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Tours of Heaven
by Acolyte
Citation:   Acolyte. "Tours of Heaven: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp107098)". Jun 9, 2020.

15 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
    oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)


I have used 4-aco-dmt about nine or ten times now, and it is my favorite substance. Every time I've taken this drug has been wonderful, except once when I took only 8mg and felt time dilation but nothing else. That was so boring.

I don't like to get crazy with drugs and I prefer lower doses. For 4-aco I usually use 13, 15, or 17 milligrams depending on my mood. Next time, I will probably use 20 milligrams.

This particular time, at 15 mg, was my 3rd time with the substance. I no longer saw 4-aco as unknown territory and was starting to get familiar with it. I dosed (orally, in applesauce) around midnight and sat in my living room for a while, waiting for the come up. I think I was watching Netflix during this time, probably a sitcom because I like to get into a kind of low-key mood. I like to keep an eye on the ceiling because Iíve always had a fascination with ceiling bumps -- I look at them like constellations, mentally connecting the dots to make shapes and images. Well, 4-aco always enhances that process, so that the shapes just jump out at me, and theyíre always animals for some reason. Anyway thatís usually the first sign I get, when the ceiling animals come out, so I moved into the bathroom. I like to sit on the bathroom rug during the nausea part just to be close to the toilet if I need to vomit, even though I never have needed to before. It just feels better with it nearby.

So the nausea was almost non-existent this time, which was nice. I moved to my bedroom when I started to get some headspace, closed the blinds, turned out all the lights, and basically made my room as dark as possible. I wanted to explore CEVs on this trip, and I figured the darkness would help there. I also tend to text my friends a lot while Iím tripping, but this time I wanted to hold off on that until later in the trip. So I turned on some music with my bluetooth speaker, rested it on the side of my head, and settled in with my eyes closed. The CEVs were indeed very nice, I wonít bother to describe them but very cheery images in both 2D and 3D.

After a while, I decided to move my speaker to the other side of my head, so I picked it up and started moving it over my head, but this simple act completely blew my mind, because the sound in motion was the most fascinating thing to me. I spent a great deal of time then, probably half an hour or 45 minutes, just waving the speaker over my face. I was listening to some classical music by the way. Eventually my arm was starting to get tired so I just kind of lowered the speaker onto my face. That turned out to feel very sensual so I started rubbing the speaker against my nose. This was very pleasing because I was able to get the moving-sound effect as well as the pleasure of the speaker on my face, which even though it was a cold metal speaker, sort of cuddling with it like that was the most sensual thing ever. This was all delightful but eventually I switched into a new headspace. My good friend was going through some rough stuff at the time, and I started thinking about her, and ended up writing her a medium-size text saying I love you and Iím there for you and all that stuff, this was around 4 am so she was asleep. I went into a sort of Ďemotions-trippingí which is very common for me on 4-aco-dmt, where I start to see all of my friendships in a very psychedelic, hard to explain way. I became very sentimental, thinking of all my friends and how much I liked them, and kind of reviewing each one and verifying that I was being a good friend to all of them. This felt good for a while, but then I wanted to draw some pictures. I ended up drawing a cat with a spiky helmet I think, I threw away the drawing a while ago. I then made this kind of terrifying image in MSPaint of a stick figure made up of dozens and dozens of copies of the cropped faces of Jayce from League of Legends and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, all layered to make up a stick figure. Itís super creepy but it makes me laugh, I still have that one.

By this point it was 6 am and the breakfast place down the way was open, so I started marching down there. My friend who I texted earlier was awake now and we had a nice lil text convo. I ate my breakfast, I dunno if the waitress knew I was on drugs and I didnít really care, but it was a pleasant, leisurely pancake meal. By the time I was done eating I had pretty much come down completely (probably around 6:45 am), so I walked home and that was the end of that.


A more recent trip, fairly different in character, started one evening when a friend started a video chat with me on Google Chat. He was wanting me to get on League of Legends with him because he and his little brother and their friend had the familyís house to themselves for the weekend and they were gonna smoke weed and get drunk and just be hooligans basically. So I said sure, and I hadnít planned on tripping that evening, but I had been planning to trip for a while, and thought this was a good opportunity. So I dosed 17 mg and got on League of Legends. They were too busy being hooligans for a while so when we finally got into a game, I was starting to come up. We played the first game and won I think, although our expectations werenít too high since we were all not exactly at peak performance.

I was starting to get a decent trip going by the end of the game, and they all went and started drinking again so I went and lay down on the couch for a while and just talked to this friendís sister, who Iíve hung out with a few times and is pretty cool in her own right. She had just come home so I talked to her for a while. Then they started watching some videos online so I went and lay down in bed and let the trip take over for a while. It was nice, not a lot in particular stood out but I just had really good vibes.

The video chat was still going but we were all ignoring it, but after about half an hour they started talking saying they wanted to play more League. I was really wanting to lay down some more but Iíve always been curious about the different kinds of trip you can get from either taking the path of least resistance in a trip vs. imposing some structure, so I got out of bed and played with them again.

I was tripping not super hard, but definitely too hard to play well. I remember being really interested in hiding in the bushes, and I would just lurk in a bush and feel pleased by my sneakiness even though there was no point to hiding there and no one was even around. I also had little to no objective focus and would just kind of wander around until I saw some action and I would jump in. I remember getting really spooked when my own teammate popped out of some bushes when I was running by, and I unloaded all my moves on them before realizing they were friendly. Needless to say we were crushed that time around, but it was really funny. At the end of it all I told my friend that it was one of my better trips ever, just the vibes were so good. I usually trip alone so maybe it was talking to my friend the whole time or maybe it was the structure of making myself play a game even when my body wanted to lie down, but something about that trip really worked for me.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107098
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jun 9, 2020Views: 391
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