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A Tea of Subtle Presence
Leonotis leonurus
by DMT Tom
Citation:   DMT Tom. "A Tea of Subtle Presence: An Experience with Leonotis leonurus (exp106973)". Sep 25, 2019.

7 g oral Leonotis leonurus (tea)


This is a First Time Experience with Dagga.

The Recipe: 7g Wild Dagga flowers ordered online. I put into boiling water, reduced heat, and simmered/steeped for 25 minutes. Then poured off the liquid into a large coffee cup, squeezing the residual juices out off the dagga pulp before throwing away. Approx 2.5 cups of dagga brew was produced.

The Report:
Mood: tired. Stomach: pretty full (chicken, beer earlier).
Setting: at home, alone, after a full day of work and friends.

3:40am Taking first sips. Has a pleasant smell.. and tastes partially pleasant. But thereís definitely a bitter bite on the tongue. The brew is a little too hot to chugÖ just took it off the stove 10 min ago.
[Letís see how this pans out]
It's not as bad as chugging cough syrup! It just has a nasty, nauseous taste that disappears between sips. Gotta finish this! Still have lots of fluid to go.

T 0:07 trying to take bigger gulps. The bitterness sharply amplifies the more you drink at a time! My stomach feels a bit too full to intake this much liquid. Oh well, I started it so Iíd better finish it within the next 5 minutes... uh oh. Almost reminds me of the taste/effects of cheap vodka shotsÖ sometimes the need for a chaser really gets to me!

If feels a little gag-ish going down. I bet ayahuasca would be SEVERAL times worse! Oh well. We shall see if the effects are worth it or not. Smoking is not a ROA I want to take for any drug in the future if possible; being addicted to cigarettes and quitting for just over a year has really made me desire to not smoke again.

T 0:10 Finished it! Last sip was nasty!
Almost gagged on the final dregs. Stomach was too full to begin with.
Oh well. here we go

T 0:25 I feel some kind of presence. Lightness. Slight floating sensation?
T 0:25 I feel some kind of presence. Lightness. Slight floating sensation?
Perhaps amplified by the tiredness. There seem to be some mild waves of motion. My mood seems lighter. Nothing major.

T 0:40 I just got out of the lazyboy after about 15 minutes (?) of being oddly unable to summon the willpower to move. Iím definitely feeling light and very calm. This is beyond placebo effect. I kinda like it. There isnít any visual distortions or cartoon haziness like with cannabis, unfortunately. The best way to describe it is a heady lightness.

T 0:45 I am definitely in a happier state, the lightness continues. Stretching feels nice. Walking around is slightly fun, balance isnít 100% almost like that feeling of being gently pulled in different directions :). Iím going on a little walk outside.

T 1:00 Finishing this report soon. I feel like I'm on a subtle plateau of relaxation. For the past 15 minutes my head feels different when I massage it... i know why. My head feels oddly airy, and massaging my temples has a more 'superficial' feeling rather than a deep massaging effect.

The Conclusion:

Interesting first experience, it definitely had an effect. Under different circumstances, I would like to try this again. I won't be as concerned about the effects as this time, and maybe will experience it differently being more relaxed. Unlike any other substance I've done, this tea was a subtle, unique and relaxing experience. It was not overpowering or producing noticeable perceptual alteration.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106973
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Sep 25, 2019Views: 2,070
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Leonotis leonurus (119) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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