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An Amazing Experience
Salvia divinorum (35x extract)
Citation:   MDaniels. "An Amazing Experience: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (35x extract) (exp107250)". Nov 17, 2022.

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1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  T+ 0:05 1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)

I've only recently entered psychedelic culture. I used shrooms for the first time over the summer and fell in love with the social/party atmosphere of the experience. I'm currently awaiting some LSD to try, and decided I would buy some Salvia to try in the mean time. The smoke shop I went to only had 35x available, and the shop owner told me it can go as high as 60x, so I figured it would be a good, moderate introduction to Salvia.

The setting I chose for my trip was my couch, surrounded by blankets and pillows, and in front of my TV. I was alone for this experience. I decided to put on some music, the song I chose was a 24 minute masterpiece of progressive metal. The YouTube video I chose had nothing but the album cover, which was a light blue. As I started the song, I loaded up my first bowl. It was literally a pinch (approx 0.2g) and I stuffed the leaves tight into the rather large hole (my bowl is enormous). My mindset was that of excitement and anticipation, and about 5 seconds after I torched the leaves it all started.

The light blue of the YouTube video filled my vision. It was as if it was enveloping me in a large tunnel, that was twisting and contorting in all sorts of ways. The lights in the room and the light from the TV combined into a mesh of blue and white, and I was gone. At this point I was on what felt like a field trip with my wife and coworker, and for some reason we were waiting for my dad to get there. It felt like a dream in that it was completely real. I was convinced I was really somewhere else, and don't remember too many details except that we were going somewhere, playing some type of sport (with a multitude of other people I don't remember), and waiting for my dad. The experience felt like it was 30 minutes long, but when I began to let go of all the hallucinations and slip back into reality, the song was only 4 minutes in. I began giggling uncontrollably. I couldn't believe that simply smoking something could affect me in such a dramatic way. My vision slowly returned to normal and when I came down, I was really happy with the experience. So much so that I decided to smoke some more. I had such a good experience that trying it again could only make it better right? Wrong.

As I loaded up my 2nd bowl (a little more this time because I was confident; probably about 0.3g) I knew that it would be too much to smoke in one or two puffs, but I tried anyway. I coughed vigorously, it was painful and tasted awful. I don't know if it was the preliminary coughing or simply the fact that I had smoked so much, but my 2nd trip was a nightmare. I don't even remember clearly what happened between when I puffed and when I came to. All I remember is the light coming back to my eyes, and the feeling like my spirit was descending back into my body (it felt as though I was sitting on my couch, but the gravity in the room had just been turned back on and I was sinking deeper into it, slowly).

Once my body was back to it's full weight, the madness started. 'Something' was coming after me. All of the blankets and pillows I had around me felt like enemy agents trying to suppress me, so I vigorously threw them to the side.
Once my body was back to it's full weight, the madness started. 'Something' was coming after me. All of the blankets and pillows I had around me felt like enemy agents trying to suppress me, so I vigorously threw them to the side.
I looked at my coffee table and it was a disgusting mess. For some reason my bong, my weed jar, some coasters, and a game controller looked like a dumpster, and no matter what else I did, that 'something' was going to be pissed if it showed up and my coffee table was still this messy.

I was furiously trying to organize everything, and in that process I realized that the 'presence' coming to get me was actually the song. It was the voice of the lead singer about to enter after a long instrumental break. I knew the song so well that my anticipation of the vocal entrance manifested itself as a being about to pounce on me. Once the entrance happened (still, only about 12 minutes in to the song) I decided the music was too much for me. I turned off the TV, but for some reason I still felt like something was out to get me. I got off of the couch and walked back to my bedroom to lie down. After uncomfortably tossing and turning for a minute or so I became very angry. Angry that the Salvia was doing this to me and pleading to be sober again.

I decided Salvia was not safe, so I got out of bed (even after this amount of time the walls were still contorting and spinning), grabbed my bong, washed out my bowl and the rest of the Salvia in it that I couldn't smoke (probably around 0.1g), and hid everything; in case I or my wife accidentally smoked it thinking it was weed. Salvia was evil. I got back in bed to try to wait it out. When I closed my eyes I could see patterns of ancient symbols coming at me in waves, and all that did was bother me more. I couldn't escape the effects by closing my eyes, so I just decided to open them.

Finally, after another minute or two of torture, I said to myself, out loud, 'it's just the Salvia'. After that point I had a nice, relaxing slide back into sanity, just in time for my wife to come home so I could tell her all about it! In conclusion, Salvia was an amazing experience.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107250
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Nov 17, 2022Views: 896
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