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Cartoonish Remembering in Liquid Space
Cannabis & LSD
by Linty
Citation:   Linty. "Cartoonish Remembering in Liquid Space: An Experience with Cannabis & LSD (exp10650)". Jul 25, 2019.

T+ 0:00
2 g oral Nutmeg  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit oral LSD  
  T+ 8:45 .5 hits oral LSD  


This whole experience started Friday morning around 1:45 in the afternoon. I had the day off from school and for some reason decided to try the nutmeg experiment. I mixed 2 gs in a glass with water. The nutmeg didn't mix well at all and tasted horrible but down it went. I proceeded to call my friend N to maybe have a weed session and off to his house I went slowly feeling a little buzzed from the nutmeg.

Arriving at his house around 2:20 we set up a water lung. A huge bucket (usually our spitting bucket) was cleaned and filled with water. A 2 liter bottle of Coke was then cut straight at the bottom. A bowl made of aluminum foil was placed on the top of the bottle, with the cap off. The bottle was then pushed down as far as it could reach in the water without the bowl getting wet and then lit. Slowly raising the bottle up the smoke filled the bottle. When the hit was a nice size the bowl would be picked off. Putting my mouth against the top of the bottle and pushing the bottle down into the water creates a vaccuum for the smoke to go down into your lungs resulting in great hits.

The only positive of the nutmeg may have been getting stoned very easily after only the second hit of weed. There were no negatives of the nutmeg so I have no regrets.

A g later and a steady high (small amounts of weed will still knock me out with a water lung) me and N decided to call our dealer.

Acid was set up! One hit each at 2:45. I first called home making sure someone knew that I would not be home all night. Around 2:50 the hits were placed in our mouths and sucked for 30 minutes. At 2:20 i chewed my hit up and swallowed.

This being my second acid experience (my first only being with a half hit of acid) I had quite paranoid thoughts for the first 6 hours. Thinking N's mom would know we were both gone. I noticed increased visual and time had no existence. Reality seemed smudged and slow. Looking at the colorful walls and green floor showed me some wonderful and complex designs morphing. The water stain from a leak on the ceiling appeared to be a human falling through the ceiling.

Somewhere between 3:00 and 4:00 a weed session was started. We realized the acid would be taking effect for a while and so we had to smoke weed accordingly. Only 1 g at a time we smoked with a couple hours in between each session.

At some point before 6:30 a friend of N's named M, came by whom I recognized from school. He wanted a hit. The deal was set up and I found myself sitting at N's table with this guy while N picked up the lsd. He asked me how I felt and if I was seeing anything and I was in a confused state with paranoia slowly leaving. It left me quite tense and he seemed to only annoy me. Upon realizing we had sold M a hit N and I realized he was not ready for it and I can only hope he has a good experience.

Around 6:30 i called my friend R to tell him how incredible I felt. I somehow convinced him to take the hour long bus riode to N's house to join is with a hit. He decided 2 hits.

R Arriving at 7:30 we had our third weed session of the day, R's second as he had a session at his lunch break (he unfortunately had school that friday). R took his first hit as soon as he came over.

After grabbing a beer for refreshment N, R and I left N's house to drop some money off to a dealer. N and I were tripping hard and as we walked to our destination R began to feel the effects.

Arriving back around 8:00 after a brief situation of losing eachother on the street we set up another g session. It was great a great session as I was beginning to climb off the acid.

We kept ourselves amused comparing our feelings. Mainly ideas like 'remembering to remember' and 'twisted and boxed realiy' were comparable and looking back are hard to understand now. Minutes seemed liked days at this point.

9:00 came and R decided he wanted to take his other hit of acid. This one took him soaring as he later described seeing nazi's and hitler and skeletons beckoning him. He realized this was turning into a bad trip and got out of the situation as soon as possible. N and I realized we were slowly coming off of our acid and R was left alone for the next 5 hours in his mind set. Another hit was cut into 2 and around 10:30 the half hit was placed under the tongue. At this point Nate told me we were going to have a surprise. And we did.

And yet another weed session was arranged. The weed was smoked just as the half hit started to take effect around 11:30. For the next 7 hours things just happened. While sitting up i felt like I was in a cartoon, while laying down I felt like the wall was the ceiling and I was in a castle off some sort. Closing my eyes released amazing textures and designs and looking at my friends lamp showed me a beautiful glass ball of energy. The whole time we talked nonsense and laughed, taking breaks of silence to observe now and then. N's explanation for the acid effect was that of a metal cone being stuffed into his ear and pages of nonsense being fed through and I could relate.

A very trippy song, Linkin Park if I believe was played through a personal cd player, 1 person at a time. While listening to this different moods of the song I visioned a naked woman, very sexual who morphed into a skeleton and broke away. The song was over.

Sublime and The Tea Party were constantly played throughout the rest of the night. The songs affected the visions I saw as I noticed Sublime created more colourful effects while The Tea Party created more artistic effects. This being my first true experience deep with acid I wanted to feel everything, so the differences in music helped a lot.

One last session for the night was smoked bringing us to a closing of the whole day started for N and I at 2:30. It was now 4:00 in the morning. The session boosted the experience slightly but I had a feeling of something bursting inside of me. It was warm and overwhelming, a very positive effect.

R moving to a different room as he wanted some time alone I believe and a comfortable bed, N and I sharing a room me on a seat and chair him on his bed we went to sleep. The timer light on the television brought me into one last space trip. The light became the center of this celestial light.

We woke up for a last session feeling great. We looked much better as we went to sleep with yellow eyes. The weed made me feel great as well as breakfast.

A very positive experience.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10650
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 25, 2019Views: 561
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Cannabis (1), LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Hangover / Days After (46), Various (28)

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