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Snow White Trip
1P-LSD & Cocaine
by Mittens
Citation:   Mittens. "Snow White Trip: An Experience with 1P-LSD & Cocaine (exp106896)". Aug 24, 2015.

T+ 0:00
100 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:30 200 mg insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


Just getting back from University for the holiday, I thought that it would be a good idea to invite two of my close friends, C and W round my house to take acid while my family was away. It was the first time tripping for all of us. The house was lit up with fairy lights, candles and a black light to add to the mood. At this point in time the floors were undergoing a change of carpets, so to avoid the carpet fitters we dropped the blotters at night.
My state of mind at the outset of the night was peppy and upbeat. I actually thought I had blotters of LSD, but when we went to take the blotters I noticed '1P-LSD' written on the back. I knew what 1P-LSD was because I'd looked into research chemicals and, from what I had read, I realised there were worse chemicals to be mis-sold by a dealer.

The trip:
We placed the 100mcg blotters on our tongues (1 each) at 10:30 PM. I hadn't eaten anything since 02:30 PM (last thing I had eaten was a veggie burger). Usually when taking drugs with people I seem to be the first one to feel any effects. For whatever reason, 1P-LSD was no exception and at around 1hour in (11:30 PM) I began to feel more excitable and happy. It became very easy to laugh and there was some colour brightening. (+)

Throughout the night C and I experienced some nausea at times. It was heavier at the beginning of the night and seemed to alleviate later on. I continued to be the only one getting any visuals for another 20minutes as it progressed into surfaces/objects looking as if they were breathing slightly. There was definitely a heightened appreciation for how food tasted (when not feeling nauseous), milkybar buttons were amazing! (+)

The trip really started to take off for me at around midnight, 1hour 30minutes in, when we ventured out into the back garden. The grass appeared to be bright neon green, as if the blades of grass were made of glow sticks. The patterns I saw looked like a matrix of sharp emeralds. I was laughing so hard at my friends who still had it together enough to crack jokes and do impressions. It was to the point where I was crying and unable to breath. C was lying in the grass and looked like they were melting into the ground, which I told them about, so they started writhing and using their legs to push themselves around and the movement blurred the visual boundary between them and the grass even further. (++)

I persuaded the other two to lie next to me and look up at the night sky, the grass felt softer than usual and had a mushy texture. Whilst star-gazing I felt really happy to have C and W either side of me as the stars made up sparkly geometric shapes that had a futuristic holographic kind of aesthetic (it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen). I was reminded of how small everything that has ever happened during the existence of the human race is relative to the size and timescale of the Universe. How everything we know and love is confined to such a tiny region of space travelling through an enormous void. (++)

This thought trail was cut short as we all got cold after 20-30minutes and decided to go back inside (~12:30 AM). We all still felt cold inside so we layered up and then wondered through a few rooms of the house; stopping to admire the various intense hallucinations we had in each room. The rolled up sections of carpet left by the carpet fitters were wiggling and morphing around on the floor. All the walls in the house were constantly, slowly rippling like ocean waves. Sofas looked like they were eating the pillows laid out on them. The aloe vera plant appeared to have grown a face that looked like it had tentacles coming out it. We were all tripping hard. Coming up to 01:30 AM everything started looking as if it was out of a Japanese animé production, which was probably enhanced by the fact that I looked at myself in the mirror and I have straightened ‘animé-y' hair and that we all had widely dilated pupils. (+++)

At around this time (1:30 AM onwards) I started to see tracers, something C and W had been seeing for quite a bit up to that point. The three of us began having an uninhibited and looped conversation for hours, revealing embarrassing secrets about ourselves and laying objects out all over the floor to discuss what they meant to us. We all wanted dominos so both C and I tried but were incapable of ordering it (letters were jumping up and down on screen, navigating the dominos website was impossible). While this was all happening I started to forget how to do anything, I was unable to even use my phone anymore. I then completely lost touch with reality and could not tell the difference between what was being hallucinated and what was real. As this developed I forgot that I had taken 1P-LSD and despite C being bent over with their hands on their knees, shuffling around saying 'I'm on acid, I'm on acid' over and over, I didn't know what acid was. I didn't know where I was, I didn't know my friend's names, I didn't know my own name, I literally forgot everything (C ended up in a similar state soon after, so when I asked C who they were they 'didn't know' either and were unable to answer any of my basic questions which made me feel insane). Looking back it was honestly like I had crossed the border in my mind to insanity. (+++)

Eventually I broke out of that state (mostly), I was told it lasted for a few hours, but I still couldn't seem to fully regain my memory and I was still really confused. Meanwhile W, who managed to keep it together for the entire trip and actually came out with some pretty profound stuff, ordered dominos for us as C and I were still completely useless at that stage. When the dominos delivery driver arrived (03:45am), W spoke to them and took the pizza through whilst I laughed uncontrollably at the delivery driver for no reason (oh wait, *because I was 'on acid'). The pizzas were all morphing around in their boxes and in our hands. My margherita tasted so orgasmic that C and I threw ourselves on the floor yelling 'oh my God this is peng!' C started rubbing the pizza on their body and started trying to lift up my top and rub it on me. Things were getting a bit weird. I had also spilled several drinks where we were sitting, and when I placed my hands on the wet carpet I could feel the ‘ocean ripples' that I had been seeing all night (it was like a water bed). This transferred onto any surface that I touched. (+++)

The normal social boundaries between my friends and I (that were pretty minimal to begin with) had broken down completely and I found myself stood in front of W having a conversation with them whilst they were on the toilet. C and W knew that I had a bag of cocaine and both expressed interest in doing some rails. They had only used cocaine once before at a party (also with me, that again was my cocaine) and had a really good time so that's why the idea probably seemed more appealing to them. It was 04:00 AM when I racked up some 200mg lines for each of us. I think this dampened the effects of the 1P-LSD, it made me more aware of my identity and my surroundings (which was welcomed at that point to be honest). The cocaine added a tingling sensation to the experience and improved my mood (my mood wasn't the best after thinking I nearly went insane and being utterly confused about life for a while, cocaine actually makes me feel good about life/myself). It improved my ability to talk and focus for about 30minutes (it was cheap (£50 per gram) so probably cut a lot). I spent the next few hours of the morning sat on C's lap feeling really connected to them, watching some comedians on TV. W lay on the floor complaining about the duration of the trip. The peak had definitely passed at this point. Enhanced pattern recognition and colour brightening was still occurring and got stronger as the cocaine wore off, but that was all. I found it very difficult to speak after everything, and I was pretty incoherent for the majority of the trip anyway. (++)

At around 06:30 AM M and W had enough so went up to bed (W fell asleep after an hour or 2 but C said they got no sleep at all), whereas I was left to clean up the mess we had produced. I got absolutely no sleep as I was preparing the house for the carpet fitters, who arrived at 09:30 AM (yes I had made a slight miscalculation). I was pretty much back to baseline at that point but I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained and found it so difficult to speak to them. I found it hard to even keep track of who wanted what in their teas/coffees. I did everything I could to avoid speaking to them. My friends left soon after the carpet fitters arrived. I couldn't sleep during the day either because there was so much noise and the carpet fitters kept asking me for things. They were around until 06:00 PM, it was a rough day. Eating a healthy meal and sleeping it off helped me feel like myself again though. (:

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106896
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Aug 24, 2015Views: 9,441
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1P-LSD (682) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), First Times (2), General (1)

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