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Overdose Spasms It All Snapped
by Ragnar
Citation:   Ragnar. "Overdose Spasms It All Snapped: An Experience with Tramadol (exp106778)". Jan 17, 2021.

  repeated oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: The doses described in this report are potentially life threatening. The amount taken is beyond a heavy dose and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Doses such as this have been known to cause hospitalizations and/or deaths. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

Now I am not one who takes extreme doses, I tend to do the exact opposite, this time however, it all snapped. And here I was, a recreational drug user having never overdosed or had a severe reaction to anything.

Not having experienced opioids before, tramadol was IT, being my favorite drug during the time, little did I know what hell I was up for. This escalated quickly, even though this abuse only lasted two weeks, I had already taken it every other day, sometimes two days in a row. Then hell broke lose.

A regular friday, I picked up a box of tramadol, it contained 20x100mg (2g) of tramadol, being excited, another two weeks of fun I thought. This day also seemed perfect, I had no plans for the night and couldn't wait to open the box I just bought. I went straight home, took a quick shower and made some dinner.

T + 0:00h
This was at around 4pm, I enjoyed taking tramadol approaching nighttime, due to the fact I could just sleep whenever the effects were gone. Excited, I quickly pop out 600mg (6 tablets), I wanted something more tonight, as I had only been taking 400mg prior to this day. I chewed them all up at once, yuck! They definitely have a distinct chemical, disgusting taste. Just waiting for the effects I get on the PC to watch some videos and chat with friends.

T + 0:45h
A familiar sensation broke out, there was always this feeling I had before the tramadol kicked in with full power. It was the removal of pain and a slight happiness, but it felt weak and this is where it all went horribly wrong. I was convinced this threshold was smaller than usual, and I ignorantly took 200mg more thinking I had become too tolerant.

T + 1:00h
It usually takes two hours to kick in for me, with a 30 minute threshold of where some effects become apparent. But this time, I could already feel it creeping up, I did chew them up pretty good so this wasn't strange at all to me. I always felt some kind of placebo feeling during the onset, but this one was real, it was like a mini-high.

T + 1:30h
Then it all came, the wild and pleasant bliss of the opioids, I felt pretty stoned and incredibly good at the same time. I was still surprised at the intensity of it, I figured it was due to the increased dose, but I didn't care, I was flying. The next thing on my mind was 'Screw it, let's make tonight awesome' so I immediately head for the box of tramadol for some more. The effects had completely numbed my judgement, I just felt too good to think. I immediately take 300mg more without swallowing, now up in 1100 mg total in just under two hours.

T + 2:30h
I was peaking, absolutely enjoyed it, it was like my previous experiences except better, more intense. I could barely walk, although I enjoyed walking around for some strange reason. It got out of control, I wanted to extend the high. Down goes another 300mg, this time thoroughly chewed up.

T + 4:00h
It was awesome, taking those extra doses seemed like the best idea ever, so why wouldn't I take more and extend it throughout the night. I kept refilling those 300mg, I was now up at 1700 mg, I realized I had only 3 pills left and suddenly I felt shocked.
I realized I had taken 17 (!) pills, and that there were only 3 remaining. I didn't exactly know what to think. But as soon as I started worrying, the drug quickly insisted me that it was fine, because it was 4 times better than before.

T + 6:00h
It's now 10 pm, I was blissfully nodding off, keeping alarms to wake me up, I didn't want to waste the high. It just felt like any other tramadol experience, only better, and no side effects. I never threw up or felt nauseous in a way that would make me want to throw up at any point before. I continued my descent into consuming the entire box, taking another 100mg, because it felt as if the first 600mg had worn off.

T + 8:00h
Two pills left, I realized that it would just be a waste to keep them, so I popped them both instantly. This is where it all went wrong, I had consumed the entire box, 2000mg tramadol. Still in deep euphoria, I threw up. Initially I was annoyed and thought I had wasted some of the pills. I went to get a drink to cover the taste, but then 10 minutes after, I threw up again, and again. I was starting to get worried, but couldn't think about it because of the effects I was having. Then finally it stopped, I could head back to my opioid clouds.

T + 9:10h
It was now 1 am, the effects were at their full, I had been nodding off for the past two hours, waking up constantly. Somehow I forgot to put on something that would keep me awake and an alarm this time, and I fell asleep while nodding.

4 AM (T + 12:00h)
I wake up, I was not tired or high, I was COMPLETELY drained and didn't bother moving. What had woken me up was the fact that I had to throw up. Five seconds after waking up, I threw up again, only this time, the euphoric effects were gone, replaced with anxiety and fear. I realized how much I had taken, and that my breathing was very heavy. It felt as if I was in hell.

I threw up again, just 2 minutes after, and I could definitely tell something wasn't right. As soon as I went back to bed I couldn't feel a thing. It wasn't a pleasant analgesia, I was dead sick. Then the twitching came, intense uncontrollable spasms, and my heart rate rose to 160. I was having a seizure, only I was still conscious, having waves of twitching and shaking violently (enough to knock down my phone and glass). There was a sound, like an intense beep in my head like when you get knocked heavily on the head, it wouldn't go away.

T + 12:15h
The twitching intensified, I thought I was going to die, I thought I was having a heart attack as my rate easily rose to 180. Then I realized I was lying in a POOL of sweat, literally as if the blankets had been put under water. During a twitch I almost passed out, and it felt as if I was overheating. Having a temperature meter around I went to measure. Somehow I managed to walk and get it, it was 41 degrees celsius. Panicking, I had the coldest shower of my life. But it DIDN'T go away, as soon as I stepped out, I overheated again. I couldn't stand up, I would fall from the twitching. I gave up, I brought a bucket of ice cold water with me to the bed, in case I would overheat.

T + 12:45h
I knew I was going to pass out, and I just prayed this wouldn't be my final rest, I felt so close to dying, and then I passed out in the bed.

T + 13:00h
I wake up, I thought I had died, because I didn't feel a thing, negative nor positive. Then a relief came, I was still alive, because I was twitching. All the negative effects returned, and I was overheating once more. I still don't know what could've happened if I didn't slam my head in the ice bucket, it was deadly hot. I felt sick to the bone, I threw up once more, it was pretty much just water, I had drained all the stomach contents. I would just pray for it to go away, but I decided to try my best to look up what the hell was happening to me, I clearly overdosed.

T + 13:50h
I tried to search for the symptoms but I couldn't see what was written on the screen, and I couldn't type because of the shaking.
I was too scared to call 911, I was hoping it would all go away on its own. To my relief, breathing eventually restored, but the other symptoms wouldn't just dissapear.

T + 14:30h
None of the symptoms had gotten any better, I was forcing myself to stay awake. How did it end like this, how did it turn from bliss to hell so quick. Eventually I couldn't resist it any longer, and I passed out and then fell asleep.

T + 18:00h
8 am, I wake up. The twitching was gone, I must have overheated during sleep though because there was sweat everywhere. It was gone, everything. I had escaped hell, and survived, however I had the worst hangover one could imagine. The entire day, I was completely drained and depressed, but I didn't care, all I cared about was that it was over. I was still a bit warm, 38.5 C, but that quickly faded throughout the day.

Things can get nasty so quick, and tramadol isn't an exception.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106778
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jan 17, 2021Views: 900
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Pharms - Tramadol (149) : Alone (16), Hangover / Days After (46), Overdose (29), Health Problems (27), General (1)

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