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Not Fun and Burned
Citation:   Cafag. "Not Fun and Burned: An Experience with Caffeine (exp107094)". Sep 27, 2017.

25 mg insufflated Caffeine (powder / crystals)
So. Caffeine is great. Have been drinking coffee since I was a wee lad. After having graduated from coffee into energy drinks and then again to pills, I decided it was time to order some powder.

Having good effects dosing the powder orally in 150mg increments I had foolishly generated the idea that it would be smart to insufflate the caffeine. Being as I had pure powder and not silly pills I figured it would be rather safe as there would be no binders to mess anything up. 25mg was insufflated at first, half through each nostril. Caffeine this way is not fun. It burned like all fuck and left me with strange powdery boogers. Caffeine is barely soluble in water, to note.

After about 2 minutes the burning had subsided and the caffeine hit me shortly after. The feeling was a bit stronger then oral use but not spectacular enough that I'd want to do it again. 300mg ingested feels better then the maximum I could bring myself to snort.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107094
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 27, 2017Views: 2,736
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