You've Got 20 Minutes
Citation:   Zirtonic. "You've Got 20 Minutes: An Experience with Flubromazolam (exp107192)". Oct 13, 2015.

250 ug oral Flubromazolam (pill / tablet)
I try to be descriptive in my reports, but that isn't really possible here. I'll expand as much as I can.

Background/Notes: I'm pretty experienced with drugs, done every class multiple times at different doses. I like them all, from stims to deliriants and everything in between. When I took this dose I had not ingested any substances (minus 100mg caffeine) in 72 hours.

On a Friday night I was simply looking to relax and browse Reddit/listen to music for the whole night. I decided I'd try and have a little fun while I was at it and took a pellet containing .25mg (250ug) Flubromazolam. Here's how the rest of my night went:

T+0 - Take pellet with water.
T+0:15 Wow, I feel pretty good. Nice and relaxed, warm all over.
T+0:20 **Cue getting knocked the fuck out. **
T+11:30 Well what do y'know, it's almost FUCKING NOON.

I got out of bed still slightly high. I was a little wobbly and my head was a little foggy, but otherwise perfectly functional. I felt completely normal at around 5PM that evening.
This benzo is good for one thing and one thing only: putting you to sleep. I am still amazed at how hard it knocked me out. I will note that it gave me some fantastic sleep. I woke up feeling extremely well rested and refreshed. Pretty awesome actually. However, unless you've got a hefty benzo tolerance (and I mean really high, I'd say 8-10mg alprazolam) this benzo will offer no euphoria/anxiolytic properties. You'll just take the pill, watch a YouTube video, and promptly pass out wherever you sitting. If you like hypnotics, this is definitely for you. Otherwise, I'd recommend literally any other benzo for good feels/ no anxiety.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107192
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 13, 2015Views: 20,050
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