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Oh Another Joyful Blissful Ride
Phenibut & Caffeine
Citation:   Heracles25. "Oh Another Joyful Blissful Ride: An Experience with Phenibut & Caffeine (exp106366)". Jan 22, 2022.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Caffeine  
  T+ 0:00 4.2 - 5.2 g oral Smarts - Phenibut (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
Phenibut is and has been a favorite substance of mine for recreational purposes. My drug history isn't extensive in the least but consists of Lortab, Prcocets, PEA, Marijuana, ETOH, Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, Ativan, Xanax, phenylpiracetam and loads of nootropics, gabapentin and various concoctions of antidepressants mixed with analgesics. There are others that escape me right now and these aside from the stimulants have been rarely used........aside from can of Copenhagen usage. Stimulants are hard to beat but I don't use them on a recreational basis except for once or twice.

I use phenibut 1-2x a month usually at 2-2.5 grams at a time whenever I have it on hand.
I use phenibut 1-2x a month usually at 2-2.5 grams at a time whenever I have it on hand.
It's been a good year or so since my last usage.

Background- I don't nor do I experience any form of anxiety, depression etc. I'm in fantastic shape but have abstained from my bodybuilding lifestyle while maintaining some degree of fitness. My diet is well whatever. Being an RN in the ER working 7p-7a will alter that drastically with going a full 12 hr shift on nothing but snacks a lot of the time. Bodybuilding opened my eyes to the world of supplements and coupled with nursing opened my eyes to pharmacology. Of course past social events opened my eyes to various drugs. So it was like a perfect storm of things that created in me a desire to try even more things especially with a desire to better understand various drugs and their effects on me. I've talked my friend who is also an RN to dabble with some substances for her feedback and I'm awaiting for her results on her phenibut usage.

Results- I'm not going to dive into details of past usage but it's always consistent and always yields the same results within the same time frame.

I was preparing for my cousin's wedding that started at 530 pm and just wanted to relax from the hard week at work. (Coded a lady 2x and brought her back both times, my CPR abilities can not be duplicated by many, no e-brag just reality. Let's just say, I've maintained a lady's o2 sat level at 94% before while performing CPR for an hr straight. I simply don't tire out. I picture a loved one, zone out and give it my all, but I digress.)

I usually down 2-2.5 g on an empty stomach with 100mg or so of caffeine which helps to a small degree in offsetting the sedation that can be strong. Today was different, I went to 4.2g on an empty stomach with the caffeine. Mood was relaxed from the get go and excitement spread over my mind and body in anticipation of the feelings to come.

230 pm- 2g download in pineapple juice to mask the intense bitterness (I have an incredibly strong stomach but who wants to taste shit if you don't have to?) I mixed the two together and swallow the contents in 2 gulps, fill my mug with water to make sure there isn't any residual phenibut left behind.

330- Being extremely impatient I down another 2g in the exact manner as the first dose hasn't taken effect yet. I shower and gather my clothes for ironing.

430- Still lacking any effects I begin to wonder if I have gotten a bunk batch of phenibut so I down another 1.2g thinking if this doesn't grab ahold of me I will stop and just go about as business as usual. I know from past experiences that it takes a good 1-2 hrs to work and usually hits me all at once.

[Erowid Note: The calculated total phenibut of the three doses described here is 5.2 g (2 + 2 + 1.2], which is different than the 4.2 grams the author mentions above.]

500- My wife is driving us to the wedding when I start to notice a slight come up. My mood is feeling slight more upbeat and relaxed, I'm becoming a little more talkative. And my muscles slowly begin to relax, my head starts building its buzz, very subtle and building slow unlike in the past. I'm still thinking I have a bunk or weak batch since it's closing on 3.5 hrs and I feel like it's barely doing anything.

530- The wedding is outside, in southern Alabama, aka LA for lower Alabama. It's humid and hot but the breeze is very nice adding to my slow yet increasing level of relaxation. My twin brother is doing the ceremony, the house and massive expanse of country scenery is majestic and quite frankly breathtaking. After visiting with family, mingling with others we go and sit down.

At this point I stop keeping a mental time stamp log and the phenibut is starting to take hold. The ceremony is delayed thanks to technical difficulties with the DJ, the heat is bearing down as the sun is to our rears but coupled with the breeze and increasing level of intoxication I don't mind it at all.

I turn to my wife and inform her 'I'm starting to feel it' she laughs and tells me to behave. I'm outgoing as is, with booze of course I lack what little filter I have to begin with and phenibut, for me, is identical at the dose I play with. Sudden movements create waves of intense dizziness, dizziness type sensations that I greatly enjoy
Sudden movements create waves of intense dizziness, dizziness type sensations that I greatly enjoy
where some don't. The buzzed like state of mind come and go but the level of relaxation is building in awesome zen like intensity that I welcome with open arms. My thought process is strained and the ability to speak is altered to a minor degree but unlike booze I feel I have more control on what I say and what I do.

The wedding was beautiful and I was deeply touched with seeing my little cousin have that loving bright eyed look in his eyes. We make our way to the reception area and I begin to notice alterations in my gait and I begin to chuckle as I know soon I'll be in my 'happy place'. Yet I'm still taken back and kinda in awe at the fact that the sensations are wave, cyclic in nature and not yet tsunami and full force. I debate on if I should partake in the kegs that are spread out, I, at this moment refrain and fix some food. Oddly enough, like with my amphetamine usage esp with XR stuff the food was like charging and amplifying my battery as the buzz is strong now increasing to being drunk with having all of my cognitive facilities intact. This is what I love about this compound, being drunk while not outwardly showing it, having control over things.

Now it's in full effect and I know it's going to last, but I decided to have 1 beer, never combined the two but apparently it's great.........and it was. The beer amps things up another notch and I'm basically where I want to be. It's closing in at 8pm and I'm mingling and go see my cousin and telling him how if I were single I'd be taking one of the many ladies home. I notice I'm starting to loose control of my inhibitions and by 9pm, I tell my wife it's time to go, mentally telling myself we have to go cause if not I would be getting into trouble only as a single guy could do.

At home the effects are still strong and do not waver in intensities and I know it won't until I go to sleep. Another positive for me with phenibut is this drunken state will last as long as I ride it out until I eventually succumb to the overwhelming sedative effects, fighting the sleep adds to the experience for me
fighting the sleep adds to the experience for me
. The 'high' has and lasts for 12 hrs with me, no desire to redose to keep it up like with ETOH or Marijuana or others. It's really remarkable.

Around 1am I crash into dreamland and awaken 2 hrs later and I'm moved to write this experience, though the details may be lacking I can sum it up with being drunk, a prolong drunk while being in control of my mental facilities while simultaneously feeling free, best way to describe it.

Also I should note, it can be addicting, not for me as with ETOH I rarely have the urge to take it although I love it, love the sleep and the afterglow. Even though its effects are benzo-like in nature as the literature says maybe higher doses do act on both Gaba A and B receptors it does not show up on a urine drug screen after 48 hrs (it's nice working in a hospital and being friends with the night shift lab guy) I can easily see how people get hooked like I can and do see it happen with so many substances. Of course I believe not having issues with anxiety or depression it's not an issue where I believe I have ADD, amps do exactly as they should and I could get easily hooked on them. So in short I take the ride, enjoy it, am responsible like one should be in all aspects of life and all can be great. Know yourself, know your limits.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106366
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Jan 22, 2022Views: 2,117
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