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Pure Love
DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Lookeyluke. "Pure Love: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp106944)". Oct 13, 2019.

1 hit smoked Tobacco
  1 hit smoked DMT
  6 hits smoked Cannabis
  6 hits smoked DMT
This experience would be for me the most humbling and wonderfully emotional experience I've ever had! One of which I seemed to be in some sort of control over, or at least I could somehow hold onto myself and my thoughts.

I have tried DMT many times before.

This particular night I had decided to roll a cigarette with a dash of DMT in for a light psychedelic smoke. I smoked this and lay there while the DMT took over. An enjoyable time, yes. A few moments later and feeling like I should have put more DMT in and while still slightly tripping I decided to roll up a full size joint, lacing this with about 100mg of DMT. I lay back, proceeded to smoke and closed my eyes.

I know from many articles that I've read and from what research I've done that DMT will not work to its full potential if you don't breakthrough from the first smoke then try again straight after. A wait of an hour + is needed before the effects can be incredible again! But I really wanted that breakthrough from this experience so I proceeded.

That theory (is what I'm going to call it) by this account could not be farther from the truth. After about 3 tokes I noticed the patterns that I had seen from the first cigarette joining with what seemed to be new patterns from the joint I was smoking. As I allowed myself to take another toke I remember my vision switching! I remember seeing myself laying on my sofa from a bird's eye perspective, only from about 12 inches above my head, I was looking down my body, it was made up of what looked like brightly colored sand, It shimmered perfectly with brilliant clarity and waves of energy. I remember making myself take another toke, I must have had about six puffs in all.

This is where it all goes way way out there. At this point I'm sure I was disconnected from reality! The sand sculpture that lay where my body was disappeared before me and my mind was transported to what looked like a classroom or that is what I perceived it to be. It all happened within a fraction of a second, passing through layers and layers of plasma-like energy. It was a lift off like I had never experienced before. There were stages to this! Probably because of the way I had smoked it, puff by puff. But these stages were almost instantainius and beautifully inviting. So yes, I arrived at what I'm sure was some kind of alien classroom, With little tiny children's chairs and the old school desks with lift up lids. But these all seemed to be on the ceiling of the room, or the whole room itself was upside down. The whole place and its contents were made up off utterly brilliant lights, rushing patterns, codes and ancient symbols, amongst many other incredible things. It all had noticeable form it all made sense and seemed memorable. I was sat there on a chair learning something, something very important, it all made perfect sense there. I couldn't possibly fathom what it was I was taught it just made me feel very sure.
I couldn't possibly fathom what it was I was taught it just made me feel very sure.
When the 'lesson' had finnished I was led through into room after room carried on a bigger more throne like chair, each time I would go from room to room I would just de-materialize into a plethera of millions upon millions of particles then reform in another room. In each room there was something different shown to me, something more magnificent every time.

As fantastic as all this was, I remember having what seemed to be a check list and I was judging all these displays of wonder, I remember saying 'I've seen this before' and 'next please' to all these acts. I remember thinking to myself 'this is going on for ages what have I done to deserve such respect and been given such an honorable job of witnessing this fantastic array of wondrous creations.' So I had finnished with the list and was led to a table, I seemed to be sat at one end. The table was shaped like the top of a castle parrapet and I was sat within a groove. This table being made of such incredibly bright light and everything around me decorated like an old manor house drawing room with wooden panels all along the walls (although this was not any kind of wood I've ever seen before) this was also made up of beautiful colours and light.

This is where my emotions go mad and I'm not a very emotional person. As I sit there everything I've ever known, everyone I've ever met, everything I've ever done, touched, thought about, loved, hated... Everything is displayed out all over the table, it's scattered everywhere and all of us. (I say all of us as there was definatly other entities present although I couldn't actually see or make out bodies just waves upon waves of pure endless energy.) We were laughing and joking while going through my entire life, I was totally at the mercy of this and after some time joking around with these entities we stopped, I was told to look up. I looked up at three triangular shaped white lights, I could not maintain visual as they were so bright, too much! And I said, 'I can't it's too bright' .

What followed was to be total breakdown of my emotional state and although I've not got a girlfriend/married and am not in love with what I would consider a life partner, I have never, or will in my physical life experience an offering of love like this....

Still trying to look at the lights I noticed they were changing form, no longer lights but what seemed to be taps/faucets lightly dripping with some kind of fantastic liquid I've never seen before. Then without notice these taps exploded into life pouring me with pure and utterly overwhelming love. It came as words and letters but in soft liquid like rubber form, pink and red colors creating the word love and cascading over me, rushing over my spiritual body, totally overwhelming. There was nothing sexual involved here. My inner self crumbled under this sensationally beautiful experience, I could not comprehend how in the world I deserved to be drenched in such unconditional love like that! And why was I experiencing it in this way?!? That was it, I opened my eyes for a moment but before I did in the split second between me thinking it and doing so I felt a brilliant warm welcome feeling as the entities as before waved me away. I opened my eyes and moved my arm across my chest, to see my whole arm materialize from sand pixel particles into physical form. My initial thoughts were of such a humbling overwhelming amount of.... 'I don't deserve to have seen or had experienced that just for me.' I cried for joy and really wanted to call my mate to tell him all about it but it was 4am so I decided to just sit there and try to comprehend all of that for myself.

I haven't yet experienced DMT quite like that, and that was in a joint. I have a volcano vaporiser and although it has produced good results, nothing has quite come close to this experience.


Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106944
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Oct 13, 2019Views: 735
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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