A Means of Transcendence
Morning Glory Seeds & Kava
Citation:   Piscea Indica. "A Means of Transcendence: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds & Kava (exp107014)". Erowid.org. Oct 17, 2017. erowid.org/exp/107014

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Milk Thistle (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 1 glass oral Kava (tea)
  T+ 0:00 150 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00   oral Ginger (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:00 150 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:00   oral Ginger (ground / crushed)
BODY WEIGHT: 122.4 lb
My first experience with LSA, contained within Morning Glories (Ipomea Purpurea) was less than ideal. In fact, after having that awful experience, I vowed to never again touch the dread things. Why, then, did my weak will insist upon it, only four years later?

In short, it was time for me to have a changing experience. I had been in a very negative place for several months, and it was taking its toll. I could go on, though I will spare you, dear reader, the woeful and piteous tales of my struggles.

It was late in the month of July, and a Blue Moon. I had been intending, for quite some time, to celebrate the Blue Moon in some way. I planned to sleep outdoors, beneath the sweeping, feathery arms of my favorite White Pine tree.

A few days before, I had impulsively gathered a plethora of the orb-like seed pods from the Morning Glory vine entwining my garden trellis. I had intended to give them to a close friend of mine, though things have a way of changing.

I sat in my bedroom the eve of the Blue Moon, thinking of ways to try to improve my quickly-falling mindset. I looked at my dresser, where a wooden box where I keep my things sat. In the box, I knew, were the three-hundred Morning Glory seeds I had collected, and several desiccated Amanita Muscaria caps.

I had not forgotten my vow, though I had essentially given up on myself and everything else. I thought that there was nothing to lose, and, for once, this reckless mindset served me well. I do not believe it was mere fate that caused my impulsion.

I took the box to my kitchen, where I blended the seeds in homemade almond milk, with fresh ginger. I blended it until it was smooth, and then poured half of it into a glass jar.

I collected up my things, and established my place outside, setting up my tent and arranging my sleeping area. I then returned to my home, and took my jar and box out to my tent.

I drank quite a bit of water, and ingested a 150 milligram (mg) Milk Thistle capsule, and indulged in a mug of Kava Kava tea. The Milk Thistle was to help with cleansing, and the Kava Kava was to soothe my mind.

I locked the door to my home, and carefully placed the key in my pocket. I returned to my tent, and I smudged White Sage and Palo Santo. I was then ready to begin my experience.

I may have been in a destructive mindset, though I was still acting with the utmost care and respect for the situation. I have had far too many negative experiences due to my carelessness and disregard for these sacred substances.

This dosage was much lower than my last, negative experience with LSA, though I was going to proceed with caution, and ingest the mixture in halves, as I began to feel the effects.

It tasted pleasant, thick and creamy, with the vague pungent undertone of the seeds and the sharp spice of the ginger root. The fact that the mixture itself was appealing, which gave me hope as to the outcome of the entire experience.

I drank about half of the mixture, which contained approximately one-hundred-fifty seeds, in a few quick gulps. I then waited, outside the tent, watching as the last colors of the setting sun stained the horizon.

After about forty minutes, I began to feel what I knew to be the onset of the effect of the LSA. My fingers and toes tingled slightly, and I began to feel a rising euphoria.
My fingers and toes tingled slightly, and I began to feel a rising euphoria.
I was pleasantly warm, though rather shaky.

I waited another hour or so, though the effects did not progress beyond this. I decided then, to finish the remainder of the mixture.

I did so, and sat inside of my tent, playing my flute and feeling unbelievably positive, for the first time in some time. I was enjoying the sensory effects, and the sensations of sound and touch were pleasurably heightened. I began soon after to feel the second wash of effects, stronger now.

Night was falling quickly, and the moon had risen, saffron and full, staining the pines and white grasses with delicate color. I decided to go for a walk, thankfully remembering my key and lantern.

I began down the path, and it seemed as though the forest was alive with sound and movement, though I was not frightened as I would be ordinarily. I walked on, towards the creek.

This creek holds personal and spiritual significance to me, and I find myself returning to it often. I found myself there soon after, and I stood on the collapsed dock, feeling the warm breeze tousling my hair and gazing into the flowing, silver, moon-painted waters.

I sat on the edge of the creek, and watched the ragged shadow-shapes of oak leaves above me dance and twist. Everything, it seemed, was surrounded by an aura of indescribable color, something I have only experienced at times of spiritual enlightenment. It all flowed as the creek flowed, separate, yet One.

I allowed myself to fall into this flow. I came to realization that every hardship I had ever faced stemmed from a stubborn resistance to the ebb and flow of life. I have remained in this mindset since, and it has freed me.

I looked into the moon, the beautiful Great Feminine, and saw shapes forming and dancing within her bone-white depths. I was moved to tears by the depth of my emotions and this sudden, liberating revelation. Every wall I had created in my mind had been deconstructed in the space of two hours. My eyes had been irrevocably opened to the True Way of Things.

I was exhausted, and I desperately needed some time to reflect before drifting off to sleep. I re-lit my lantern; carefully, as my hands were shaking quite badly, and I returned to my tent.

I wrote my thoughts in my journal, and burrowed beneath the heavy blankets I had brought out with me. I had never felt so comfortable with myself in all senses.

Eventually, I succumbed to my exhaustion and fell into a heavy, dreamless sleep. I awakened early the next morning, to a drizzling grey rain. I was still feeling vague effects, and I was bathed in a beautiful, enlightened afterglow that lasted for several weeks. The only unpleasantry was a throbbing, hangover-like headache, which soon subsided.

I sincerely believe that this experience saved my very soul. I had gone in hopeless and empty, and returned in a state of perpetual wonder, reborn to the World. I say a blessing and express gratitude each night, to the Spirit Within the Seed, and the Divine Feminine.

I walk in wonder.
I express gratitude each minute I breathe.
I have transcended my own illusion.

I know who I am, and where I am going.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107014
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 17, 2017Views: 9,597
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