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A Swift Kick in The Bum
by Chomper
Citation:   Chomper. "A Swift Kick in The Bum: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp106355)". Aug 24, 2016.

125 mg rectal Methoxetamine (liquid)


I had been taking Methoxetamine in relatively small doses (15-30mg x7 daily) and at times (about once a week) large doses for the past 5 or so months prior to this experience. I had kicked the habit and was going through what was considerably an intense detox of the PCE based compound.

Generally speaking I was taking 100-200mg daily. The withdrawal is something I'll get into on a later date but to further explain my setting I had been denouncing the drug for about three weeks knowing I had a hidden stash far from my house. Finally the day came when I was given the choice as to whether or not to give Methoxetamine a Final Run for it' money. I had one 100+mg capsule left and I wasn't going to waste it in small doses.

I had read through various others' experiences that if you don't want to shoot you should use the anal gland which to me was far more enticing then the needle. I picked up a 5ml baby syringe from the local pharmacy with the intention of quitting my habit with a dose intended to scare the crap out of me.

Now, I'm in a good setting, listening to John C. Lilly Lectures with a good friend in the other room soon to go to sleep. As soon as he went to sleep I diluted the 5ml of water with ~125mg of Methoxetamine. Then lubed it up and sent up the anal gland, clenched and waited for the drug to take hold.

+5 minutes: I begin to feel the common dissociation and mild euphoria that is associated with the compound, I call this euphoria mild as I have experienced it so many times it's umph has been replaced with the acknowledgment of how damaging this compound can be when abused.

+15 I begin to feel as if I'm at a considerable +3 (Shulgin scale). Definite visual distortion, everything begins to become relative sonic waves. I am not experiencing any negative effects at this point for my mind and setting is at ease, accepting this will be the last use of the compound for years and possibly forever, I'm doing my best to enjoy every moment of the so-called high.

Fast forward to +1hr I'm being moved by spirits, I'm dancing in a way that I cannot explain, my bodies joints are cracking like a mad man and I don't seem to care (this is something that I've found to be a side effect of long term use...). With every movement of my body some random joint jolts or cracks which would be rather unsettling if I hadn't experienced it multiple times prior. When I close my eyes I see an array of beings, almost DMT like but NOT AT ALL SIMILAR. They are neon Shadow Figures who move in a dance like structure, some would come close, very close and would touch my forehead, causing me to fall down (by choice to an extent, going with the flow). While this may seem strange it did not bother my at all.

+2hours I am not in a hole however I am doing my best to experience the ever so known feeling of flying and morphing into geometric patterns that is often associated with an m-hole. While I've come to a point that I can control the hole and morph and fly my body around the room (or so it feels) it no longer interests me as much as the first 100+ holes I've encountered.

One strange piece that was different was the level of closed eye visuals. For one I could see silent beings on bicycles and motorcycles riding around on what seemed to be my chest and shrinking into my pores, I had watched my liver fly out of my stomach never to return... there are many more however I cannot entirely remember. I believe that this is very similar to what people with psychosis experience visually which would make them believe they are missing organs and or are dead (Cotard's Syndrome and or symptom of Schizophrenia).

+3hours I decide to sit up to prove that I can still move while wanting to pull more out of the experience. At this point things get what many would refer to as psychotic, but again due to proper set and setting this didn't faze me... anyways. I begin to hear internal voices coming from an external force... for example... A man whom appeared to be in my tummy was egging on another (female sounding) entity to come in and see what it's like to be in my body. The female voice eventually came in (through my stomach) and the two unseen beings began to chat;
male 'so how do you like it in here?'
Female: 'well it's pretty nice, he's warm'
There were many more conversations like this but no more that I care to elaborate on.

While this may seem profound or somewhat scary at this time I regarded each and every bit of insanity as pure illusion... such is life.

The rest of the night was relatively mellow. I was somewhat sad to see the feeling fade but was also rather relieved as I felt that I had concurred my addiction and had a far greater understanding of what this compound does, and what it could/ should be used for (not depression). I'm not going to go into any further detail as to what I believe MXE is good for or what these random energy beings/ entities/ hallucinations might mean and or do. I fell asleep to half hypnogogic/ methoxetamine hallucinations of dancing elephants which was a rather pleasant ending.

I woke up feeling great with no wanting to reenter that realm. I have not used Methoxetamine for roughly half a year, nor Ketamine. I would not go back to MXE as it has a STRONG potential to fuck my life up permanently. Ketamine however, is open for testing. Many would argue that MXE is just a more potent or 'safer' version of Ketamine however in my experience while they are similar... they're not at all similar enough to just say one is more potent than the other... they are entirely different compounds and should be treated as such.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106355
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Aug 24, 2016Views: 1,965
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Methoxetamine (527) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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