Testing the Limits of Public Tripping
LSD, Ketamine, MDMA & DMT
by NautPsycho
Citation:   NautPsycho. "Testing the Limits of Public Tripping: An Experience with LSD, Ketamine, MDMA & DMT (exp107193)". Erowid.org. Aug 12, 2018. erowid.org/exp/107193

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral Tryptophan - 5-HTP  
  T+ 0:00 2 tablets oral Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 0:00 2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 5:30 3 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 10:30 125 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 13:00 50 mg vaporized DMT  
  T+ 14:00 2 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


As background, I had been experimenting with psychedelics fairly regularly over the past year including mushrooms, LSD, 2C-B, ketamine, 4-ACO-DMT, mescaline and DMT. My favorite trips were going to the beach or art and science museums on 1-2 tabs of LSD, but I wanted to push the boundaries and see how much I could take and still function in public. The experience below was the most I had ever taken in public, let alone in general, and I undertook a fair amount of risk to do so. I had planned ahead by packing food and water, extra phone battery pack, a lighter, flashlight and other basic survival tools. I had a couple of friends who knew what I was undertaking and could call them if absolutely necessary. I started early enough in the day where I would be functional again before darkness set in, so I felt it was a measured but not amount foolhardy risk. As part of my daily routine, I took 2 multivitamins along with 300mg of 5-HTP washed down with a glass of green vegetable juice.

(T+0) I began by taking 2 tabs of 175ug (claimed) at noon while still at home. At this point I called an Uber to take me to a nearby beach. The ride to the beach was uneventful. After getting out of the Uber at one of the beach parking lots, I walked down onto the beach and then back up to the main parking lot. I was beginning to get some threshold effects and an altered headspace, but no visuals yet. After reaching the main parking lot, I removed my shoes and walked back onto the beach. I figured I should explore the area so I knew the routes off the beach for later when I had planned to hike back home through the park. I walked down the beach to the bluffs where it ended, noting the few trails that went up and off the beach. It struck me as odd and a bit comical how there were wedding photos being taken on the beach at the same time as nudists were lying out or walking around just out of the camera’s view. At this point, I started to get some visuals of shifting sand and landscape in the distance. I walked back towards the direction of the parking lot along the beach to try to find a good place to sit down and ride out the peak.

(T+1) I found a spot in the sand and laid my blanket down. At this point I was a little over an hour in and the visuals were coming on strong. People on the beach were starting to shift forms rapidly and it was becoming difficult to ascertain what their true forms were. Randomly, there appeared to be a photo shoot going on for some organization or event for special needs children. Lots of shouting from photographers of ‘BIG SMILES!’ and ‘EVERYONE HOLD HANDS’ and ‘SAY CHEESEBURGERS!’. I thought this was pretty comical, but also tried not to feel like I was getting in the way, because I was rapidly losing the ability to understand social and cultural boundaries
I was rapidly losing the ability to understand social and cultural boundaries

(T+1.5) I alternated lying back and looking at the sky with raising my head up and inspecting my surroundings. The beach was fairly crowded, though with good spacing between all of the people sitting or lying on the beach. The sands were shifting and writhing and the sky was overlaid with shifting colors. The Marin headlands were a constantly morphing landscape in the distance. Taking care not to fall too deeply, I experimented closing my eyes and saw complex geometry made of light. As I inspected my surroundings, I sensed and visualized cultural and societal boundaries between people. One example of this was a nude man who was striding around the beach. I was unsure whether to be threatened by him, as he seemed to morph from a Neanderthal looking person, to a leathery skinned troll of a man to a somewhat normal looking middle aged man. I took my cues from people around me who were not reacting to him, and this helped me ground myself and not be alarmed. At this point I made the decision to take my third 175ug tab around 1:30PM. I felt that I could probably handle it and be able to hike back in a bit.

(T+2) Around this time I lost the ability to use my phone correctly. The screen was a confusion of distortions and buttons I wasn’t familiar with. When trying to text, I would constantly misspell words because it felt like the arrangement of the keys was in more than 2 dimensions. I had so much I wanted to express, but language failed me. At this point I called my girlfriend to try to get grounded, as I was rapidly losing hold of reality. With her on the phone I was able to communicate verbally to some degree, and began packing up my things to start walking. At this point people were morphing so fast and drastically, I lost all ability to interact with anyone. I would look and see what looked like a woman covered in tattoos who quickly morphed into a fat old man and other forms, faster than I could process. I averted my eyes from anyone and started walking.

(T+2.5) As I walked along the beach to try to find my way back to the parking lot, but it became apparent that this was going to be very challenging. As I walked, I sensed a couple on the beach reacting towards me, and realized I had crossed a boundary and was walking into a shot of a photo they were trying to take. I waved in apology and tried to divert my course, but suddenly I found myself surrounded by what I saw as societal and cultural boundaries that manifested in lines on the beach. I could not trust my eyes as to which of these were real or not. I saw what looked like a beach volleyball court set up where I had not seen one before, and with people in every direction, I did not want to start drawing attention to myself again. I resigned myself to staying in one spot on the beach and set my shoes down and crouched down, unable to move. I was trying to convey this to my girlfriend, who was still on the phone with me, but she was having a hard time hearing me due to the wind.

As I was trying to figure out what to do next, I noticed what I sensed was an older couple, because of their pace and gait, and figured they would be heading off the beach. I trailed them, while trying not to seem like I was following them and it eventually led me off the beach to a set of stairs. I climbed the stairs and found myself on a trail that led through a battery and then to picnic grounds and to the parking lot. I was still unable to tell boundaries such as trails or paths or protected areas and so I asked my girlfriend to FaceTime me and act as my eyes to get me back to the parking lot. Everything around me was constantly changing, a path would turn into shrubbery, and I started to get worried I would walk off a bluff or fall off the battery path. It took significant effort, but I was finally able to switch my camera around so that my girlfriend could see what I was seeing. I was trying not to point the camera at people, because I sensed this would draw attention to myself. This made it difficult for my girlfriend to see when I would constantly keep pointing the camera at the ground or at the beach to try to pretend I was just a normal person showing someone the great view. It was Fleet Week and the Blue Angels were flying in formation across the sky. It was a prime viewing area, but to me the jets were just a subtle backdrop for the ever changing and colorful landscape.

(T+3) Eventually, with my girlfriend’s help, I made it to the parking lot. I had been to this parking lot many times and was able to navigate my way to the structure containing the restrooms. I found a bench and sat down. I was again psychedelically crippled by being unable to interact with anyone because of the constant shifting of people’s forms. Even cars were shifting so fast that I would be unable to find an Uber if it had come to pick me up. I resigned that I would have to wait out the peak sitting on the bench until I was able to function again.
I resigned that I would have to wait out the peak sitting on the bench until I was able to function again.
I calculated the hours left of daylight vs. when I had dosed and figured I would be able to function again before the sun went down. At this time it was about 3PM, three hours after my initial dose and one and a half hours since my third tab. The audio quality was bad where I was sitting, so I tried to get up and roam around the parking lot to get a better signal.

As I walked to the edge of the parking lot and looked back, it was as if a veil was lifted and suddenly reality came back in a flash. It was a normal beautiful day with the sun shining and people going about their business on the beach. I told my girlfriend that I was ok and that maybe I would try to hike back after all. We hung up and I used the restroom. I figured I had just gone down a mental rabbit hole and had just managed to get myself out by changing my location. With new resolve I began walking to try to find the trail that would take me through the park and back home. This was easily going to be a 4-5 mile hike. As soon as I found myself back on the trail, it disappeared again and I was back to being unable to function. My girlfriend called me back because apparently I was supposed to call her back after using the restroom, but forgot. Being unable to gauge the reality of my surroundings, I sat on a fallen tree and began to try to articulate the thoughts in my head that were going a mile a minute. I was talking about her being my peer to peer connection to reality and that I was completely separated from everyone else’s reality. I was trying to form an analogy, but not finding the words.

(T+4) I finally decided that a hike was not going to be possible and walked back to the parking lot to call an Uber. I waited at the edge of the parking lot and waited 10 minutes or so before the Uber arrived. At this point I was at least able to see the make and model as well as license plate of the cars coming in. As I got into the Uber, which was a nondescript subcompact, I closed the door and was suddenly transported to what felt like India/Middle East. The car interior changed around me to a red and black leather scheme, replacing the drab cloth seats. My driver, had a heavy indian accent and I felt like I was in a luxury pedicab. We made some awkward small talk, as I was having a hard time forming words or conversation. I totally lost the ability to get my bearings. It was as if the world had become a corrupted video game made up of tiles and random tiles would be continually swapping. Every interaction became a dead end, a stop light, a stop sign and constantly change multiple times per second. The cars on the road were also shifting too fast to identify. I had a hard time gauging whether my driver was road raging or just driving normally because I couldn’t decipher his body language or demeanor in my altered state. I resigned myself to just sit back and hope he got me home safely.

(T+4.5) At one point, I asked the driver what kind of music he was playing. He told me that it was Punjabi music, from the part of India his mother was from. We began talking about India and he asked me if I had been. I told him about my trip to India and he asked if I had seen the Taj Mahal, which I had. At this point the driver shared how he had never seen it and that his life had always been so busy that it was a blur and now he never got to spend time with his parents. He started crying while we were at the stop light. I asked if he wanted to pull over and he quickly became defensive asking if I wanted to take a different route home. I said that didn’t matter to me, and I was just concerned for him. He thanked me and regained his composure, saying how he had to endure abuse from tourists and other fares all day on how he was taking the wrong way or not the best way. I told him to not worry about them and he thanked me for my kindness. He dropped me off at my apartment and I was finally home safe. Even my own home looked strangely alien, but I knew deep down that I was back in a safe haven. I called my girlfriend on FaceTime to share my cab experience and then went to shower.

(T+5.5) After showering I spent some time staring at some tulips I had received. The flowers would bloom and shift before my eyes and it was really beautiful.

At this point I decided to go into a k hole. I laid down in bed with headphones and played my playlist and took 3 50-60mg bumps of Ketamine in quick succession. I laid down and prepared to be transported. Within minutes I was completely under, being shown scene after scene of frightening imagery. Forsaken rooms that would melt away into nothingness and drop me into a new landscape. My thoughts would try to describe the horror of what I was seeing, but the words I came up with did not mean anything in any language I know with my sober mind. Despite the nature of the images, I was completely calm throughout the experience. The music drove these visions and for every build up and drop there was epic imagery in my head. I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed, but my field of vision was filled with infinite copies of repeating images that I can’t articulate. It was everything I have come to expect from tripping in a K hole and I experienced total ego loss, which I was comfortable with because I knew I was in a safe place.

As I think more on my trip into the K hole, some of the imagery that I take for granted now comes more into focus with a sober mind. Some of the images I behold are truly awful such as dark and gothic rooms rotting away before my eyes, alien beings that appear to be controlling my visions and showing me scene after scene. I see rooms and structures made of blood and gore and feel I am surrounded by great sadness, suffering and pain. The tone of these visions shift with each song, and I can be transported to the middle of a celebrating crowd, or onto a rollercoaster plunging into infinity, or in a more conceptual world where copies of cartoon-like images bounce and stretch into infinity, with no reference of scale, going from tiny to unbelievably large and epic in scale within seconds. It is worth noting that when in a K hole without acid, these visions are much more tame and less vivid. Despite the extreme content, or maybe because of it, going into a K hole during an acid trip, especially while peaking, is one of my favorite things to do.

(T+7) I came out of the K hole slowly, still groggy and went to the bathroom to urinate. As I urinated what seemed an endless stream, persona after persona would melt away from me, as if I was multiple beings getting drained away as I drained into the toilet bowl. At one point I felt as if someone else was holding my penis as I was urinating. It was a very strange feeling. As I finished urinating, I felt somewhat back to reality, hoping that none of my personas were still in bed and that I wasn’t peeing myself.

I went back to bed and continued to listen to music to ride out the remnants of the Ketamine high. At this time it was getting dark out and I was hungry. I was trying to decide whether to order in or go out, and so asked a few friends who was free to meet up. I ended up coordinating going to a steak house with my friend L. to share my trip story. I got dressed and she picked me up and we went to a place several blocks from me. It was about 9PM (T+9) and I no longer had any visuals, but still had the frenetic energy and thoughts that LSD gives me. We had a fairly normal dinner, I just had one cocktail and nice steak. L. offered me some cocaine, but I declined.

(T+10.5) After returning home, I thought about what to do next. I concluded I wanted to test out some MDMA I had acquired recently in a non-club setting and dropped 125mg with water. While awaiting the come up, I put on the movie Edge of Tomorrow, which I had seen before, but enjoyed enough to repeat viewing. After 45 minutes or so I began to feel very relaxed and contented. I decided to lie down again in bed and listen to music.

(T+13) After another hour or so I was feeling pretty good and decided to take it up a notch and smoke some DMT. This substance had frustrated me because of my poor technique that led me to never break through. I had left the music on, as I had never tried DMT with music. I measured out 50mg and put it into my pipe and vaporized it. The first hit was smooth and I felt an altered headspace after between 10 and 15 seconds. I took another hit and the familiar threshold visuals began to take hold. I exhale and took the third hit, with pipe and all of my surroundings becoming alien and completely unfamiliar. Then, I had finally achieved it, blast off. Visuals came forcefully and I felt as if I was in a Mayan maze of a video game with patterns and shapes shooting at me faster than I could process. I came to several minutes later, pipe and lighter lying between my legs where I had dropped them. I tried to process what had happened, but the images were already fleeting. The music had been present throughout, but it felt as if the music was in one world (the familiar one) and I was in a different one, so I didn’t feel it impacted the actual DMT experience. I contemplated another 10-20 minutes or so and then decided to try again, this time in silence. This trip was much like the first one, with the same rush and the same complexity and overwhelming visuals. As I came to the second time, I sat again in contemplative silence for another 20-30 minutes. I felt like I had my fill of DMT for the night, but it was exhilarating to finally experience a break through.

(T+14) It was now around 2AM, 14 hours after my first two tabs of acid. The traces of the roll were still present, and I decided to cap the night off with another dose of Ketamine. I took 2 75mg bumps in quick succession again and decided to try the k hole in total darkness. I usually prefer having some light in the room, as I feel it helps give more character to the visuals, but I have friends who swear by total darkness. This time, I felt like I only hit the threshold of a K hole, perhaps due to short term resistance I had built up from doing it earlier in the evening, but it was a mellow yet epic journey nonetheless.

As I came out of the K hole I found myself again in a very introspective state. It was about 3:30AM and I decided to call it a night. I hopped in the shower and then fiddled with my phone until falling asleep at around 5AM. I slept like a baby and awoke the next morning refreshed, though a bit mentally fatigued.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107193
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36 
Published: Aug 12, 2018Views: 1,116
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