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I Became Super Dad
Citation:   Getrdy4it. "I Became Super Dad: An Experience with MDMA (exp107257)". Erowid.org. Aug 1, 2017. erowid.org/exp/107257

T+ 0:00
.103 g oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 .050 g oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
My first real MDMA experience happened last Sunday, about 5 days ago. My previous use of drugs up to my first real mdma experience has been marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, mushrooms, lsd once, and mescaline once. I bought a gram of molly from a friend and since I had no scale to weigh minute amounts of mdma the first few times I ate it I would just lick the tip of my pinky and dip it into my small baggie and eat whatever came out. I would estimate these unknown dosages around the 40-60 mg range. I would also take a supplement of approximately the same size 2 hours after initial ingestion. While those trips were fun, I soon realised I needed a good scale so I knew exactly how much I had eaten. I did not want any form of neurotoxicity affecting my everyday life. After I recieved my scale from Fedex, the following Sunday I decided to partake.

Sunday: I woke up early. Very early. I was out of bed by 3am and was at my friends house by 4am. We had planned to spend all morning fishing for catfish and that's exactly what we did. I gave my friend all the fish at the end of the day and headed home. When I got home, I was in a good mood, however I was pretty tired. When I walked in the door my wife asked if I would like to go to the park down the street with our two young girls. This was the excuse I needed.

I told my wife (who has not done X yet but is mildly curious) that I wanted to go to the park but I was dead tired. I told her a cup of coffee would do nothing for me, but if I took some Molly that it would give me more than enough energy. She seemed fine with the idea, so I immediately began eating some multivitamins.

About a half hour later, I dosed myself with 103 mg of Molly (I tried to get exactly 100 mg but that proved to be difficult) and washed it down with a cup of orange juice. No nasty taste in my mouth at all. As soon as I dosed we pretty much immediately left the house and walked to the park. It was a beautiful day, not to warm or cold, sun shining, and I was already in a good mood from catching a very decent amount of delicious catfish. We walked around and hung out at the park for about 45 minutes then went home. I sat down on the front porch with my wife and told her I wasn't feeling much of anything yet. After sitting down for ten minutes I decided to get up and go into the house and as I stood up, that is when the effects first hit me.

T+1.5 hours : As I stood up, a feeling of lightness came over my body, and my mind. I felt like I just shed 50 lbs and movement was much more effortless. My head felt light as well, but didn't make me dizzy in the slightest. I turned to my wife and said 'I feel really lightweight, this feels kinda fun'. I preceded to enter my home, took another multivitamin with water, and went to my room to dose out 50 mg more of Molly and I ate it. By now I could feel energy surging through me. It was not unpleasant in the least, and that very energy surge was a main reason for taking Molly that day.

T+2.0 hours : By now it was dinner time for my wife and the kids (I have two girls, both are under 3 years of age). I expressed to my wife that I did not want to eat, however I sat down at the table and decided it would be fun to just converse with my wife. As I sat down, and put my arms up on our glass table, I remarked to my wife that the table was exceptionally colder than normal, but that it did indeed feel good. I started talking with my wife. Conversation was amazing. I hung onto every word my wife spoke, and in return, instead of just listening and not saying too much (I'm the type of guy when asked how work was, I usually reply with 'good' and that's that) I had loads of questions for my wife. My thinking was clear and lightning fast. As soon as my wife answered my question, I would ask another or ask for clarification. It was really an amazing conversation for me, and I'm sure my wife enjoyed it too.

T+2.5 hours: After the family ate, my wife let the kids down from their respective high chairs and let them loose into the house. By this time I could really feel the energy flowing through me, and a general sense of feeling really good. I decided for the next hour to play with our kids. I know this might sound messed up to some people, but playing with my kids while under the effects of molly was the most fun I have ever had with them. They had tons of energy, and so did I, so I spent a good deal of time chasing them around the house, tickling them, and riding them on my back as I crawled around the house. I do these things almost everyday with them anyways, but not nearly as long or as energetic as this time. It was simply amazing.

T+3.5 hours: Now the kids want to go outside into the backyard. I happily oblige. By now there is no question I am peaking. Let me explain how it feels. If you are a gambler whatsoever, you know how it feels to walk out of the casino a winner. A feeling of nothing, and I mean nothing, can bring you down. I also explain it like this: it feels like something really good is about to happen. It kinda also feels like it's Christmas eve and you are a kid again, and you know tomorrow you are going to get some cool gifts. That's the feeling. It feels so amazing, I can see how someone could become addicted (I already admit to a definite psychological addiction in myself, however I don't want brain damage so I'm not doing this every weekend and I keep my dosage relatively low per my body weight).

Being outside felt great. The sun was beginning to go down at this point. My wife sat on the back porch and watched as I chased the babies around the yard. Suddenly I noticed my wife get up, walk into the house, and emerge 30 seconds later with a jacket on. I said to her 'are you cold?' She said yes, and preceded to tell me it was getting chilly outside. This stunned and amused me greatly, as I don't take to the cold well at all, and I always put a jacket on long before my wife does. But not this time. Even though I could kind of feel the cool air, my body was warm and very comfortable. I needed no jacket tonight.

After we got back inside the house, the effects began to slowly taper off. I felt no depression at all, and no strong urge to take anymore. An hour or so after baseline, I went to bed and had no problems passing out.

The next morning I had what you might call a hangover. It was all mental. I felt like my head had some fuzzyNess to it but an alcohol hangover to me feels much worse. No signs of depression, in fact I feel pretty good. The brain fuzzyness only lasted half a day, after that I felt completely normal. No depressive symptoms at all in the week following. In fact quite contraire, I felt better than normally for the following week. I mentally try to recreate the happiness I felt that day, and it works. I am definitely more positive, big smile on my face alot, and I can almost put myself in a state where it feels like I'm on molly. I attribute this to the fact that my doses are relatively low, thus my brain has some serotonin to work with after the trip.

If truly enjoyed being close to my family, knowing that they love me and I love them. I was happy to skip the whole dance scene and spend the evening rolling with them. I think I ended up closer to them than ever before.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107257
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Aug 1, 2017Views: 2,719
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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