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I Realized I Was Becoming Addicted
by Eyeamffd
Citation:   Eyeamffd. "I Realized I Was Becoming Addicted: An Experience with Acetylfentanyl (exp107307)". Dec 3, 2015.

  repeated   Acetylfentanyl (blotter / tab)


I started taking acetyl fentanyl blotters that I bought off the dark net for two months solid. Thatís one of the hardest withdrawals youíll ever know in life. Itís worse than dilaudid, worse than oxy, worse than hydrocodone, itís 50-100 times stronger than heroin but still 15 times less than fentanyl.

Acetyl fentanyl: as scary as a name as it sounded at first, it was a warm and welcoming experience that reminded me of the hydrocodone 5ís I got my first time around an ER after the motorcycle accident.

Letís start with a foretelling. My mother was an alcoholic and my brother was an alcoholic and I have family further up the tree that would have also found themselves with an addictive personality of sorts no matter what the drug or vice. Naturally this brought up concerns that later on in life I might end up the same way. But Iím still not. Nor will I let those forms of illicit behavior creep up on me ever again.

After taking acetyl fentanyl about 1-20 days @ approx 250mcgís to 1000mcgís I had good control. When my back was bad I would have another blotter and keep on going. The minimal blotter dose to remain effective for its half life and composition would be 250mcg any less and itís not correct for the chemical make up.

Realizing what I was doing and such, I noticed that Acetyl fentanyl has not been approved for medical use in the United States and there are no published studies on safety for human use. Although all the time Iíve worked in a hospital Iíve given fentanyl patches and given several hundred IVís worth of regular fentanyl. Yet I didnít see a direct distinction of anything even for a map of its molecular makeups. Acetyl fentanyl is not allowed in the US and is technically a Schedule I narcotic because they say it has no medicinal use. But honestly it does. I know it does because Iíve taken it. Even in excess.

I then realized I started taking more and more as time went on. Going from 250mcgís - 1000mcgís then going from 750mcgís - 2250mcgís after day 50. I realized then I was becoming addicted and needed to stop. So I did. Iím a strong person. Strong minded and willed.

So cold turkey I went without any buprenorphine and no suboxone. I knew the ride would bring me through hell and back unless I seizured out first or had a heart attack. I would be sweating like a whore in church yet be freezing at the same time. I couldnít sleep and the pain had returned. I couldnít control anything except knowing that I canít be a drug addict. PAWS seemed to set in after 6-8 days of detoxing which sucked ass and swallowed also because the sweating comes harder and faster heart rate and breathing at a normal and typical resting rate goes to about 30-40 per min. Yet I kept going. And found myself overly emotional and physically impossible to move and do anything except eat. After day 20 of the detox I still sweat like crazy. But I know I'll never be a drug user again. No matter how informed, understanding, or recreationally sound I wanted to die. I failed to mention it always felt like my insides were on fire the entire time and I had to explain why I wasnít feeling well for so long.

Everyone understands but it doesnít help it and it doesnít take away the pain. And here I thought all my negotiations with the world were just the pain talking, yet they had always known their place beforeÖ
I found out after I was clean that I would black out and do strange tasks around the house. Being uncoordinated and being a slob, which Iím usually not.
I found out after I was clean that I would black out and do strange tasks around the house. Being uncoordinated and being a slob, which Iím usually not.
Yet it was the drugs fucking with me.

It took about 20-25 days to get two months worth of daily usage out of my system and yet I still donít feel right or good.

Just be careful and donít let my experience or my choices change your opinions of me.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107307
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Dec 3, 2015Views: 5,859
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Acetylfentanyl (692) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Various (28)

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