Its All in Your Head.
by Light
Citation:   Light. "Its All in Your Head.: An Experience with DMT (exp106661)". Apr 14, 2021.

70 mg smoked DMT


Yeah, this stuff isn't a jokec. I'm gonna try to relay exactly what I saw here ; The second I took the good hit,I felt my body lift up.I blew the smoke out and by then my head was feeling like I had done atleast 2 tabs of lsd, the smoke I blew out seemed like a doorway to somewhere else and then bam. Geometric patterns began to appear on everything. Circles too. I remember feeling so far but everything felt so close, aside the fact that everything else was visually changing and distorting, I could bring myself to think about this. When I'd close my eyes, it wouldn't go away, so I tried rubbing my eyes, which quite frankely made it worse cause then things really started to get weird.

The dmt realm had appeared before me. The room developed this kind of simplistic form. It reminded me of my chinese friend's room. The moment things got bad was when I stood up and saw my mango tree, it looked like a lava lamp. As in the movement of the leaves, but the brances were in like a cross shape and every time the leaf moved it looked like a bubble in a lava lamp. Now I was a few minutes into it, where I think I entered the time realm. I felt like time was passing by so fast yet so slowly too. I started thinking about staying stuck like this forever and so on I imagined my life pass by and how I would have to cope with hallucinating all day. Id stand up and stand next to my door,because I was really scarred I'd have done something bad to myself and got psycosis. The feeling of an hourglass sandclock just poring down is the only way I could describe it. I reminded myself to stay calm but the hallucinations were too strong to stay calm. I'd tell myself this is dmt and it's not gonna last forever and I'll never ever do it again. At this point I couldn't see anything for what it really was. Everything was in this weird form.

When I was coming down and finally regained some of my vision I could see my hand move slowly like in slow motion, the room was distorted a little and things seemed bold and bigger. When I finally came down I was so glad and happy about still being alive. DMT isn't a joke but I don't think its that dangerous either, done every once in a while or just a few times in a lifetime. All I can say really is it's real, in the sense that I will defintetly see stuff. Its on me if I freak out but remember to relax too, even if I'm a 100% sure I'm stuck like that forever, I need to just accept that fact and relax.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106661
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 14, 2021Views: 350
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DMT (18) : Unknown Context (20), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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