Dreamtime Explorations
Cannabis & Caffeine
by Jtm
Citation:   Jtm. "Dreamtime Explorations: An Experience with Cannabis & Caffeine (exp106987)". Erowid.org. Jul 17, 2019. erowid.org/exp/106987

3 hits smoked Cannabis
  1 cup oral Coffee
Dreamtime Explorations

I tend to use psychoactive substances as tools for the exploration of consciousness in general, and have found that the 'eyelid movie' effect of cannabis can be extended, through the hypnagogic phase between waking and dreaming, with the addition of caffeine. I've done a lot of exploration of this territory without the use of psychoactives, but occasionally will use cannabis and caffeine as a shortcut, albeit a chancy one, because of the short-term memory loss associated with cannabis and the tenuous nature of dreams and memory.

A couple or few tokes of pot or hashish just before retiring to sleep often produces 'eyelid movies', that is, visuals while my eyes are closed, in the dark. The visuals go from vague colours to 2 dimensional cartoons into 2-d photograph realism to 2-d moving images, fleshing out into3-d movies which eventually I am a part of, with sound included. This is the normal progression without cannabis, but usually I am asleep by then; and with cannabis I'm probably not going to remember any of it, no matter how lucid I am in the experience. However, with the addition of caffeine I can remain awake for longer periods of time and go further into the dreams even as my body falls asleep.

Things to consider: Toking and coffee (or whatever caffeine source) before bed makes me groggier than usual the next morning. I need to be able relax, to let go into sleep with no thoughts of daily concerns, etc. All my focus has to go into LOOKING and lucidly registering what I am seeing. The same goes for physically relaxing; I use any relaxation technique necessary to let my body relax completely so I can forget it, let it fall asleep while my mind is awake. Drinking a glass of water can be helpful in remembering what happened because I'll have to wake up to urinate.

I've come to recognize that there is a 'landscape' or patterns of movement in the hypnagogic period, and remembering where I am in that landscape affords me easier transitions and movement through it. There are phases or dimensions that need to be transversed to get to some amazing places beyond dreams, but that might come with experience and practice.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106987
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Jul 17, 2019Views: 1,382
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