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First Time Out
by TaUrz
Citation:   TaUrz. "First Time Out: An Experience with Acetylfentanyl (exp106838)". Dec 3, 2015.

12 mg IM Acetylfentanyl


12 mg Acetyl Fentanyl IM'ed

Preparation - I mixed 12 mg (0.012 g) Acetyl Fentanyl with 50 units (0.5 mL) of water. I drew up less than 50 units of fluid into the rig through cotton. Next I ejected the rig down to 40 units of fluid for ease of measurement. Each 10 unit 'dose' *should* contain approximately 2.4 mg Acetyl Fentanyl.

T 0:00 - I dosed 10 units of fluid IM.

T 0:10 - I'm not feeling much. I am noticing a slight glow. However, considering this may be a come-up teaaser, or the placebo effect, I IM'ed another 10 units of fluid. Go big or go home, as they say.

T 0:20 - I can feel a slight floaty feeling. It's nothing too strong, but it's noticeable and real -- this is not the placebo effect. I'm still feeling the dose-anxiety I usually get when doing opiates, but it should go away soon.

T 0:25 - I dosed the next 10 units of fluid IM.

T 0:30 - The first two doses should be in full swing now. I'm only barely noticing it. It's still just a slight glow. It's taking on a heavier feel to it, but it's still only barely noticeable. I'll need to keep this in mind when I mix a large batch of fluid for IM.

T 0:35 - I dosed the last 10 units of fluid IM.

T 0:40 - I'm definitely floaty, but I don't have the head-pressure I typically get from Heroin. I can feel minor nausea creeping in. This is a frequent side-effect in me from strong opiates.

T 0:45 - I added 60 units (0.6 mL) of water to the cotton to 'rinse' it. It drew up to 50 units of fluid in the rig. I IM'ed 25 units of this rinse mixture.

T 0:50 - I still feel the same. There's a floatiness, a small bit of nausea, and a 'heavy' feeling to the buzz. It's there, but it's weak. I am starting to feel the opiate-itchiness.

T 1:00 - I IM'ed the last 25 units of rinse fluid.

T 1:10 - The nausea is starting to clear up.

T 1:20 - I think this is as 'high' as I'm going to get. There's just a minor opioid buzz (the glow), a little warmth, floatiness, and some minor itching. I have to say I wasn't impressed. With as much press as this substance has gotten due to overdoses, a 'recreational dose' is a little lacking. I think the next time through will be with a slightly larger amount.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106838
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Dec 3, 2015Views: 7,976
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Acetylfentanyl (692) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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