A Gentle Introduction
by S.B
Citation:   S.B. "A Gentle Introduction: An Experience with LSD (exp106328)". Erowid.org. Jul 30, 2017. erowid.org/exp/106328

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:00   joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This experience was what I consider to be my first Psychedelic experience.
I do smoke cannabis on a weekly basis (sometimes more than that) and did have some very strong experiences while smoking strong weed- including Time, Space and auditory distortions which by intensity felt stronger than the experience I'm about to describe. Still I feel that my experienced was a completely new thing for me and definitely raised my curiosity for another experience with a higher dose.

So.. I took my time with Acid. I have many friends who tried and loved it, and I’ve heard endless stories of positive and negative psychedelic experiences. Being a naturally cautious guy, with Anxiety tendencies and a history of a mild anxiety disorder (A short series of acute panic attacks which were triggered by weed smoking back when I was 18 and were eventually resolved through a month of psychotherapy and no medications prescribed), I was always scared of risking my sanity by walking into something that felt bigger than what I was capable of containing, let alone enjoy or benefit. But that didn’t block my curiosity ! (: and so I read numerous experiences, and talked to just about anyone I could about the nature of the LSD experience. It took quite some time for me to do some growing up and achieve a sufficient acquaintance with myself and my anxiety before I came to a point where I felt comfortable enough with my reality, to try and expand my perception of it. I read some articles that actually described psychedelics as having a healing potential for anxiety disorders. That was really comforting and made me believe that with the right dosage and the correct setting, it could actually be a safe and positive experience for me. And maybe, me too, can finally let go of my initial fears and allow myself to explore my consciousness and Inner-Self.

And so it was..
It was a nice Friday morning. A couple of friends arrived at my place the night before for some dinner and a sleepover. We arranged it so we'll have a whole day just for ourselves, and another day for recovery before Sunday. We woke up after a good night sleep and had some light breakfast. We made sure some Xanax was at hand, just in case (There was no need for it eventually, But it’s always best to play safe).

My friend 'A' had a 3 hit row all nicely wrapped in plastic and covered in aluminum foil.
“A” had already tried a tab from this batch and knew it was safe enough for a first-time tripper. It was a classic Hofmann print, the ones with the bicycle, snowy mountain etc' art.

My tab was imprinted with the sun on it. I wished myself a nice sunny day and placed it under my tongue. After about 10 min it started to dissolve into a paper mache so I swallowed what was left of it And waited... I was full of excitement and a bit anxious about the trip that has yet to show any signs of onsetting. While waiting for the acid to kick in we decided to take a short walk outside for a cigarette. When we returned we still haven't felt anything significant. (That was 45 min in) We decided to roll a joint while waiting for it to start. I was not too keen of smoking weed since I didn't want to spoil the purity of the trip, but since we were about an hour after ingestion with no signs showing up yet, I decided to take a hit or two from the joint.

About 15 min after smoking the joint we were all chilling in my living room with Kurt Vile playing in the background. While staring at the balcony, I noticed that when I was blinking I saw what appeared as a frozen image of the view I just saw with my eyes open. It was at that point that all 3 of us noticed a shift in our state of mind, feeling high, as being high from smoking weed, but slightly different in a way I can not describe. I closed my eyes and payed attention to the music playing. It was beautiful but not very different from listening to music while stoned.

We have decided to take a walk in the park which was just outside my place. As I was waiting for “S” to get ready for getting out I sat down and closed my eyes, listening to the music again when suddenly “S” called me and from the kitchen. From some reason that really surprised me and made me feel a bit anxious. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths and the anxiety went away, never to be seen again throughout the trip.

We finally went out. As we walked to the park I started to notice it’s hard for me to focus on objects. I was not sure if it had something to do with my pupils being dilated or the general state of mind. As we continued walking through the park I started noticing I was irresistibly drawn to everything that was colorful around me. I found myself amazed by the geometry and beauty of various flowers blooming between the grass in the park. I spent what seemed like a very long time staring closely at the flowers, Examining their shape, color and textures with great interest. There was a feeling of sheer pleasure, just looking at things and admiring their unique beauty. I remember asking myself , “Are these colors always so vivid and bright ?” I still have a strong recollection of the magenta colored spikes, on one of the flowers I saw. It was for me as a reminder to the beauty of nature.

By that point it was about +2:00h, the weather that day was a bit weird, and suddenly a light drizzle started. We found shelter under an ancient olive tree and had some sweet tea I brought in a thermos. The warmth of the tea and the sweetness of the honey made us feel cozy despite the bad weather. We shared another joint while waiting for the rain to stop. After a while the rain did stop and the sun came out. We went out of our shelter and continued strolling around the park, observing the flowers and laughing at nonsense jokes we made, enjoying the warmth of the sun that has just emerged.

It was about +3:00h when I had the most profound experience of my trip:
As I walked pass a thick shrub I suddenly noticed something weird- while looking at it, it felt as if it’s surface was extraordinary 3-dimensional. As I was staring at it I started feeling very strange, I felt like the shrub’s surface was one of those 3d optical illusions and the field of vision was distorted. Although the shrub’s surface was just a meter away from me It felt as if it’s much further. As I continued staring at it, my vision got fixated and I felt as if the image which I’m seeing was multiplied as a pattern to an infinite field of this shrub’s surface. I felt like I was assimilated in this field of vision and my sense of scale was distorted. For a short time it even felt like I was not even standing straight anymore looking down, but rather, sunken in this 3d field just looking forward. Throughout this event I felt extreme physical pleasure that seemed to be induced by what I saw, I guess you could call that an “Eyegasm” as my friend “S” later referred to it.

I was completely blown away by this, and voluntarily recreated this illusion again and again in different locations of the park, each one was unique in its beauty and I was really enjoying playing with this new “skill” I assessed. I immediately shared that experience with my friends and they tried it for themselves and loved it. by that time we were about +5:00h and got a little hungry. We went to a nice restaurant near by and ordered some stuff. When the food came I noticed that not only had my sense of vision been sharpened, but also my sense of Taste. The food tasted absolutely amazing, I was groaning with pleasure with every bite I took. I became very sensitive to the different flavors and textures of the food and the composition of the dish. Again, my sensual perception was accented and I enjoyed experiencing the effects of the acid through its various sensual performances. By then it was +6:30h and things started to calm down into a comfortable daze. We returned to my place and had some tea while sharing our personal experiences. I noticed that some halos were formed around objects if I stared at them for a while, but all and all that was pretty much the end of the trip.

I wish that ALL first-time LSD users could have an experience so kind and beautiful as I did.

I feel that the decision to take a relatively mild dose was a great choice, as it made the whole experience very user-friendly and not intimidating at all. Choosing my home as the base for the beginning of the trip made me feel safe and later being out in the nature, served as a great ground for beauty to form out. Being accompanied by close friends whom I totally trust and love made me feel free to experience with no boundaries or fear of being judged for my actions or behavior. This has been said so many times - Set and Setting are very important.


Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106328
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Jul 30, 2017Views: 2,520
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