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My 40-Hour Trip
by GoreblogVariety
Citation:   GoreblogVariety. "My 40-Hour Trip: An Experience with bk-2C-B (exp106649)". Nov 16, 2017.

T+ 0:00
220 mg oral bk-2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 0:55   smoked Cannabis  


Bare in mind this post documents the past 2 days of my life and is almost definitely going to be long.

This is my report on an insane trip I've had over the past 2 days on a substance called BK-2CB- a legal analogue of the once popular 2CB. I never had the pleasure of its father chemical and my previous experience with psychedelics and dissociatives has been 15g of P. sclerotia (psilocybin truffles), a medium dose of DXM and 150ug of 1P-LSD. I've also had much experience with MDMA if you count that, as some people do. But nothing comes close to this chemical.

Setting- A local flower garden and the surrounding woods and meadows; it's the middle of summer and the weather is lovely so this is very pleasant.

Wed 3:00pm- I ingested 2 of the 110mg BK-2CB pellets that were acquired from a very trusted vendor. I read that they were 99.9% pure although obviously I can't be sure of the truth in that. I left my house and walked the 35 minutes to the next town over, where I was meeting my close friends who we'll call B, S and T.

Wed 3:35pm- Slight tingle in my scalp, feels like spiders are running through my hair. I meet B and T and they ingest one of the 110mg pellets each. We smoke cigarettes and wait around for S to arrive.

Wed 3:50pm- S arrives and ingests one of the pellets. We goof around and smoke more cigarettes until we begin to feel the drug.

Wed 4:40pm- We're all tripping now, although visuals are non existent at this point. The come up is very enjoyable and we're all having a great time, it's not dissimilar to that of MDMA with waves of self confidence and euphoria. I notice it lacks the anxiety and nausea I experienced with psilocybin. However, me and B experienced a niggling pain in our elbows and knees and S said that he felt as though he had brain freeze for 30 minutes after ingesting the pellet.

Wed 4:55pm- We go into the woods and smoke a joint. We meet 2 of our close friends (J and R) in there and retreat back to the flower garden for a few more joints.

Wed 5:20pm- Another friend arrives (D). The weed has really set off the trip and the visuals are insane. The ground looks like it's made of water and the surrounding trees seem to have purple and blue peacocks nesting everywhere amongst the leaves. Me and S go off for a pee and the sudden release of my bladder makes me feel like I have no fluid left in me at all including water and blood, I get scared at this thought and vomit. Although after this, I realise how stupid that was and I'm feeling great again.

Wed 5:45pm- We smoke our last joint and are tripping hard. Me and B decide to go back into the woods and explore a bit. Whilst in there we find half a metal chair that our altered minds believe is an object called 'The Frame'. We decide it needs to come with us and bring it back to the flower garden.

This is where it gets very weird.

Wed 6:00pm- Me and B decide to take D into the woods with us believing that there must be more to the Frame. He sits down on an a log and huffs some butane. Whilst he is delirious on the gas me and B ask him to show us the way to the Mother Frame and he swings his arm and points in a random direction. We follow his directions and find a shopping trolley in the middle of the woods exactly where D pointed. Obviously we go insane at this, even though it was probably complete coincidence. Me and B decide to plug the original Frame into the new Mother Frame (put the chair leg into the shopping trolley) believing it to be of the upmost importance whilst under the influence. We try to go deeper into the woods but decide against, anxious if what we have just done is good or bad for the rest of the world. This drug is making us loopy.

Wed 6:40pm- Back at the flower garden we meet up with everyone else, though it's not long before me and B feel the strong urge to go back into the woods and explore further. This time, we take T with us. On the way in we notice a spider spinning a caught fly into its web. This is so interesting that decide to roll a cigarette and watch the spectacle.

Wed 7:00pm- Me, B and T enter the woods. The visuals are strong as ever and trees seem to be whispering to each other. This slightly frightens us as we think the Frame wants us out. But we brave forward and go deeper into the woods. We show T the Master Frame and try to make him understand it but he stops us and reveals that he already knows and that the Frame is much bigger and isn't just as small as this trolley in the woods. Wow. We decide to further into the woods seeking the even bigger Frame.

Wed 7:37pm- I get a text from J, she tells me that her and R need to be going as they have other commitments and that D has work in the morning so is leaving too. Looking at my phone is crazy. The letters jump up and down against each other, jostling for room in their little boxes. I reply to the texts with difficulty and me, B and T continue our adventure.

Wed 7:45pm- S calls me and tells us he's just spent the last forty minutes wandering around the garden and is leaving to go to his girlfriend's house. We all laugh about it and he tells us to have fun, we all say goodbye to him through the phone.

Wed 8:00pm- Me, B and T are still in the woods and the knotweed, nettles and trees around me are urging me to leave the forest, whispering to each other and telling me to get out. I tell my friends this and we all just laugh, taking their insults as a challenge. I lose track of time from this point. We can't find the larger Frame though we are certain it must be around. We agree that I should climb a tree to see if I can spot it from higher up. Around half way up I step onto a bad branch and it snaps sending me plummeting to the ground. I get back up and all three of us agree that the Frame is trying to kill us and that we shouldn't be in these woods. Although as before, we take its resistance as a challenge and continue on. After what seemed like ages we found what we were looking for. Before us was a large swamp covered in trees, think of a Mangrove swamp, but you don't get those where I live. The branches wound around, tied into each other and connected up until the whole swamp looked like some sort of wooden spider web. Obviously this looked insane whilst tripping and we all agreed that we have found the nexus of the Frame. We discuss that maybe the Frame isn't even an object and that it's all around us connecting everything instead, like the midichlorians in Star Wars. Suddenly all three of us get frightened and agree that we know too much. We quickly find our way out of the forest.

Wed 10:15pm- I check my phone again and realise we were in the forest for over 2 hours. We've been tripping very hard for nigh on 7 and a half hours and the visuals at this point are so intense.
We've been tripping very hard for nigh on 7 and a half hours and the visuals at this point are so intense.
Green trees look yellow and everything I look at waves and jitters. There are blue and purple peacocks nesting everywhere making the world seem bursting with colour even though the sun is going down. I love it.

Wed 10:20pm- T decides that it's been too much for him and calls it a day even though his pupils are like dinner plates haha. He walks home leaving me and B alone in the meadow. We decide to huff some gas and sit on a wooden fence looking into the forest. I'm still tripping absolute balls and sucking the gas is so intense, I go blind for around 30 seconds and my vision is consumed by pure psychedelia and colours that I've never even seen before. Once the gas is gone we decide to call it a day too, but take the long way home through the lanes and woods, still tripping as hard as ever, it hits me that this trip is lasting so long. On the walk home I listen to Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb, and Halcyon On and On by The Orbital on repeat. I can't even describe that experience!

Wed 11:02- I arrive home and eat a large bowl of my favourite cereal whilst talking to my mother (she had no idea haha). I retreat to my room still tripping balls and turn Maggot Brain by Funkadelic on, one of my favourite songs to hear whilst tripping. I get into bed and just begin texting my friends, waiting for the drug to fade off. It doesn't.

Thurs 3:00am- I'm still wide awake and am almost blind from the visuals. I take the posters in my room down since I think they're shouting at me and I swear Han Solo on my Empire Strikes Back poster is changing his stance every time I look at him. It's around this time that I keep thinking about what I would look like as a girl, I come to the conclusion that it would be Carrie Fisher. Very weird headspace.

Thurs 4:32am- The trip isn't even fading. I can't sleep so just lie in bed staring at the psychedelia in my vision and wishing it would stop since I'm so tired. I notice that I'm itching all over and it feels as though bugs are crawling over my face, a phenomenon I usually get when I'm tripping indoors. Weird and uncomfortable, but I'm used it.

Thurs 7:00am- I can hear my brother going to school and the trip is still strong as ever. I try to listen to music but it just fuzzes my brain so I resume the foetal position.

Thurs 9am- Jesus Christ. I get worried that I'm now in drug induced psychosis. I go downstairs to eat more cereal and see something I really didn't want to. I have a dental appointment at 4pm.

Thurs 11am- I can now see clearly but the walls are still breathing and fractals are everywhere.

Thurs 2pm- The trip is showing no signs of stopping and this is getting ridiculous. I love psychedelics but at this point it's been 23 hours and it's taking the piss.

Thurs 3:30pm- I leave for the dentist and can hardly function. I check my pupils before I go and they're like dinner plates which makes me very paranoid. The waiting room is packed and I feel like everyone around me is either from another dimension or just not connected to the rest of the human race- very weird. I needed to have my fake teeth remoulded which involves injections, buzz saws and sandpaper. As you can imagine it was torture and I felt as though aliens were operating on me.

Thurs 4:45pm- I'm back from the dentist and ate a proper meal. Feeling somewhat more normal but my vision is still so wavy and the psychedelic headspace refuses to leave. I spend the rest of the day in this horrible limbo.

Fri 2:00am- Around this time I finally fall asleep.

Fri 9:00am- I wake up and am definitely out of the trip despite a very muddled brain. I realise there was no noticeable comedown, or that I slept through it instead.

TLDR; don't treat BK-2CB as some weak legal high, it can be a very strong psychedelic in the right dose and it lasts for a very, very long time (for me anyway). T, S and B took 110mg and said the trip lasted around 17/18 hours. I doubled that dose and was tripping very hard for nigh on 40 hours.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106649
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 16, 2017Views: 2,169
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