Not a Miracle Cure Semi Scam...
Citation:   slavior. "Not a Miracle Cure Semi Scam...: An Experience with Ibogaine (exp107328)". Sep 8, 2016.

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340 mg oral Ibogaine
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I had been addicted to pharmacy opiates for a couple years. I wanted to quit, and nothing seemed to be working... so I decided to try Ibogaine when an opportunity presented itself. This was in Canada, where Ibogaine is uncontrolled...

I found a local provider and paid her some money to sit with me through the experience and monitor health, attend to needs, etc. The provider was great, and apparently seemed very well intended and didn’t seem like a scam to me. I believe the provider felt really strongly that the medicine works, however I was not convinced, at least not for me.

I had been off opiates for a full 24 hours, so when I began treatment I were going into acute withdrawal. I didn’t eat for about 12 hours, and had been hydrating. I did a starter dose of 340 mg which came on almost instantly, with a mild buzzing in the ears. I felt a bit wobbly, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Since no adverse reactions were observed, an hour or so later the flood dose of about 560 mg was administered, followed by another 500 mg or so later on. What happened was basically a rather uninteresting psychedelic trip, where I couldn’t get out of bed for anything other than to pee... But I was extremely uncomfortable the entire time. The withdrawals NEVER went away, not even for a moment.
The withdrawals NEVER went away, not even for a moment.
Basically the only thing good about it was it was weird, and it prevented me from being able to drive or walk or find any way to get a fix. The trip part served to distract me from the withdrawals somewhat... But honestly I could have just saved the money and locked myself in a bedroom for 3 days and achieved the same result with acid or ketamine, or some other safer long-acting dissociative or psychedelic.

I made it just about 5 days before I finally broke down and did some opiates to relieve the insane withdrawals that never let up. It was nice to notice my tolerance was down to about 1/10th of what it was before, but as any junkie knows, that's what happens when you stop using for 5 days. This stuff may work for some people. All these clinics popping up everywhere... Sure, it's a way to kick, but it is in no way a miracle.

Any intentional psychedelic trip can have its merits. I do not discount some of the realizations I made about my life and some of the issues I was dealing with, and am overall happy I tried the treatment. If I hadn’t tried it, I would have spent years wondering if it could work as advertised.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107328
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Sep 8, 2016Views: 4,825
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