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Entirely Positive
by comspec
Citation:   comspec. "Entirely Positive: An Experience with Methallylescaline (exp106894)". Erowid.org. Nov 20, 2016. erowid.org/exp/106894

37 mg oral Methallylescaline (powder / crystals)


Notes on an Experience With Methallylescaline

Context: Healthy male of age 34, 190bps, broad experience with a wide array of phenethylamines and tryptamines.
Setting: late August morning in the confines of my private rooms

This is my first normal-dose trial after consuming 1mg to screen for any adverse reactions and a session where I split the dosage into 10mg portions and gradually increased ingestion up to 35mg over its course.

t+0 ingested 37mg of methallylescaline in a glass of water after a healthy night of sleep.

t+30 first effects are felt - a plus one. These represent themselves in unspecific constant nerve ending activation in the limbs. Additionally, hands and feet are getting a little sweaty. Pulse is at a comfortable 62 bpm.

t+50 the nerve activation has spread to the entire body and can be characterized as light persistent unpushy euphoria. Until now the experience is quite clear headed. There are no particular changes in the visual field.

t+60 thermo regulation seems to be affected and Im starting to feel a bit cold despite the comfortable room temperature. I thus decide to take a shower which feels wonderful.

t+70 a definite plus two. Text on screen appears a little brighter than usual. [edit: visuals would never progress much further than that. However I tend to screen out visuals quite easily.]

t+90 The whole experience feels quite energetic. I prefer pacing around in my room to lying in bed. This might be a hint of come up anxiety which I tend to have on many compounds. Mucus production seems to be slightly accelerated as there are some urges to clear my throat and cough. There is no nausea to speak of.

t+100 The euphoric feeling is now at a point where much more would start to feel uncomfortable. However at this intensity it is most pleasurable.

t+120 I can see how more sensible people could get stomach discomforts at this dosage. While still pretty clear headed, the browsing and reading of articles feels a bit harder than sober. There are some slight and unspecific CEVs not pinpointed to a certain theme. There was a steady linear progress in experience to at least this point. Pulse is at a still comfortable 81bpm [edit: it would not go over this mark for the length of the trip].

t+140 while the experience feels intense enough I doubt it would render itself as a hindrance in social interaction. Without being able to test it I would suspect there would be stronger empathy. There is some activation of the kidneys at this point. Ability to urinate seems unaffected. The experience until now feels quite anorectic.

t+420 there is a gradual decline in intensity starting at the fifth hour. Still feeling the effects at the seventh hour but considerably weakened now.

Time has been spent exploring the erotic, going for groceries and browsing the web. The intensity of orgasm was not affected as dramatically as I know it from compounds such as LSD or even 5-MEO MIPT or 2C-B. However, achieving orgasm felt natural and straightforward. This is a quality I cannot attribute to LSD where I tend to lose my focus and have troubles progressing until later in the trip when the intensity of the experience fades.

t+540 barely at a plus one. mild headache. Sleep would still be impossible at this stage.

t+600 basically the same as one hour before but more closely to baseline. I would compare this substance's progression to that of mescaline. It has a pretty fast onset, plateaus at around the 2nd-3rd hour and then gradually declines from hour 5 onwards.

To sum up this trip: Methallylescaline produces a quite euphoric body high which stays for a very long time but lacks the 'corpus' I've found with mescaline. By saying this I mean that mescaline had more going on both on the mental as on the visual side. It felt more enveloping and possibly more prone to self reflection. This is not to say that the experience was light. In terms of dosage 37mg to me seemed plenty and I have no desire to up this dosage for subsequent trials. In general the experience was entirely positive and I suspect it to be very compatible with social settings. Nevertheless, as with mescaline, partaking in this kind of experience is something I would not want to do regularly.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106894
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Nov 20, 2016Views: 5,147
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