Uncomfortable and Dangerous
Citation:   Research. "Uncomfortable and Dangerous: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp106868)". Erowid.org. Oct 13, 2022. erowid.org/exp/106868

T+ 0:00
60 ug rectal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:00 3 bowls oral Cannabis  
An Uncomfortable and Dangerous Experience

I am 19, weight on average 55kg, in good health and have used the substance several times before in varying amount orally, never rectally prior. I did some research online regarding the use of 25-I Nbome rectally and found little from other users or suggestions/past experiences so I basically had to make it up as I went which is always dangerous with research chemicals. I did find one experience, but the user had dosed the night before (2 ~330ug blotters) and again 2 for the experience. The user experienced nausea and a stage where they were hugging a blanket 'to just 'be''. Using this and what other scraps of information I found, I prepared a small piece of blotter I calculated to be 60ug, and prepared the necessary utensils to rectally dose at the club. (latex glove and a sandwich bag with some lube inside, worked great)

I had never been to this club before and did not know what to expect in terms of layout, crowd etc. I was somewhat nervous about using this substance in the way I was but also excited to see how effective this route would be as I dislike the taste of it orally but usually put it under my gum and forget about it for 70 minutes. I get a good dose this way and holding my saliva in my mouth at a club is annoying as you can't really talk at the same time. I went with one other very experienced psychedelic user and a few others who have not had much experience. We arrived at the club and I checked the place out and located all of the necessities like the toilets, bar etc. And waited for the music to get better. I was feeling more at ease but had a sore back which I had taken 3 over the counter 150mg magnesium capsules and 4 CoQ10 100mg anti-oxidants as previous 'Nbome' experiences I have noticed muscle tension and sore muscles and want to help myself out with the anti-oxidant as I use it with other substances.

0:00 I rectally dose the half tab of Nbome and return to a seating area and sit down with my friends. I am feeling nervous and am not too sure what to expect.

0:13 The nausea mentioned in my research presents itself and I make my way into a toilet cubicle and vomit violently, emptying my stomach in a second and feeling a little worse for wear. I know the worst is over and my stomach is empty, so I wash my mouth out and drink some water and apple juice and sit down again.

0:30 I notice some of the tell-tale Nbome visuals in the center of my vision as I usually do, as they begin to develop. I also notice the walls begin to sway as flags do in the wind. I mentally prepare myself as I do with all psychedelics for what might be to come and relax into the chair.

0:45 I begin to notice the jaw trembling, pulsing, vibration of energy trough by body as I do with medium to large amounts of stimulants, but it has never been this strong before, and I am again nervous as my experience is only just beginning. I can later describe this feeling as that of coming up after a toke on Changa, DMT Sulfate crystals, LSD, and MDMA to a lesser extent.

1:00 My knees are bouncing and chattering and I attempt to stand up and burn some energy by dancing which has worked for me in the past. Upon getting up I am overtaken by the bouncing in my legs to the point it was next to impossible to stand as my legs were bouncing so hard and I was forced to sit down or fall over. I was quite concerned at this point and was monitoring my vitals and how my whole body was feeling so I informed my friends and had someone sit with me until I felt alright. The visuals at this point are minor and have not progressed much past the initial onset I noticed.

3:30 I am only beginning to fell less of a stimulant buzz/rushing sensation that I noticed before, and am able to stand but still have a trembling jaw and can't control it. I feel worn out and don't feel like dancing so I just stand off to the side and watch my friends and talk a little. My stomach has stopped aching such as when I fast,a am not bothered by it anymore.

6:00 We leave the club and return to a hotel room nearby to refresh. I smoke 3 bowls of strong marijuana to try and relax and the visuals I get from looking at a freshly pressed bath towel is gorgeous. It looks as though there is an iridescent and multi-every-coloured metallic sheen on the individual fibres of the towel and this shows on other fabrics, but the white colour gives the best result, and this is a standard visual cue I get with 25-I Nbome and have noticed it before.

6:20 A friend offers me a nang, and I have had an unpleasant experience before with them and am noticing anxiety towards the feeling of being stuck in a perpetual nang. This anxiety triggers me to feel as though I am thrown into the 'nang state' and this causes me to feel quite anxious but the experienced friend is helping me through this anxiety through talking and having me describe the experience to him. It feels as though this experience lasts for 20 minutes and I decide against the nang my friend offered.

As the cannabis wears off I begin to grow very tired and end up sleeping an hour to 2 hours later.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106868
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 13, 2022Views: 376
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), Club / Bar (25)

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