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by UDtheAesir
Citation:   UDtheAesir. "Fobrom: An Experience with Cannabis (exp107166)". Jun 29, 2020.

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1 bowl smoked Cannabis
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I had gone to Maui to visit my cousin and his girlfriend for 2 weeks with the high hopes of getting high and tripping on a variety of psychedelics. I wasn’t disappointed to learn that N (my cousin) and T (his girlfriend) had gotten ahold of top weed, some shrooms, and DMT. But for this report, I’ll stick to the weed experience as I hadn’t had any before in my life. I was 30 at the time, maybe 31, I really don’t recall nowadays. But the set is we’re all spiritual people, big on meditating, clairvoyance and mastering our own realities and doing a sort of subtle magick with intention. Myself, I had experience with Reiki and Psionics and working with my master to deal with spirits since 2002. The setting takes place in a shack, and the majority of my experience takes place in a bedroom with a futon-bed and a bunch of video games and TV. The last two things are insignificant, but it serves to give you an idea of what sort of room it is.

N and T prepped me beforehand about how to smoke it through a pipe. Duly informed, N packed a bowl of a local strain called Ice Mint which he said causes an icy feeling in the 3rd eye (right above between the eyebrows). He started the bowl and passes it to me. At the time, I was an utter n00b at this, so I do my best to take a pull from it. I cough almost immediately and the effects start to sink in subtly. I wasn’t sure to expect what could happen but I start to feel an icy spot in my 3rd eye, causing me to rub at it, reporting the Ice Mint was doing its thing. But other than that, pretty much nothing else.

Then N offers another bowl after about 20 minutes, this time Purple Kush. I take up the offer and cough once again from smoking it. The body high sets in about 5 minutes later, feeling a swaying sensation. Thinking that was it, I close my eyes and I’m treated to a dazzling display of a cloud full of swirling different colors. I open my eyes in surprise at this and close them again, seeing it again. Intent on meditating on this, I say so to N and T who promptly leaves the room for me to meditate in peace. So I sat down on this futon-bed and meditate with my eyes closed. The swirling cloud of colors gradually gives way to a sort of ringed colors with orange-ish outer edge, greenish-yellowish middle, and a large center of predominantly blue with a bit of green mixed in there. I could see my hands in this strange sort of visual, and I flexed my hands, seeing them flex. I realized what was going on: I could physically see through my eyelids with my 3rd eye!

But this wasn’t to last forever, as the visual gave way to another form: a sort of silvery ring with purple-pink spokes radiating from the center that shifted into an undulating tunnel of purple-pink binary coding which I sped through for a short while. That’s when things took an interesting turn. All of a sudden, I experience two things at once: the tunnel shifts into a weird word “Fobrom” that rolls onto itself over and over, and hearing it spoken in my mind as “F-f-f-fo-fob-fob-fob-fobrom” in a slow echoing sort of quality. The word shimmers in a bluish-purplish color as it rolls in place, the spoken part now repeating over and over in my head as “FOB-rom… FOB-rom… FOB-rom”, sometimes really dragged out, sometimes rapidly, but usually in that constant tempo “FOB-rom… FOB-rom”.

That’s when I start experiencing how my thoughts get altered radically. I find my thoughts tangentializing and spiraling onto themselves, creating a sort of weird logic loop that constantly and repeatedly gives way to insightful epiphanies about how reincarnation works and lots of mini-affirmations about what I’ve learned and experienced in my years of spiritual training under my master. At this point, the Fobrom word gets a bunch of shifting purple-pink lines under it. I start realizing the nature of fractals and how everything is pretty much a part of everything else. Realizing I needed to write down what I was learning, I do so with great effort with a pen and a little Moleskine journal I had brought along with me. I even go so far as to text some of the stuff to my apprentice. The whole time doing that, the Purple Kush’s body high affects me to the point it takes at least 50x the effort to write and even form the words in my texts, and I’m simultaneously amazed at how I’m able to pull it off.

Having done these things, I resume my meditations to see what else the weed brings me. The Fobrom word in my vision begins to lose some of its quality and I’m becoming aware the high’s starting to wear off. I hang on as much as I can to keep drawing out the experience, but it slips away like sand through fingers. But it imparts me with the knowledge of what I had gleaned from was a summary of what’s called as Fractalized Quantum Mechanics. Think spirituality meets quantum physics if you will, but I guarantee you, it doesn’t show up on any academic reports if you Google it. I get this sort of impression of how the aura is structured with the energy flowing throughout it from head to feet, then back up through to the head to repeat. The high finally fades off, but my mind’s been altered in such a way that I keep spontaneously hearing “FOB-rom” with the barest hint of a mental impression of that word rolling in place for at least a year, year and a half, until that fades off.

I get up to walk out of the bedroom to the kitchen island to relate my experience to N and T, who are amazed by hearing it, and congratulates me on experiencing a great weed high. To this day, after smoking some great strains and getting some really good highs, I still have yet to smoke Purple Kush again. Though I am certain if I were to get my hands on some again, I’d be able to re-experience that high again albeit in a different sort of way given how the strains I’ve smoked in the meantime as of this writing has given me so much knowledge.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107166
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jun 29, 2020Views: 442
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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