One Large Leaf in My Daily Drinks
Passiflora incarnata (leaf) & Dreaming
Citation:   Fleeting_Flier. "One Large Leaf in My Daily Drinks: An Experience with Passiflora incarnata (leaf) & Dreaming (exp106992)". Dec 6, 2017.

2 leaves oral Passion Flower (fresh)
  2 tsp oral Salvia officinalis (daily)
    oral Ginger (daily)
  2 cups oral Coffee (daily)
Sleep Dream Experience

I was not seeking a 'high' by taking the passion flower leaf as part of my supplement routine. I've been hunting the vine in my area because I had seen the zebra longwing butterfly around my yard and knew the passion flower vine to be their larval host plant. Finally found it growing in a ditch near my house. My purpose was to harvest seeds and get cuttings to grow on my property - for its beauty and to help the longwings.

However I looked up its herbal properties and found them interesting, especially the potentiation and pain killing properties. My significant other suffers nerve damage and has extreme chronic pain. He takes opiates for many years and they have begun to loose their effectiveness. I am always looking for natural/safe herbals to help his pain and potentiate the meds he already takes. So I started making a tea for him with the fresh leaves I picked from this massive vine.

This vine is growing in an area where no chemicals are sprayed so it is 'organic'. I picked about 20 fresh leaves that were the cleanest. I put them in the fridge in a plastic bag. To make the tea I washed one large leaf and chopped it into tiny pieces then steeped it in boiling water for between 10 - 30 minutes with a little organic stevia.

The only reaction he had was that it made him very hot and sweaty. I am not going to list all the opiates he takes but the main one is a patch - you can figure out which med is commonly prescribed as a patch. [fentanyl]

I take zero meds of any kind, nor do I take any illegal meds of any kind. I am very healthy and take a super food drink twice each day consisting of the following:

2 tablespoons of flax seeds which I grind right before use
1 tablespoon of superfood powder
1 cube of ginger
1 teaspoon of sage leaf
1 teaspoon of vitamin c powder
a bit of stevia for sweetness

All this is blended up with cold water and drank on the spot, no sipping. I do this morning or afternoon for the first dose and right before sleep for the second dose. It keeps me strong and nutrified. I am also a lacto vegetarian and drink 2 cups of coffee each day upon waking.

For the past 3 days I put my partner on passion flower tea. I also added one large leaf to both my daily drinks. I wanted to see how it would affect me. I am a good control because I take no meds and am healthy and very in tune with my body and its reactions both subtle and gross.

I noticed a slight relaxation akin to a very mild valium type feeling the first time I took it as a tea. The more interesting thing I noticed was that all three evenings I slept like a rock and had very lucid dreams/nightmares.
The more interesting thing I noticed was that all three evenings I slept like a rock and had very lucid dreams/nightmares.

These dreams were so detailed and felt as if my consciousness was downloaded to another person and I was experiencing an episode in that person's life or as if I was dropped into a movie and couldn't get out. These dreams were exhausting and disturbing. I am a good sleeper anyway and the passiflora made me sleep longer than I'd want to on a regular basis. Normally I dream and on occasion I have lucid complex dreams but nothing like the passiflora dreams.

The first dream I was on a date with Bill Gates, not that pleasant. I am celibate and never have romantic dreams but in this dream I had an arousal reaction due to a move he made on me. Not the good kind of move but an aggressive kind of move. Not a good arousal, more like a painful arousal that I actually felt for real not just in the dream.

The second dream I was in a drug house, really a drug trailer in a remote area living with a group of Mexican dealers. I am Caucasian. There were some other Caucasian women there. This dream covered several days. The main thug in the dream was a fat boy who murdered several people in the house simply because he felt like it. It was so gory. I don't watch gory movies. I am the type to turn my head when gory stuff comes on. Anyway the bodies were piled in a pile like trash, not even property disposed of - so gruesome. One of the girls in the house decided to take him out. She stood in the kitchen with a crystal knife psyching herself up for the kill. Then all of a sudden she leapt, went through the door to the room where fat killer was standing. She attacked him like a ferocious banshee. So much blood. Through a call to the loving MotherFather I managed to pull myself out at this point of the dream. I had a headache that was so intense. All the muscles in my head where super tight and throbbing. I took ibuprofen which is so rare - I'm a natural person and it has been years since I took anything made by the pharma or sickness maintenance system aka health care system.

Also I never have headaches, it's been maybe 10 years since I had a headache. But today even after being awake for hours and having my two cups of coffee, my head muscles are still grabbing my skull and squeezing - causing a tension headache.

Finally I am super sensitive physically mentally emotionally - in every way possible, so my reaction is probably quite different than any other person. I am submitting this because it is so unusual and the passiflora was the only change I made so I feel reasonably sure it was the cause of all this drama. I and my partner will discontinue passiflora as a supplement.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106992
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Dec 6, 2017Views: 4,659
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