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Back-Spasming Pain
Unknown sold as LSD
Citation:   Anonymous. "Back-Spasming Pain: An Experience with Unknown sold as LSD (exp106344)". Erowid.org. Sep 5, 2016. erowid.org/exp/106344

5 hits   Unknown (blotter / tab)
    insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
    vaporized Cannabis (extract)
    oral Cannabis  
I was back on the east coast visiting some friends, the timing of my return happened to line up perfectly with a small music festival in the area that my friends and I used to enjoy going to. It's a small festival with some shady undertones, a lot of local jam bands, and a completely unregulated drug scene.

So its the second day of the festival, its been fun so far until my friend J and I decided its time to dose on my favorite drug LSD. So off into the woods we go to find one of J's friends who has these beautiful gel tabs from the west coast. We find him and for whatever reason I decide to be cheap and buy his WoW paper, never had a bad experience with his WoW so no cause for concern. I get 10 hits and eat 5 hits right off the bat. (I'm a heavy dose tripper) We then walk back to our camp site to give everyone else their acid and wait for ours to kick in and go watch some music.

We get to our camp and start doing lines of ketamine while were waiting, I start to think that it doesn't feel quite right (Iv'e been reasearch chemicaled before but it always tasted like chlorine, this was tasteless WoW) Now the trip is starting and it feels all wrong, there aren't any colorful visuals, it's distorting sound in weird unpleasant ways, no feeling of sunshine or beautiful imagery.

At this point I keep it to myself as to not concern any of our friends who are tripping, some of whom are on real acid a few of us ate the paper but no one ate as much of the paper as I did. I'm waling with 2 of my friends and the drug is starting to come on, it's alien, at this point I tell my friends that this is not LSD and we got ripped off/are now guinea pigging some new research chemical.

If it stayed like this it may have been fun, but I started to get tension in my back and neck muscles, it starts slow but soon becomes apparent that I should be at least somewhat concerned (my friend J is experiencing the same pain) we decide that this absolutely sucks and we as experienced trippers will just go to the tent, keep an eye on each other, and ride this awful drug out.

As we are hanging in the tent my back becomes much more painful, like battery acid was feeding into my muscles while on the most delirious trip of my life. We decide to walk towards the paramedic tent just in case cause J is having cold sweats, looks very pale, I could see the veins in his face and not just because of the drugs. We keep walking away from camp then returning a minute later to get more warm clothes (it's like 80 out). While J is in the tent I'm standing outside with a couple friends. I black out for a second and J is in front of me saying we need help. I realize all the people I had been talking to had left and I had no idea when.

Ok time to get serious, as we walk to the paramedic tent we are discussing the festival, life, what we're going to do when this horrible trip ends. We make it close to the tent and J starts to lose it, his body is attacking him, he is delirious and pale, and we have no idea what we took
we have no idea what we took
. J gets looked at by the paramedics and I explain everything I can to the EMT, that it is a new tasteless research chemical, it's not 25i or and DOx chemical, since J is stable they prioritize a few overdose victims before him. We are sitting in the paramedics tent, tripping on the worst drug I have ever taken (just imagine all your least favorite parts of tripping all in one drug and you just ate 5 hits of it). One person we saw was getting carried away on a stretcher, staring into the sky with a look of bliss on his face, stripped down to only his boxers, screaming with pleasure and grabbing his dick, he didn't look like he even knew he was on his way to the hospital... one of the worst things I've seen in my life.

Finally J's ambulance arrives, I watch as he is loaded into the ambulance and tell him that I love him and that he will be ok and he is in professional hands. The ambulance leaves and the EMTs start asking me a couple questions to make sure I'm ok enough to go back to the festival. I go hang out in the chill tent and talk with some of the volunteers until I decided to go check on my other friends and see how there doing/find any girl in my group and convince them to massage my completely fucked back muscles. I find my group and everyone else is ok, my friend N took the same thing, had the muscle pain so he just rode the trip out in the tent. I decide only drugs I'm taking are ones to make my back feel better so I do a dab, eat an indica medical candy, then do some K while getting a massage and explain what happened to my friends. I'm done for the day and to try to sleep off the pain in my tent to no avail. Around 2 am (I think) my friend J pops into my tent and said they just let him ride out the trip at the hospital then he took a cab back to the festival...what a champ. Glad to see he is alive we take it easy for the rest of the event.

Overall I decided I'm not doing acid on the east coast again, I've guinea pigged to many research chems looking for beautiful real acid, and I was disappointed in myself that I let it happen again. But if your taking acid make sure you know your source, I'm not even sure the kid we bought it from knew as it most likely tested as LSD being a lysergic knock off? Even though that experience sucked some positive reflections came from it and next time I take acid it will be from a 110% trusted source
next time I take acid it will be from a 110% trusted source
. Thanks for reading and stay safe, doing drugs and having a good time is great n all but not worth risking everything for.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106344
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 5, 2016Views: 4,273
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