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Not What I Imagined
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   ButterBoy. "Not What I Imagined: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp107119)". Jan 28, 2024.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:15 10 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30 10 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:05 20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 7:25 20 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
Adderall: Not What You Imagined
First off I think there should be a few known facts before telling my story:
- 150 lbs
- 16 yrs
- 5’9
- User of Marijuana at least once a week, experimented with DXM, and codeine, have tried 20 mg Adderall once before but it was combined with codeine.
- slightly below average exercise for men around my age (I don’t play sports except skateboarding)

7:00 AM: My day started off normal as usual, I got up, took a shower, got ready for school, and went. I knew that two kids(let's call them Le Flare Guapo and Big Chud) who I hang out with(heavy psychedelic and occasional other drug users) have been selling generic Adderall (20 mg COR 135) for a few weeks now, but never really cared.

9:40 AM: I had just got out of my world history class, now being break I went to our usual spot in the back corner of the cafeteria. There I met up with my usual crowd of stoners, and “tye-dye kids” trying to live life in the 70’s, I saw that two of them had a ton of generic Adderall, I didn't think much of it at the time though. The bell rang and I walked across campus to my Digital Media and Arts class.

11:25 AM: I was sitting in my seat and had just turned in my project, so I was just sitting at my desk on my phone. That's when I heard my good friend(we’ll call him Papa Joji)Papa Joji called me over to his desk across the room. When I got over there he was just showing me pictures he took, him being a photographer and it being a digital arts class we were making weird/funny/just stupid edits with all of his photos. While making these another one of my newer friends (who we will call Jim Curtis) who was sitting next to us asked me to help him crop a face out and stick it on somebody else, me being the only one in the class besides our teacher who knows how to use Photoshop, I helped him. As I was helping Jim Curtis I saw him pull a small 20 mg COR 135 (generic Adderall) out of his wallet, I saw that it was the same ones my friends had with them earlier, It didn't surprise me that he got the Adderall from La Flare Guapo or Big Chud since our school is very small, Jim Curtis broke the tablet in half and I asked him for one, him being the homie he is gave it to me and set his on his lap. He pulled out a second one and swallowed it dry. I then asked him how many he bought and he said “Four, but I already took two and that was my third one.” I easily believed him because he was acting very tweaky and suspicious and had a lot of energy. He had not yet took the other half of the COR 135 he gave me so he gave the second half to me and told me he couldn't take all four(being 80 mg)so he let me have a whole one. I rushed over to my really friend(I will call him Yung Gregory)and asked him for some water, I didn't tell him what it was for but proceeded to take the two halves, he didn't care and just let out a little laugh. The lunch bell rang and I walked to Papa Joji, Yung Gregory, and Jim Curtis, Jim Curtis was completely wired and his pupils were almost the size of his iris. I felt nothing at this time.

11:50 AM: It was about halfway through lunch, I asked Big Chud how long it would take to kick in, he told me in about 30 minutes I will feel minor effects, and in about an hour I will be like “Holy shit I’m on Adderall”. I then asked him if I could get a few more pills now and pay him back the next day, since we see each other everyday he agreed to give me 3 right then and 2 the next day when I give him the $20. The next bell rang and went on my way with Papa Joji and Yung Gregory to our English class(we all had all of our classes that day together and so did all the rest of people in our 1st period of that day, including Jim Curtis). I got into class and sat down with Papa Joji and Yung Gregory, we started writing down the “Daily Agenda” like every beginning of class. Jim Curtis walked in about 5 minutes late and sat to the left of me, he started writing everything down and was done before everybody who got there on time.

12:25 PM: Our English teacher (and we will call him Mr. Wheat Bread)s howed us a song by Metallica called Fade to Black and told us to close our eyes and listen. About a minute into the song I started drifting off into space, I believe this is because I had my eyes shut and I was only there with my thoughts, that's when I realized that the Adderall had hit me. The song ended and my teacher told us to write about what the song meant and what the tone/mood of it was. I immediately thought I was fucked because I didn't remember any of the song, but I started to write with everybody else, I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was something really poetic about how the song brought me to boredom and how I began to daydream. This writing piece took me a little less than 5 minutes and took up a full page, I finished and looked up and around, feeling very focused of my surroundings at this point. While I was looking around I saw that most of the class including the A++ students(who are always done way before me and have double what I usually have)were still on there third or fourth line, this is the point when I said “Holy shit I'm on Adderall”.

12:40 PM: I was now fully feeling it but only enough to where if I were to think about it I would really feel it a lot. I looked around in the small empty pocket of my backpack looking for another pill I took it out and without hesitation I broke it in half under my desk on my lap. I looked up and Mr. Wheat Bread was sitting on his stool in the front of the classroom looking at me with a concerned look on his face(I'm pretty sure he saw what I was doing since I sit in the front row right in front of him). I then waited for Mr. Wheat Bread to look away, and swallowed it under my desk with a gulp of water. I waited about 15 minutes and realized I could do the second half of that one, so I grabbed and swallowed it under my desk again. Now at 40 mg of COR 135 (generic Adderall).

1:35 PM: I had felt the second pill start to kick in, I began to sweat and looked over at Jim Curtis who looked very anxious and was completely sweating. I thought to myself that this looks very suspicious judging that the room had the AC on and the temperature in there was about 60°F. I told Jim Curtis that we looked wired and were sweating profusely, he replied with his red face that he could feel his heartbeat throughout his entire body, I felt the same feeling, but not nearly as strong. Every time Jim Curtis’ heart would beat(which was often by the amount of Adderall he took)it would shake his body in sync with his heart. I asked Mr. Wheat Bread to use the restroom and when I got in there I immediately looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes were completely dilated, I could barely see a small blue ring of what was left of my iris. I went back to class and they had begun reading our book as a class, I sat down, flipped to the page to where they were, I began to read along in my head and then I volunteered to read aloud. Usually when I read aloud (me being even an advanced reader)I tend to worry about what other people are thinking of me when I read and because of this I stumble on words and it just makes it worse, but when I was reading aloud in that class I was able to completely read it probably just as fast in my head and I didn't stumble once, I also didn't think at all about what my classmates were thinking while I read. The final bell rang and we all packed into the hallways where I usually get anxiety and try to even walk a certain way just so people would look up to me in a condescending way (which is a terrible thing) and I felt none of this while walking through the large crowds of people.

2:00 PM: I walked to the library to do my homework because my dad wouldn't be able to pick me up until 2:45-3:00, when I got to the library I saw it was closed, and I begun to just walk through the halls. At this point I had no idea where I was going, I was just walking in circles and I felt the need to keep going as if my brain wanted me to keep going as much as I wanted to stop. I then ran Into a group of girls who I'm “social media friends” with but not really friends in real life, usually in those cases I'm very awkward talking to them especially if they're a group of girls, but the second I walked up to them I just started talking to them like I have known them for years and with no social anxiety in sight, I felt a lot of euphoria at that point because I thought about how I conquered this weird fear I have and now I will feel completely comfortable talking to them at school. Around that time I had reached the beginning of my peak, the feeling I was getting was complete satisfaction inside, almost like anxiety but it felt great and I felt contempt with my life at that point. It was nearing 3:00 so I left the group of girls and sat on the benches in the parking lot waiting for my dad.

3:00 PM: My dad showed up and drove me home, I had actual conversations with my dad this time, instead of the usual anger and attitude we both constantly give each other, this only made me felt happier and content with my life as a whole. We got home and I took my dogs outside and was playing with them, I remember petting my black lab and seeing a tiny little flea under her fur about 1-2 ft away which is odd for me because I actually have very poor eyesight and wasn't wearing glasses. I went inside and started on my homework, trying to take advantage of my complete focus.

4:30 PM: I have completed all of that night's homework and six missing assignments in around an hour, which is a huge improvement because freshman year I got kicked out of two schools because I lacked motivation to do my homework, but in this case I enjoyed doing my homework like many other people say when they took Adderall. I then took the third Adderall while reading articles about random stuff that completely intrigued me.

5:00 PM: The third Adderall became very apparent at this time, I read a few more articles and I could clearly see the little pixels in my screen. I then decided to Facetime my sister in college, when we talked we didn't have much to say which was weird since all day the Adderall has been helping me be very social and talkative, but this might possibly because we Facetime almost every day and we were lacking topics to talk about. At around 5:30 My dad coaches a youth football team and was gone until sundown (7:30) so I had the house to myself. I decided to take my last Adderall around 6:50, this time I crushed the pill up and railed it, I remember not wanting to do the other two lines but I felt a feeling of determination running through my brain so I did it. After snorting the last Adderall I felt lightheaded and my nose was stinging so I went and laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, again like in my English class I was alone with my thoughts except this time they were running through my brain faster than ever and I was thinking of great Ideas and Inventions and I kept going back to life itself, what it was about, how all of us has a journey to follow, and some people choose to follow it and others are forced to do otherwise by their parents and so on. This thought kept running through my head constantly and it made me feel a sense of grace, that I had no stress, that life wasn't about staying up until 3:00 in the morning just to get a passing grade on a test, it's about living and making others and yourself happy through the little things.

7:00 PM: My Dad came home from football practice so I walked out to the living room where I saw him and his girlfriend, who had been there longer than I thought by the looks of the kitchen and the dinner she was making. I had no Idea that she was here, it was as if I reached a state of complete focus in my odd way of meditating earlier that I wasn't able hear any outside noises. The thought of this made me feel very content with myself. We began To eat dinner I had about half of a chicken breast and a bottle of water due to the fact that I wasn't hungry from the Adderall that I had taken.

8:00 PM: I had to do the dishes like every other night but this time I honestly didn't care, I almost felt like I wanted to do them. while washing the dishes I started to think about the water itself and how it felt on my skin, it got into such a deep thought about it that the water felt almost like it was somebody's hands holding onto mine but I had complete control. This was a completely different feeling that I was not expecting out of something like a simple upper like Adderall. I finished the dishes and went into my room with my dog. When I got in my room I looked in the mirror and had no idea how my dad didn't know I was on something, my pupils were completely dilated, my face was red and I looked weird and jumpy.

9:30 PM: I turned off all my lights, sat at my desk and began to write this story, while writing the words began to almost glitch out and shake in the corner of my eye, but very easy to see and clear like it was actually happening not just the corner of my eye looking like something is happening but isn't, this was very clear and I could almost look directly at it.

12:30 Feel slightly energized but for the most part it has gone away, I feel a very, very small headache right now, I took an Advil and downed it with some water hoping that I don't have to suffer from this “terrible Adderall comedown” that everybody talks about. I don't feel very awake, actually quite the opposite, I feel tired as if I would any other night staying up to 1:00 AM. I'm now going to try to get some sleep and hopefully sleep through the comedown.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107119
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jan 28, 2024Views: 27
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Amphetamines (6) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Performance Enhancement (50), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Various (28)

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