From Nothing to Something
Citation:   Stichedupsmile. "From Nothing to Something: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp107226)". Apr 16, 2017.

0.5 hits oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Tobacco  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
I’d like to start this trip report off by saying I am relatively new to psychedelics, I have been foolish about dosing with Mushrooms before and wound up in Hospital from an extremely bad trip. I see the power psychedelics have and think when they are respected and the settings is right they can have a lot of therapeutic affects. I take 10 mg’s of Fluoxetine daily but I don’t think this had any Impact on my trip.

Recently I purchased a single 1200 UG tab of 25I-NBOME. I was planning to take the whole tab alone but with not much experience with psychedelics and not the right setting I decided I would take it a few days later when I was planning to stay at my friend's for the night.

Skip a few days ahead and I just finished a average day at school, I wasn’t to keen on taking the tab but my friend insisted so we measured the tab and cut it into two ( 600UG’s..? ) I have a feeling the dose may have been a little different as my friend seemed to be peaking a lot quicker and more intensely then I did.

T 0:00 Me and my friend place the tab under our tongue. I notice it has that Chemical-Numbing taste that I have read so much about.

T 0:30 I notice very little effects but a slight change in headspace. A little bit of Anxiety but I am genuinely feeling pretty good.

T 0:45 We go outside to smoke a cigarette I notice the first slight hint of Visuals as we are smoking I notice everything looks sharper and more HD then usual, I also seem to get lost in the very small sways of patterns in the concrete.

T: 1:15 I notice nothing much has really changed by this point. Everything is HD and I see patterns move around and form wherever I look if I pay attention to it. ( No walls breathing or other Typical affects with a medium dose of Mushrooms. )

T: 1:30 We proceed to have a few cones and things just get more intense for my friend well I am still stuck on the same level I have been since the start. He is constantly looping what he is saying and proceeds to tell the walls to stop moving so he can talk to us. ( This was his first time on Psychedelics. )

T: 2:00 I am concerned about my friend but he assures me he is fine and asks me to pack him a Cone. I have noticed a little more to the visuals as my friends wall has a lot of Psychedelic Posters that I am getting lost in.

T: 2:30 Things have suddenly peaked out of no where after I get an unexpected call from my Mother that I am getting picked up in 15 minutes. I proceed to smoke another cone which I shouldn’t have. I feel as if I am having an out of body experience. My vision has changed so that I am seeing things as if I were standing behind myself ( But cannot see my body or anything else. )

T: 2:35 I get hit by a bunch of Anxiety as I am scared that my mother would notice I was tripping after a very bad Psychedelic experience I had a few days before hand. ( Please note I took mushrooms at a respected dose on a school excursion with the same friend and had a wonderful time with slight bits of Anxiety but Spiritual feelings, Thoughts and Complete bliss with how everything turned out. ) I am noticing the Physical effects of the 25I-Nbome I read about, My heart was easily beating at 175 - 190 BPM And I am unsure of my Blood pressure this worried me at times but I knew I was going to be safe and decided to relax.

T: 2:45 I get a call from my mother and pull it off but now have to walk somewhere to get picked up. I say my farewells and proceed to leave. as I walk down there street I am slowly looking around and getting overwhelmed by the visuals. I proceed to look at the ground and notice a bunch of orange pine needles. As I proceed to look up my whole vision turned into orange pine needles for a good 5 seconds which then proceed to melt away and reality came back. I proceed to run and get anxious as I somehow got lost walking back. ( I wasn’t lost I was overwhelmed in visuals and had no clue as to where I was for a few seconds. )

T: 2:50 I arrive and proceed to hop in my mothers car it’s night time so she can’t see my eyes but they are Heavily Dilated and Bloodshot. I proceed to sit at the very back of the car which is oddly suspicious to my mum as I usually sit in the front and no one else was there. I can manage to pull off a conversation on the way to Mc Donald's but mum knows I am on something. She assumes that I have just smoked pot and I am suddenly relieved and start to relax. Of course mum is not happy but she knows I have been smoking for 2 Years and has become relatively chill about me being stoned.

T: 3:00 We arrive at Mc Donald’s and I get handed my meal, I start to eat and drink and notice that food has completely changed. The coke tastes Metallic and the Nuggets taste unnatural. I out my food to the side and continue to sip away on my Coke which is highly Unpleasant.

T: 3:25 Finally we are home, Luckily it was night time and everything was black I proceed to hop out the car and walk up the steps to the front door. I open it and immediately proceed to my room. Mum was not suspicious at all and just assumed I was stoned. I jump into bed and mum comes in ( Lights off ) And asks if I need a drink or anything like that. I say no and she exits my room.

T 3:25 - 5:00 I am stuck in bed overwhelmed by the most Intense, Rainbow Coloured 3D CEV’s I was not disturbed this whole time and ended up spiralling into a Psychedelic hole of thought processing and Visuals. I notice I was struck with a few questions about life which gave me insight how ever sadly I didn’t follow through with them.. The visuals would casually get so intense that I would open my eyes and for a good 10 seconds they would appear all over my room and once again my Reality would be over taken by Visuals. I also note that I would get this feeling of me being pulled away from my body and after a good 20 seconds of that feeling would open my eyes to be feeling the same feeling in the room where I would feel like I was standing behind myself. Please note the Hour and Half I spent in bed I assumed I was going to die of a heart attack the Vancostruction was that bad. ( I forgot to add this but I was listening to music and Occasionally the Visuals would change to the Base of the song I was listening to. )

T 5:00 I proceed to get up as I am feeling I can function around others. I proceed to go to the car where I left my McDonald’s, finish it off grab a drink say goodnight to my family and proceed back to bed where I fell asleep within a good 20 minutes of laying there. Sleep was surpassingly easy as I usually take a good hour to fall asleep.

Next Day: I wake up feeling mentally foggy but no noticeable physical effects and can easily function with my Everyday life.

Overall: Overall I am highly satisfied with this experience. Even though I had the struggle with my Mother and the Unexpected call I managed to stay calm and thoroughly enjoy myself. I liked this substance as I notice it had a less intense head fuck as mushrooms did where I notice I would barely be able to pull off a Conversation with others on mushrooms because I was so lost in my train of thought.

In the future when I have a better time to explore this substance and myself I will definitely go back as I am highly satisfied with it. (This was my first trip report. I am sorry as I couldn’t explain the visuals well or anything like this. If you’re wondering about some of my wording, e.g. “Cones”, and that I am Australian. A cone is basically a bowl of weed mixed with tobacco. )

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107226
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2017Views: 1,471
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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