual desire and the wait would have probably been unbearably long if I did not feel so much love and joy.

The time finally came. I called the agency and they gave me her flat number and I made my way through the corridors of her apartment hoping that she wouldnít notice that I was intoxicated. She opened the door and I registered pleasure on her face when she saw me as Iím in pretty good shape but have a calmness about me. I remember thinking that Iíd definitely picked the right girl. I chatted to her for quite a long time before we started kissing, we talked about the traffic and what I did for a living. It was quite hard to seem normal as every atom in my body seemed to be dancing to some joyous stimulating pre sex love music and it was great just to sit and chat with this incredibly beautiful woman who like me was in her early thirties. Soon we began to kiss and have sex and I can honestly say that even though this would have been an exciting encounter sober, the 4fa really heightened the sexual desire and it was the most euphoric, intense sex I have ever had. Though it should be noted that it took me a very long time to ejaculate. Much more so than usual. And in retrospect I think a slightly smaller dose would have been perfect and any more would have surely been too much.

I drove home feeling very happy with the experience. When I got to my flat I watched some tv for a while and noticed there was some mild jaw clenching and pupil dilation. I was stimulated for quite some time after this, the empathy feelings had mostly dissolved, but there remained a strong amphetamine like stimulation where I felt the need for visual stimulation. (sorry for the constant repetition of the word stimulation! Argh there it is again! :) ) And so I watched a lot of random things on the internet before I went to bed. Sleep came very easy even on this dose and the day after I felt tired and there were comedown symptoms such as the occasional unpleasant tingling sensation in my body and general tiredness. But all very manageable, nothing as unpleasant as a comedown on ecstasy and there is a clean, vibrant, nontoxic aspect to this chemical which is rare with non-natural substances.

To conclude I now rate 4-fa as one of my favourite recreational drugs. It gave me a powerful experience and really boosted my night without ever overwhelming me and itís nice not having to worry too much about sleeping or what state Iíll be in the next day.

Positives all round for this one. I canít think of any negatives at all in fact.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106294
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Sep 7, 2017Views: 2,564
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