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The Forgotten Child of Shulgin
by MrHH
Citation:   MrHH. "The Forgotten Child of Shulgin: An Experience with MEM & MDMA (exp106660)". Oct 28, 2015.

T+ 0:00
  repeated   Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 0:00 120 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:20 20 mg oral MEM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:20 15 mg oral MEM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:37   repeated   Cannabis  

Time Dose Route Substance
T -03:00 (repeated) oral Alcohol (wine)
?? (repeated) smoked Cannabis
T +00:00 120mg oral MDMA
T +02:20 20mg oral MEM
T +04:20 15mg oral MEM

Participants: MrHH [1988 +/- 54kg], J.C. [1985 +/- 75kg]
Date: 29/May/2015
Background/Additional notes:
+ There are no experiences with MEM in the existing literature after Pihkal.
+ Identity of the substance was analytically confirmed.
+ All experimenters have extensive experience using various psychedelic substances.
+ MrHH is a regular user of cannabis, J.C. is a sporadic user of cannabis.
+ J.C. is in rehabilitation therapy for opiates addiction.

T-03:00 (21:10H)
We started to make dinner, opening the wine we had bought, and enjoying a few drinks while we cook the Bolognese sauce. D. went to see his friends, so we were alone from this moment.

We did not know which substances to take, and we wanted to reserve the psychedelia for the birthday of next day, so I thought it would be good idea to leave the trip for the next day event instead of today (eventually we also had psychedelia the next day, as you would expect from two people so predisposed to it by habit).

After thinking about multiple combinations of different substances to achieve the optimum point high, we opted to venture to test a substance whose effects have not been reported in the literature from the time when Pihkal was written: MEM. The first substance designed, synthesized and tested by Shulgin et al. together with TMA-2 and DOM. Apparently this substance has been forgotten since its invention, probably because it has not been particularly prominent in the literature, having other more suitable compounds which could be easily produced and sold in the black market for various reasons, among which are the ease of synthesis, legal status or popularity of certain substances.

Before dinner, we were planning ('family drug plan' as we called it) how and in what order to take the different substances. Then we consulted Pihkal to inform ourselves about the substance, and we realized that the MEM had been combined with MDMA in the quotations written by Shulgin experimenters.

We decided to replicate the experience described in Pihkal in which 20mg of MEM were taken after consuming 120mg of MDMA. We decided this because after reading Pihkal we had the feeling that MEM was kind of 'colorful' MDMA.

T+00:00 (00:10H)
We decided to take MDMA about 3 or 4 minutes before having dinner, to prevent slower absorption due to having a full stomach.

T +00:20 (00:30H)
We finished eating, it was great. We headed to the sofas to accommodate.

T +00:30 (12:40H)
J.C. note the first chill of MDMA, only one, isolated. He phoned his wife and begins to talk to her.

T +00:37 (12:47H)
J.C. is still talking to his wife, while I was starting to notice the first alerts of MDMA, perhaps due to the placebo effect, as was a blip and within minutes these effects subsided.

T +00:43 (00:53H)
I start to burn some Palo Santo, remembering at the same time my friend J. who gave it to me as a present. J.C. just finished talking to his wife, and I see that he is feeling happier now, because he was initially worried about some aspects of his life, as he was not having the best time lately.

T +00:54 (01:04H)
I'm definitely feeling the MDMA, it is not like it was minutes before, but much more clear and evident. I noticed palpitations that even altered the rhythm of my breath for a moment.

T +00:59 (01:09H)
We are listening to The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

T +01:19 (01:29H)
J.C. asks if there is no way to turn off the lights. I say of course, that I had forgotten to turn on the typical color lights that I frequently use for tripping. We change the lights and then, immediately we noticed the change, feeling that we are in a more relaxed environment. We literally said several times 'we are really high' and we were enjoying feelings like calm, empathy, freedom ...

T +01:50 (02:00H)
I lie on the floor because the sensations were flooding me. There I feel a feeling of freshness, and closing my eyes I had the feeling that the ground was rotating in all directions. The physical sensation of MDMA cannot be more impressive.

T +02:23 (02:33H)
MDMA starts to become less daunting, so we decided to start with the MEM.

We were somewhat expectant and excited because it was so new for us. Would it be as MDMA with something visual? Would it have fewer mental and visual effects? Why did Pihkal include quotes about certain thoughts/insights that occurred days after the experience, having different sessions confirming this effect? We thought that it was somewhat less visual, similar in some way to MDMA, and more mental.

We ate 20mg of MEM, rolled in a rice rolling paper to ensure maximum absorption of the full dose at once.

T +03:00 (03:10H)
We start to notice something very similar to a MDMA onset (thinking by then that the MDMA was producing these effects again). Now, with more perspective, it can be attributed to the MEM, or at least to potentiation of the effects the combination of MDMA with it. This feeling included increased body temperature, sweating, and the comfortable but saturated typical characteristic sensation of MDMA. Also accompanied by a highly dry mouth (but not extreme).

These sensations were fading out after a couple of minutes out on the terrace where the evening breeze helped a lot. This happened a couple of times and corresponded with the beginning of the transition from the MDMA to the MEM, a transition that was one the best we have felt in our lives, very gradual and 'natural', without radical changes that could alter the direction or mood of the experience.

T +03:15 (03:25H)
We continue with a sense of MDMA, which slowly progresses to a psychedelic state in a very subtle way. When we closed our eyes, visuals were so subtle that we had to be explicitly 'looking for the visuals' to perceive them with a minimal definition. We were surprised that we were receiving visuals with some intensity despite its lack of definition.

There is a difference in comparison with pre-loading MDMA with other psychedelics, this specific combination seems to alter the action of the MDMA and intensifies it until hours later, instead of simply modifying the entire experience into something new, and I emphasize that it is an extremely gradual transition, natural and enjoyable: while I am still questioning whether certain effects are characteristic of MEM or its combination with MDMA.

D. has just returned from being with his friends and he interacts with the computer for a while, smoking a cigar, before going to sleep to the room.

T +03:35 (03:45H)
It continues progressing slowly, the only side effect remaining is dry mouth. We were feeling very calm, we just wanted to avoid performing any muscular movement, although it was clear that it was perfectly possible to move. It's just that we didn't want to move at all, and that, added to the gradual increase of psychedelic and physical effects, was reinforcing our intentions to just keep observing the effects of the drug. This feeling was strange but very pleasant and similar to the physical sensation MDMA gives, but it was very strong.

The visuals are now more defined, reaching a clear and sustained +. We were still thinking that MEM was a kind of colorful MDMA.

T +04:10 (04:20H)
J.C. proposes me to re-dose, as we thought the effects were progressively, slowly rising, our psychedelic state was below our initial expectations, even considering that we noticed more psychedelia than initially expected. Such a proposition can be seen in the notes of that night, although J.C. tried to convince me that I was the one who encouraged him hours later. We had already waited more than two hours after the first dose, and the effects were insufficient. J.C. proceeds to weigh an additional dose of 15mg of MEM.

T +04:20 (04:30H)
We take additional 15mg, orally. D. goes to sleep, matching this event with the beginning of the intense effects, and increasing the loss of the space-time consciousness.

T +04:35 (04:45H)
J.C. literally writes 'Pleasure and psychedelia with eyes closed.' Just 15 minutes after the last intake, we experienced a really significant increase in effects. Then, we realized that the onset of the first dose was still in progress. This did not worry us at all, because Pihkal describes the recommended dose range as 10 to 50mg in a single dose, having experiments even at 70mg in two doses.

We felt that the psychedelic side of the experience would completely overwhelm us, because it was technically impossible for the second dose to be having any effect yet, so we underestimated the 'onset time' and then we remembered how long the onset of the psychedelic amphetamines takes. At this time we directly went from a + state, to a state between ++ and +++.

Closed-eye visuals represented continuously changing color, geometric shapes, primordial forms, and in my case, also morphologically modified faces from nonexistent beings and animals. These latter visuals of which I speak reminded me of childhood, and without knowing if it really came from subconscious memories of that time, really it gave me that feeling, but I can not rule out that the visuals were randomly generated.

Closed eye visuals were similar to those induced by other psychedelic amphetamines (DO*, TMA*, etc). Best explained, it was between the great depth of the tryptamines, and the simplicity/originality of the visuals of psychedelic amphetamines. Body sensation and stimulation were very similar to those of the phenethylamines, to which was added some sense of 'rarity' and the characteristic stimulation typical in these kind of compounds.

However, this substance is completely different from others, it is as if the mechanism causing psychedelia is different than other psychedelics -including other psychedelic amphetamines-, since the visual, body and mental effects -together and separately- were completely unique and special. It is unlike anything else we had tried before, and has its own, extreme identity.

It is the phenethylamine (and therefore amphetamine) that most impressed us until now in every way: duration, intensity, freedom of immersion especially at low doses or early stages, lack of perceivable body load (just enough for a psychedelic amphetamine, especially considering that it has been combined with MDMA in this experience). We have not tried any phenethylamine that would cause such a continuous level of immersion during many hours. In addition, any phenethylamine that has given us so defined, realistic and similar in terms of visual effects to a good LSD trip.

At this time the open-eye visuals were also becoming more prominent. The OEVs were very 'enlightening', all involved a whitish halo of light and clarity that was constantly changing position to adapt to the different objects in the room. Visuals were giving a sense of peace, they were not invasive and it was clearly noticed on the walls and objects.

Intermittently, we lost track of what was going on while we kept our eyes closed, limiting our own thinking and consciousness to observe ówithout analyzing- every one of the visions that were subsequently arising one after the other.

T +04:50 (05:00H)
At this time we are fully and steadily immersed in the experience (+++), and it is completely impossible to ignore the effects. From now on, I find it quite impossible to describe exactly what I'm feeling, and the rhythm to take notes for the Trip Report drops considerably, so we then limit ourselves to writing -as well as we can- small sentences that will allow us to establish a temporal line.

While writing the notes I could feel how my head was inclining slightly to the side as I was reading the paper, some sort of motor confusion/impairment that made me tilt the head slightly to see what I wanted to read, rather than simply moving the eyes. This effect was not experienced by J.C., and in my case, disappeared in the next 60-90 minutes. I had never experienced anything like this with any other substance.

We also have some memory lapses, probably caused by the synergy of the combination of MDMA with MEM (psychedelic amphetamine), extending and increasing both the positive and negative effects of MDMA.

T +05:09 (05:19H)
The notes literally describe 'J.C. makes a great effort to smoke a cigar.' We were completely overwhelmed by the spontaneity and intensity sides of the psychedelic experience (we were not expecting to achieve such a psychedelic state). The feeling of not wanting to move was completely obvious at this point, and could only be interrupted temporarily by the despicable urge to smoke.

We also wrote at that time 'light but intense', which seemed an appropriate way to describe what we were feeling at that moment. These two terms may seem contrary, but what we really wanted to express was the action of the substance: it was really strong when we closed our eyes, in contrast, visual effects with open eyes were more 'light'. The mental side of the substance is also increased when we close our eyes, completely immersing us in a world of psychedelia: it was not very sentimental but recreational instead. Although I can not rule out that at some point it has emotional potential, as we had very deep conversations in two moments of the night.

My impression is that a successful way of describing the CEVs, despite how complex the task may be, would be to say that they were geometric patterns that give the feeling of 'old' as if represented in 8-bit definition. Depending on the moment, I was seeing geometric shapes incessantly succeeded in allegory, at other times I could see completely realistic images of faces, animals and other beings whose existence or explanation I find impossible to understand and/or explain after the experience.

T +05:37 (05:47H)
We roll a Cannabis joint, taking advantage of our current stimulation feelings (and somewhat less 'psychological heaviness') probably caused by the action of the MEM. We get the feeling that all the effects (both CEV, as OEV, as mental, as the -nice- feeling of not wanting to move) continue increasing exponentially, possibly because we were noticing the effects from the second re-dose at T+4:20.

T +05:50 (06:00H)
Our initial feeling about this substance was that it does not alter the perception of time (because we did not notice the typical feeling of being out of the temporal dimension). However, when we looked at the clock at this time we realized it's only been just over 90 minutes since the re-dosing, and it is still going up in intensity, it seemed that it had been much long ago.

We think the substance alters the perception of time but in a very unique and special way. This is something difficult to explain, the time was slow, but we did not realize until we saw the time, feeling every hour seemed like an eternity ...

We just noticed that the columns of the wall that we face are deforming in a similar way to LSD OEVs, this feeling continued until near the end of the experience. It is the first substance that I notice that the intensity/proportion of CEVs and OEVs varies considerably at different stages of experience.

The sensation of dry mouth is almost non-existent now, although there is still a minimum of stomach upset (gas).

T +06:05 (06:15H)
We change the music to play The Doors, a compilation that we found by chance on YouTube, which contains the most characteristic songs of the group. We really felt that the music was in accordance with the altered state in which we were at that time.

I am noticing pressure in the head from an hour from now, it begins to disappear at a rapid pace at the moment, and J.C. has also noticed it but less so than me. It is a kind of tension headache that is accentuated with eyes closed. I can easily ignore it, but still enough noticeable to make me think about how unknown is the substance we are bio-assaying today. At that time my thoughts included things like: is it a MAOI and we should not combine it with alcohol? Is there any dose level error on Pihkal?

This thoughts and the headache faded away very quickly within the next minutes. I subjectively attribute it to an increase of the intracranial pressure, I think due to the nature of the pharmacology of the substance, but may also be due to -some- anxiety/insecurity feelings we had because we were taking something very rare. I will be able to verify this side effect in following experiences, while confirming also whether the combination with MDMA is related to this.

T +06:15 (06:25H)
We are listening to Riders on the Storm by The Doors, it makes me consolidate my desire and intention to simply drop all my weight on where it was supported, greatly enjoying the CEVs and the experience.

I am completely impressed, when I close my eyes while listening to music, it gives me the feeling of being extremely close to the space/time where the production of Riders of the Storm took place.

Immediately after, I followed with my eyes closed, I felt I was part of a section of plastic material belonging to one of the keyboards / used by Ray Manzarek organist/pianist of The Doors, while they were playing the music producing the album we were listening to. At first, I found no explanation for what I saw and felt, but immediately felt a sense of 'old' that instantly interacted with the music I was hearing. This perception included both synesthesia and illusion in the same proportion, as an almost complete but very 'easy' (not difficult psychologically) loss of ego identity, although in this case -unlike other times when I experienced ego death- I did not feel any panic because I was fully immersed in the experience and that prevented me from analyzing what was happening or what I was feeling at that moment.

Then I realized that 'I don't care at all' and just wanted to 'be at peace, consciously relaxing every muscle in my body, favoring my level of immersion/isolation in the own experience', there was something in me that told me rhetorically 'let it flow, free your mind and your body, feel everything you perceive'.

I could remember this thanks to J.C., who reminded me of it the next day because I forgot it due to being at the stage when we were feeling more intense effects. I remember I could barely tell this to him, because although I was feeling it in a very intense way, I was particularly unable to explain it efficiently.

T +06:35 (06:45H)
The 'coming up' stage has just ceased and we are still fully immersed in the trip, at the peak of the psychedelia causing this substance, highlighting the inability to maintain control at this time. Although the 'coming up' has stopped, we continue on a sustained +++ and even much more prominent than an hour ago. The effects are only slightly stronger than minutes before, but the immersion in the experience is completely full.

I start to touch -in an unconscious form- the couch slipcover, because I find it to have an extremely soft feeling. That's when I realize that this substance increases tactile sensitivity. Now I think it may be an indication that it is a good substance for use during sex.

We look again at the clock and we notice again it's only been an hour from the moment we observed how special is the way this substance alters the perception of time. It definitively slows the perception of time, but you can't appreciate it in an active or immediate way, so you only realize this characteristic when you look at the clock instead of having the feeling of being obviously blocked/excluded from time as when having a strong experience with mushrooms or LSD. This substance turns the slowing of time into something psychologically 'easy' and 'inadvertent'.

I continue noticing the uncomfortable feeling of dry mouth albeit insignificant compared to the early hours of the experience, but it is still significant. I am about to go for a fresh beer because we had run out of water, and being a slightly alcoholic liquid but cold, it met our needs perfectly.

T +06:50 (07:00H)
I still have intense CEV visions, still rating the experience with a solid +++ as well. I have different visuals (CEVs) that make me think about my childhood, as a combination of unfamiliar faces facing each other, highlighting among them the face of a werewolf-like face provoking an emotion of tenderness. I also remember seeing the face of a morphologically modified rabbit, which also gave me the feeling of its belonging to my childhood memory.

At the time of writing this Trip Report, around 48 hours after the experience, I came to the conclusion that I can not confirm that these visual representations come from such a remote area in the time of my memory, because it is possible that these visions are completely random, caused by my imagination, due to the action of the substance: but why do we always appreciate visuals that somehow we can attribute to what we already consciously know? If the visions were fully random or belonging to some kind of 'collective consciousness' we could easily see things whose images and concepts are completely impossible to explain and meaningless. Instead, we always perceive visual entities, concepts and forms, always being 'logical images already acquired earlier in our lives' being represented as 'entities' (objects or beings that are real or fictional beings) or 'forms' (geometric or fractals) that we have known before in our conscious life, but meaningless in terms of context and without relation to other visual elements comprising the scene.

T +07:05 (07:15H)
While we were relaxedly focused on the experience with our eyes closed, we suddenly heard a loud noise that broke our calm state. It was the sound of a bird that was emitted from the outside on the terrace. I worried because it was heard quite strongly, and it was also noticed by J.C. who reacted with a jump on the sofa.

At that moment I remembered that someone told me that sometimes, a bird of prey has been able to get a pet that does not weigh much, and my cats were consistent with this criteria. I can realize now, in my normal state, that this kind of event is rare, but in the experience it's what I thought was happening, because I illogically related that sound with it, possibly because we were impressed given the calm that prevailed at the time on the room. When I went out to see what had happened, I could confirm that we had just heard the flapping of a bird (possibly a seagull) passing near the balcony.

J.C. says he feels over-stimulation, especially nervousness in his legs. I do not even notice anything unusual in terms of the physical, excluding the MDMA feeling that has accompanied us for most of the night and is now beginning to slowly disappear along with the psychedelic effects.

T +07:20 (07:30H)
The sun begins to illuminate the street that we can see through the balcony, gradually filling the living room with light, representing the beginning of a new day that we had to assume, despite still being awake from last night.

T +07:35 (07:45H)
I notice some nervousness in my legs as well, leading to a need to move them frequently, every 30 seconds. I remember when I was suffering from very a punctual and sporadic form of restless legs syndrome earlier this year, and these feelings reminded me of it. This was uncomfortable, but perfectly bearable and ignorable compared to the other positive effects from the experience.

T +08:05 (08:15H)
At this point I stopped having the urge to move my legs every half minute, it is something I really appreciate, since despite having my eyes closed, the trouble was preventing me from fully enjoying the experience.

T +08:20 (08:30H)
Cats are playing at trying to catch a wasp or bumblebee, apparently a very big one. I realize this because I begin to hear a series of beeps on the terrace that are unusual, that made me leave the room to understand what was happening. Then I think to try to 'save them', trying to stun the bee, because I feel fear thinking that my cats could be injured.

At that time J.C. reminds me that nature is completely intelligent, and my cats do not need protection because they are able to hunt, although they may be attacked by this insect. So I saw that they did not need my protection, that surely they had passed unscathed through the same situation a large number of times and therefore, the insect's life was at greater risk than the life of my pets.

T +09:20 (09:30H)
I need to go pee and I realize that the toilet appears to be blue. This surprises me a lot, because it's something I've never noticed, even considering how special it is going to the bathroom in this kind of state. At this moment I remember we ran out of water so I proceed to open another can of cold beer from the fridge.

T +10:20 (10:30H)
J.C. comes out to the balcony after spending several hours lying down and fully enjoying the experience. When he goes out he realizes that the building line kept contouring and changing its colors. He was considerably disturbed by the light emitted by the morning sun. (J.C. note: I wasn't disturbed, exactly. In fact, it was a ectatic vision; I was in awe).

T +11:20 (11:30H)
We realize that we are hungry for the first time in the entire night, so I encourage insistently J.C. to go buy Churros (he did not want to leave because he was still noting a considerable amount of effects) to have a breakfast and create some desire for sleeping, as we had a commitment at night and we noticed that due to the remaining stimulation, we were thinking that it would be somewhat complicated to fall asleep. Although stimulation was just really uncomfortable hours before during only about 30-60 minutes, and were were perfectly capable of ignoring this negative effect, for the reward which involved the predominant physical pleasure, and the great character of the experience in every aspect.

T +12:50 (13:00H)
Having had breakfast and having finished the typical joint of cannabis, I lay on the sofa, I covered my face with my arms, and fell asleep almost instantly, even still enjoying some visuals with eyes closed, they were weak but still perfectly defined.

T +17:50 (18:00H)
At this time, I wake up. J.C. could not sleep due to lingering stimulation, so we might think that this is one of the side effects whose presence or intensity varies considerably depending on the subject.

I do not feel at 'baseline' yet and I see a series of visuals that remind me of when I spontaneously experience HPPD, only much more pronounced. Actually what happened was that the substance was still showing its visual effects (we re-dosed around 14 hours ago), since these visuals progressively decreased in the following hours.

We also have a strange feeling in our minds, it is as if we are enlightened, in peace and harmony with one's surroundings, and happy. While I slept only 5 hours, I feel really good and physically strong after showering, though I intellectually noticed I felt a bit tired, my thoughts / reasoning occur more slowly than usual, this feeling completely disappearing within hours too, after resting in an appropriate way.

We can eat without hassle, no hangover even having slept less than half than usual. The only feeling that remains is to have felt an incredible experience, being happy and fully in tune with everything.

I must say that I have a new substance among the favorites. This compound is highly particular, has a huge identity (it is different from anything else I've tried), and to know after all this time something 'new' full of so many novel sensations impressed me very, very pleasantly. It's psychedelic, but it 'modifies' you in an apparently different way, giving me the impression that its effects are truly unique.

During the experience I could feel little emotional feelings compared with other materials, so it could be classified as recreational, at least in combination with MDMA. However, these emotional feelings became much more obvious when I woke up at T+18:00, and included an increased understanding of everything around me, causing happiness and the feeling of being in tune with my surroundings.

I do not know if these emotional feelings prevailing in the later stages of experience (between 16 and 36 hours after the first dose) are what in Pihkal are described as 'next-day insights', because although we felt somehow still affected by the substance when already not noticing any psychedelic effect, we did not reach many conclusions which we believe worth noting. Although not for that, both special 'after effects' as the overall experience, stopped providing an incalculable value.

Around T+21, we had to go out to buy at a nearby shopping center. While we were in the car, I concluded, as he watched the people go, that happiness should not depend on artificial elements like the substances we use to alter our perception, or the material objects surrounding us.

The day after the experience (around T+24) we had to go to the birthday of a friend of ours, when we arrived we had such happiness that we were even asked what we were doing before. At the party we had many friends and the dog of the owner of the friend who were celebrating his birthday. I thought: dogs and animals are happy by themselves because they lack intellectual consciousness to the level of human beings.

Definitely, during the psychedelic side of this substance, we had a tendency not to analyze, question, or be aware of what was happening, especially closing our eyes. It is as if what we consider 'after effects' of the substance were part of the experience itself but the perception of both the visual and mental effects had ended several hours ago.

Curiously, at the party the next day, we consumed a dose of 80 mg of MDMA + 15mg of 2C-B at T+26. The effects of this experience were slightly modified by the original experience/substances that is described in this Trip Report. Mentally, we still had a sense of fulfillment and happiness that not often accompany us on a daily basis, and visually, especially with open eyes, we were still appreciating the clear halo over every physical object around us, combining this with the typical effects of the experience of the Nexus the next day, although we considered to be at 'baseline' at the beginning of the Nexus, despite the nice 'after effects' with which we came to the party.

Now I know I should have started testing this substance without MDMA, but nothing happens because I plan to very soon check out the differences: are the effects of extreme heaviness and empathogen effects merely an exaggeration of the MDMA effects due to the combination? Or rather: are these also characteristic effects of the MEM by itself? It is possible, given the similarity of certain bodily sensations similar to DOC, but without the negative aspects.

We felt that not remembering many other things that happened in the Peak, we have some lapses (probably because the combination of MDMA + MEM like when overdosing MDMA especially when mixed with alcohol?). This is not worrisome, but it's something irritating because we do not remember some parts of the trip. What we remember in those hours after the re-dosing is being constantly with our eyes closed, completely immersed in the experience.

These lapses became more evident when trying to remember specific stages of this experience to write this Trip Report in detail, particularly in terms of visual effects. We attribute this lapse intuitively to the empowerment (MEM, being an amphetamine) of the effects of the MDMA on the experience, which were extended in time and intensity because the combination with MEM, whose nature is amphetaminic.

List of effects unknown to be dependent on the MEM by itself or on the combination with MDMA: MDMA constant physical sensation for about 9-10 hours, empathogenic, over-stimulation of legs from 9-10 hours after ingestion lasting around 45 minutes approximately, increased body temperature, 'gaps' in memory during the most intense hours (T5:30-T7:30 after the first dose).

At the time of writing this Trip Report, having had such a powerful experience unexpectedly and despite the lack of knowledge about the substance, we can conclude that neither the substance nor dose are important criteria when trying to get revelatory, strong and unusual experiences. Even if you go for a 'strong' dose, if you obsess over the goal (to have a 'strong' experience) while not having the adequate 'set & setting' (or having an extreme tolerance), you may not be able to reach it.

Action of this substance differs especially compared with other phenethylamines (including other psychedelic amphetamines) and other tryptamines/lysergamides. Might it be caused by the 'ethoxy' group not so commonly found in other psychedelic substances? It becomes clear that MEM is a psychedelic amphetamine, but visually between tryptamines and DOx, plus similar feelings (warmth, ability to dive fully into the experience) between the DOx and MDMA.

Marquis agent: Between Light yellow / Cream (Pale) yellow

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106660
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Oct 28, 2015Views: 4,347
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MEM (716), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), General (1)

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