Ho Hum
H.B. Woodrose
by Sudo Nim
Citation:   Sudo Nim. "Ho Hum: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp10642)". Erowid.org. Mar 16, 2018. erowid.org/exp/10642

  oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  10 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


After reading about these seeds I mail ordered 20 of them on-line and decided to eat 10 of them the afternoon of my final class. After scraping the fuzzy stuff with a razor blade (making sure surface of seed is shiny and not dull), I put them under a dry measure cup and put my full weight on them and crushed them up. I put them in my mouth along with a couple of Dramamine tablets and waited.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

It took a while for anything to really begin. I felt really nervous for a while but I bet it took a solid hour to really notice anything. I went outside for a smoke and noticed some cool effects. Since my pupils were so dialated it seemed like I had super vision. Every little detail was extremely clear (leaves, animals, etc.). I started having some strange 'mind bursts.' It sort of felt like when I just fall asleep sitting up (think of the head nod), and suddenly I just wake up and I am disoriented. It was sort of cool at first but it got a little annoying. They went away after a while. I started getting very giddy and felt very happy, although a little lethargic. I only had menthols, so a grabbed my keys and headed for the store. I guess I hadn't spoken for awhile, cause when I asked the clerk for smokes it sounded NOTHING like my voice. It wasn't scary, but it freaked the shit out of me. That was weird. I found the effect so cool that I started constantly muttering to myself. Bet that looked good.

I went back, did some other stuff for a while. At this point, I was feeling more drunk then ~psychedelic~. I decided to go get food so off again. Driving wasn't hard, but my reflexes were super slowed down. I corrected for this by driving exactly the speed limit and driving by the book. Wasn't hard. I went to McDonalds. Food smelled wonderful. I ordered a bunch paid and took a moment to breath in the delicious aromas. I grabbed a Big Mac bit in and...nothing. The burger had no flavor. It tasted like cloth or something just really bland. That sucked, but I kept trying to much a little here and there. The coke I got was a god send. When I got back I was feeling really drunk and it was reinforced with the need to piss every 10 minutes. Peeing was getting to be a real chore cause I was exhausted. It had probably been about 6 hours since I had taken the seeds. I decided to watch a movie and it turned out to be really cool. The movie seemed to be very important and beautiful and I really got into it. At the end I just sat staring at the tv and sort of just glowing. Moving had ceased to feel good about 4 hours ago so I just stopped doing it. Had to move to piss and smoke every once in a while. When I tried to go to sleep that night it was impossible. It sort of felt like growing pains: where no position is comfortable and you just can't get to sleep. It wasn't fun at all. I was exhausted and just wanted to end this experience. Finally I fell asleep. I woke up feeling a little groggy, but contented, and started my day with no problems.

I tried the seeds once again in a lower dose (6) and it felt like being tranquilized. I didn't move for hours and I was in a trance and can't remember much of it. These seeds just aren't that great. Figures. They definitely get me high, but it's an uncomfortable high and it lasts too long and drains me too much. Sleeping was very unpleasant. I like to wear something warm too, because it gets a little chilly at the begining. HBRW seems a lot like booze but better because I'm not hot I'm cool, my mind isn't cloudy it's elucid, it ends with uncomfortability instead of hours dry heaving into the toilet, and I don't wake up with a deathwish from a hangover. However, they're nothing spectacular. There's a lot of chemicals in the world that will fuck me up if you ingest them. Why should I not stick to the ones that are a little more tried and true?

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 10642
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 16, 2018Views: 777
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