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I Got Trails in My Vision
Cannabis (oral)
Citation:   Nebulous. "I Got Trails in My Vision: An Experience with Cannabis (oral) (exp106830)". Sep 24, 2019.

1.5 g oral Cannabis (capsule)
Real Trippiness on Marijuana

Cannabis already been vaped herb - abv

I've been using cannabis most of my adult life. I used to smoke and then gave it up for vaporising. I've felt much better doing this because I've got much less of the undesirable effects. It's renewed my love for music. Now on to the story.

I've been giving cannabis a bit of a break for the last week or so.
I've been giving cannabis a bit of a break for the last week or so.
I last vaped about a few days ago and considering I normally vape more regularly I think my tolerance has gone down. Yesterday at 6pm I took 1.5g of abv (already been vaped herb) that I'd put into my own gel capsules. I've had abv in this way a few times before and I've noticed some weird effects. Yesterday these weird effects were still there and also greatly enhanced. I peaked around 8.30pm-12am, with lesser effects for a few hours after that.

Firstly, the music slows down dramatically. I'm not joking here! I've realised that this is good for listening to new music because I can take it in much better. Last night I decided to put on some Prodigy - starting with the second album Music for a Jilted Generation. It sounded great. In fact, these edibles make Time as a whole slow down for me, but I find it most noticeable when I'm listening to music. It's pretty incredible.

The second interesting effect I get with these edibles is the music loses its stereo effect depending on where the speakers are positioned. Normally I listen to music in my room with the 2 speakers directly ahead of me with only a little space between them. The music I listen to is usually stereo but it definitely sounds more like it's in mono. Weird I know. I think it's because when I'm sober my brain is exaggerating the stereo effect. On these edibles my brain can no longer do this. I personally wouldn't say that this is a positive effect. On the other hand, if one has the speakers spaced a good distance apart - 'real' stereo - that sounds fine.

I noticed a third effect yesterday for the first time ever and this is what made it so enjoyable for me and why I think it qualifies as a proper 'Trip'. I was playing the music on my big speakers in my living room and dancing freely as I often do. The bass sounded great. Well, I got trails in my vision!! It was particularly noticeable when I moved my hands about. I've never ever had this before with cannabis so it was quite a revelation for me. I've only had it when taking LSD so I wonder if I would have ever had it if I hadn't taken LSD before? I also briefly got very faint cevs of figures dancing to the music but that was arguably in my imagination. I also noticed that I was attracted to bright lights more than usual. Sounds like LSD doesn't it?

It was a very heavy dose. I danced for about an hour, had a meal, sat down to some comedy on tv, laughed my arse off a couple of times, played some more music and then messed around on the pc. I didn't enjoy the last activity too much. I've decided that these edibles are great if I make the effort not to do anything too much, I mean anything more than I have to. I probably didn't have to mess around on my pc last night.

I'm still feeling some effects about 20h+.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106830
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Sep 24, 2019Views: 973
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