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Pure Bliss
Citation:   Miss Danger. "Pure Bliss: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp106768)". Aug 12, 2016.

2 hits buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
An old high school friend called me up one day and wanted to hang out at a jacuzzi by my house. I had not seen him in years. He also just so happened to have an airtight case filled with 2C-B, DOC, 25-I, and LSD. As it turned out he was a massive fan of hallucinogens.

As he packed a bowl of weed, I was given two tabs of this wonderful phenethylamine, with strict orders to enjoy it. There were hundreds more of these blotter squares, waiting to tickle the minds of anyone who dared try it. The paper was slightly bitter, and had a pink stain to it, which was explained to be a reagent showing the concentration of the substance. I cleared my mind and pressed it into my gums with my tongue. I am unsure of the dose, but guess it somewhere in the 750-1000ug range.

My mouth soon went numb. The bowl of weed to ease the transition into whatever was about to happen. An intense feeling of anxiety was beginning to build up in gut, as if someone was holding me over a cliff. I thought at one point my legs were about to wiggle off. Things around me were starting to breathe, taking on characters of their own. Meanwhile all of the colors around me appeared to shift around, as if my brain conjured up new colors for me to see. Colors were beginning to shift through a chromatic cycle, as my heartbeat raced in my ears. It was like someone was playing with the color wheel in my mind. Fuzzy, wiry, shiny threads appeared (much like the shimmering scotomas that accompany a migraine) and danced around. Next, an undulating, dark, and smoky background began to form, and my brain began to be zapped by an energy Iíve never experienced. Zap!

The ecstasy of it was overwhelming! It took a second for me to process. Every neuron in my brain was tenderly, sweetly caressed, with this pulse of electricity that rode from my central brain outward through my entire body. It felt like my brain was working at full capacity! I could feel parts of my brain, working together in ways I had never felt before. A neuron party! Fractals danced around piercing through the night sky. I watched the most beautiful fractals invert and transform on themselves, as they rode down the new pathways that this drug had opened in my head. Progression of more and more complex shapes would zip in and out of existence, like cutting a three dimensional fractal through a plane of your own consciousness. They were simply gorgeous to watch. Zap!

There were tears in my eyes it felt so good. I felt a strong interconnected peace with the world that reminded me a lot of mushrooms, and there was no remaining anxiety from earlier.
There were tears in my eyes it felt so good. I felt a strong interconnected peace with the world that reminded me a lot of mushrooms, and there was no remaining anxiety from earlier.
My friend was worried about me, because at one point I forgot to breathe for a bit. It was breathtakingly beautiful, wave after wave of these geometric wonders just for me! I literally would forget to breathe. Suddenly they would all come to a point and my entire being was hit with a wave of energy. For a fleeting moment, all 5 of my senses were lost in static. This happened after every jolt, and it was simply the most pleasurable feeling my brain has known. Zap!

I had to cover my mouth because I was moaning. I was getting worried that people would hear my noises! I wanted to scream. Overwhelmed by these sensations, I began rolling of the grass outside of his house. I could feel every little pinprick of grass, drop of water, and twig pressing against my body. My mind was swallowing me whole.

This went on for many hours. I sat on a bench with my friend, while I twirled my hair between my obviously contented fingers, speechless. My hair was frazzled from doing this, and I had absolutely no care in the world. A psychedelic maelstrom was raging in my head. At one point, all I could do was pull my hair and drool on myself in sheer enjoyment. I felt like a cat, high on catnip. A cute mess of brain overload. I apparently made cute squeals in my delight.

The visuals went on for nearly 12 hours, and were accompanied by random spikes of electricity that would make me giggle and shiver. The comedown was easy and let me down gently. The afterglow continued on for days.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106768
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Aug 12, 2016Views: 2,976
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25I-NBOMe (542) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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