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An Experience With Three Powerful Drugs
Midazolam, Ketamine & Propofol
Citation:   iceangelred86. "An Experience With Three Powerful Drugs: An Experience with Midazolam, Ketamine & Propofol (exp107114)". Mar 7, 2018.

  IV Pharms - Midazolam (liquid)
    IV Ketamine (liquid)
    IV Pharms - Propofol (liquid)
While I was in a long-term Christian rehab, I had a powerful experience with three substances. Versed, Ketamine, and Propofol.

I had been abusing various substances, and was the third month of a 12 month stint in rehab. I had been in rehab for about 4 months, and as such had been clean and sober for the longest time I could remember for about the past six years. I smoked pot, use heroin, used meth, smoked crack, abused DXM, used bath salts, used 'spice,' used kratom, and vaped CBD oil. O, and I'm a nurse.

So, I had to have an abscessed tooth removed by an oral surgeon. I was not going to request sedation until one evening, I was standing in the med-line, talking to a fellow student who had recently had all of his teeth extracted. He told me how after being sedated he was high as fuck for a couple hours, and highly recommended it.

The morning of the surgery I forgot I was not supposed to eat, and ate a small breakfast. A friend who was going with me also ate breakfast, and he told the oral surgeon about it and they postponed his surgery. So I lied, as I was highly looking forward to being sedated. I heard the surgeon first tell them to push the Versed. Suddenly alll was right with the world, and I didn't give a fuck about a damn thing. Then I heard him say to push the Ketamine. I felt like my eyes were falling out of the back of my head, I was rapidly falling into a black hole. And then I heard him say to push the Propofol, and I was dead to the world.

I woke up with a nurse standing in front of me. I asked how long I'd been out and it had been only 20 minutes. The wheeled me into the recovery area, and I saw another friend. We were both high as fuck. He had also requested Nitrous Oxide, and he couldn't stop laughing. We finally got out of recovery, and in the state of mind we were in decided to go buy cigarettes and dip. NIcotine was also forbidden at this rehab. Our van driver wasn't there yet, and it seemed like the most logical thing in the world to do. Fortunately our sober friends and convinced us otherwise, and our van driver showed up less than 5 minutes later. It proved to be a fortuitous choice.

All in all I was high as hell for like 2 hours. Then all I wanted to do was sleep. Fortunately I had that option. And I slept all afternoon, and all night, waking up only to eat and piss. It was a great experience.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 107114
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Mar 7, 2018Views: 4,279
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Pharms - Propofol (490), Ketamine (31), Pharms - Midazolam (435) : Hospital (36), Medical Use (47), Combinations (3)

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