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An Absolve of Negative Emotions
Citation:   psyphil. "An Absolve of Negative Emotions: An Experience with ETH-LAD (exp107125)". Erowid.org. Oct 2, 2015. erowid.org/exp/107125

T+ 0:00
150 ug SC ETH-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I decided i would share my trip report for the world, if they so care to read it.

At 6pm I take 150ug ETH-LAD blotter (the big molecule ones), tasteless as one would hope from a good lysergamide. (I say tasteless, but i always taste a slight 'something more thats not paper', yet this is very slight and disregarded). I hold the tab in my mouth without swallowing for 30 minutes, then I swallow the tab.

I clean up my desk and take a shower. After the shower, I notice a first alert of some body lightness. After entering my room I notice my vision clarity as greatly increased, yet no pattern development or light enhancement. This was 20 minutes after dropping. The come up was typical of LSD, yet much lighter on the body and the mind. I watch some videos, and open up some universal fractal pictures. None of them seem quite as neat, as they had on the AL-LAD, where happy fun visuals were really the main star of the show. I am now about an hour in. A full feeling of tripping intoxication is on me, and I feel the 'tryptamine release' and piss a lot. (Like a lot, usually 3-7 times per hour during the peak)

I return to my room and immediately am overcome with a very warm, gentle, happy feeling. It was very similar to the intense spark of love and empathy that LSD provides, yet much more subtle, granting opportunity for fantastic analysis and introspection. I wondered how much time had passed and was surprised that I was tripping that hard by the 1 hour mark. I prepared myself for an intense experience. After listening to some Ricky Eat Acid and Soulection Radio, I felt a very significant feeling of ego softening. It was difficult to focus on anything but the music and my thoughts. I glanced at the clock, and it read 7:30. I felt as though i was definitely peaking. I can distinctly tell when a drug is most active in my system because my heart will beat very quickly, regardless of how slow i breathe, and I will feel continuous pulsing feelings of my veins constricting around my head, in my arms, and in my thighs. I was expecting to come up more, but after another 20 mins, the vasoconstriction released. My heart rate had dramatically decreased (although it was still pretty quick, as I was obviously on a lysergamide).

This was definitely confirmed as effects decreased over the next hour very slowly. Something to note is that this analogue peaks faster than real LSD, with a duration slightly less than LSD. The visuals were much like LSD, yet without as deep of development of abstraction, distortion, and fractal development (this was fine however). Visuals were much more pattern focused, heavy breathing, object rearrangement, and melting. Melting was very pronounced on walls/textures. Colors included reds, blue/greens, and interestingly, golds and silvers. But this is not the main act of the compound. I have never experienced a head space so fascinatingly unique in its own respect, with so much therapeutic potential. Since most of the intense and manic aspects of LSD are less pronounced, and thus more controllable, it gave way to an almost 'flooding dam' type of mechanism with my thoughts. I felt calm, and completely inwardly focused. This substance shares a similar aspect with mushrooms, and that is the distinct feeling that your thoughts and ideas become real substances, and become part of the physical world. I mean that your ideas seem as if they hold a much heavier weight and importance. There is a great capability of this substance to rearrange one's self. During my peak, I closed my eyes and began examining emotion, and where they source. When I had come to fear, my thoughts had stopped, and I felt the most intense rush of fear I have felt in a long time. It wasnt concerning, more interesting. I asked myself, 'why am I afraid? Why is anyone so afraid?' And tears began to stream down my face like someone turned on a faucet. I could not stop sobbing for a good 10 minutes. It was a beautiful moment, in my mind. I was experiencing raw human emotion, which is a direct result of natural selection which has sustained us for thousands of years. I was able to firmly grasp the idea of fear and what it does for someone and the negatives that can come of it. The rest of the trip was greatly changed after this moment of sobbing. I didnt really care to look at pictures anymore as in previous trips, i only wanted to think, and reflect. I was essentially bombarded by enlightening thought after enlightening thought (i will not share all of them as they are entirely subjective) with complete ease. There were no moments of confusion where you literally stop processing information and it can become a bit scary, or those moments where you are laughing maniacally but forget why you are laughing and cant stop and become concerned, like on LSD-25.

I completely came off my peak by 9pm, and smoked a cigarette, and two bowls of some fine medical cannabis, under a full moon. I watched the trees dance incoherently in my peripheral vision. The moon seemed to 'bleed' color, deep purples and blues would spill off the moon and fall into the stardust below until they faded. These two bowls got me particularly blazed, and I felt disappointed that I might not remember any of my realizations. So I figured, hey, lets take two dabs to forget about that thought. Im extremely blazed at this point, and the lysergamide shows its colors again. Abstract, dark, purple, blue and black alien gear structures were formed in closed eyes, unlike normal LSD, which is typically a bright yellow green grid pattern which moves forward and backward in perspective.

The rest of the trip was spent reflecting on some of the realizations I had written down. Food was easily consumed by the 5 hour point. Sleep was possible at 10.5 hours. Normally LSD keeps me awake 14+ hours.

All in all, what can I say about this compound? It is like LSD's wiser, less reckless brother. It shares its own unique beautiful characteristics. ETH-LAD is not a party drug. Nor is it a concert drug. I would even go as far to say that it is not a drug to do with friends. It is shamanic, intensely introspective, and surprisingly clear. It is not as forceful with its effects, meaning you maintain a groundedness in your mind and can maintain focus on thought. I would put this on par with mushrooms with its level of spirituality. If you took the time to read, sweet. All in all, ETH-LAD is incredible. Highly introspective. Shorter duration. Easier on the body.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107125
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 2, 2015Views: 8,940
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