We All Simply Exist
Acacia maidenii & Tobacco
Citation:   Valentine. "We All Simply Exist: An Experience with Acacia maidenii & Tobacco (exp107028)". Erowid.org. Nov 4, 2019. erowid.org/exp/107028

  smoked Acacia maidenii (extract)
    smoked Tobacco  
I have been experimenting with extracting DMT from acacia maidenii this past week and in my evaporations I have yielded no DMT crystals, but a bit of oil, perhaps with traces of DMT however without a lab report I cannot confirm. I decided to rub a chunk of loose tobacco in the oil, enough to leave a residue on the stuff, then roll it into a joint with a filter.

I was sitting in my backyard which is pretty small but has very green grass and a cherry blossom tree in flower. I smoked it slowly, holding each puff for about 15 seconds before exhaling. At first I didn't think anything was happening but a minute after finishing the joint I suddenly felt my heart and breathing slow. I was on my phone, but instantly it felt unimportant and I put it down.
I was on my phone, but instantly it felt unimportant and I put it down.
The sun felt so warm and I felt so at peace, so comfortable. Any problems that plagued my normal life felt unimportant. What was important was the now. The light on the blades of grass, the flowers dropping from the tree. I didn't see objects so much as the way they fit into the world around them, there was no chair, there was the line it made contrasting the grass on one side, and the light reflecting its edges.

Then a small spider (an actual one, there was no hallucination) appeared on the table beside me. Normally I am terrified of spiders but I observed it, I noticed how it felt the wood, like it was almost panting like a dog, I thought about why I thought they were scary, like their extra legs were just different to me, and that's no reason to hate them. This little guy was just existing next to me, doing his own thing, with his own plans and why would he hate me? He doesn't want to hurt me, why would I want to hurt him? Then I watched him jump of the table, and scurry along the grass to his destination. I continued lying in the sun, wanting nothing else.

The effects lasted maybe 20-40 mins before I felt back to normal. (although for a few minutes after I was having trouble remembering how to spell simple things like 'lay')

Later that night a similar spider (same one??!) appeared in my room next to my laptop and for the first time in my life I got him onto a peice of paper and let him outside. I think I've cured my fear of small spiders?!

I think this oil would be good for meditation.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107028
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 4, 2019Views: 1,816
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