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Not Worth It
by achemist
Citation:   achemist. "Not Worth It: An Experience with AH-7921 (exp106467)". Dec 23, 2015.

100 mg oral AH-7921 (liquid)


Background: I’m a research chemist – been interested in opiates/opioids since college. I find they greatly improve my mood and relieve anxiety. I’ve been a steady user (almost daily) of codeine (oral, up to 200 mg at a time, 400 mg a day) for almost a year, although tolerance is catching up with me. I wanted a steady and abundant supply of a (stronger) opioid, perhaps as a replacement. AH-7921 [HCl salt] seemed like a good candidate.

The synthesis is easy – prepared in 3 steps from KCN, cyclohexanone, dimethylamine-HCl, and 3,4-dichlorobenzoyl chloride in 30% yield as a beige powder. Purity was determined to be >99% by NMR. An initial oral dose of 30 mg produced only marginal effects, so this time I decided to try 100 mg.
T0: Friday night, the end of a stressful week, bored, single. Dissolved in 10 mL water and washed down with a Snapple. Taste was bitter and quite vile.
T0+45 min: Started to feel some flushing (vasodilation) around my face and neck area. Onset is slow – I usually start to feel codeine 15 min after an oral dose. Unlike with codeine, there’s no “rush” whatsoever, I just feel it slowly build.
T0+2 hr: Feels like a nice solid dose of codeine. Nice euphoria and characteristic warm, fuzzy feeling. Apathy. Good nod.
T0+3 hr: Starting to get really worried. Still haven’t reached peak effects. Noticeable reduced urge to breathe (respiratory depression). Vision and motor control strongly impaired. Great nod, although worried about falling asleep.
T0+6 hr: Probably fell asleep around this time.
T0+12 hr: Woke up to go to the bathroom. Really difficult to walk, severe headache, urinary retention. Nausea was bad so went back to sleep.

T0+14 hr: Awoke again, still very groggy, needed to vomit as soon as I stood up. Forced myself to sleep.
T0+16 hr: Tried to eat first meal (cereal) since night before. Vomited. Watched TV to distract myself from the nausea. Walking was still difficult and clutzier than usual.
T0+ 20 hr: Had a big meal – was famished. Still some lingering effects – poor coordination and somewhat incoherent speech.

Conclusion: I urge use of this “research chemical” with all due caution. The onset is slow and half life is long, so one could easily be fooled into taking too large a dose. I consider myself lucky to not be dead. The opioid effects are nice for someone like me with minimal tolerance. However, the come down was awful and more than outweighs the positives. I will stick with the codeine for now, weak as it is. After all, people’ve been using codeine for thousands of years (in opium) and its effects are very well known.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106467
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Dec 23, 2015Views: 7,089
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AH-7921 (595) : General (1), Alone (16)

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