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Addiction Solver, Schizophrenic Cure
by drk
Citation:   drk. "Addiction Solver, Schizophrenic Cure: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine (exp107349)". Sep 9, 2017.

75 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (pill / tablet)
I have noticed this stuff seems to be very effective against addictions and schizophrenia. I've realized I had turned completely schizophrenic from smoking high amounts of hash the last few years, sinking bong hits, and also I could no longer go without it, I needed it to get to sleep at night. The schizophrenia lost me more than a few friends, made me miss so many experiences.

Recently I got it into my mind to try a few new things. I went online and ordered some yellow Route 66 pills that were meant to be 220mg of MDMA but I later found out only contained 150mg of 4-FA, along with a few tabs of LSD.

I was going to a rave at the end of that week. Having read about LSD having no long-term effects if you're careful and not being addictive, along with MDMA being neurotoxic, I was rather intent on trying LSD first but by the weekend I had only received my pills. I spent a while at the rave trying to find some LSD but ended up taking half of one of my pills. I didn't feel any effect during the rave (didn't expect the slightly long come-up 4-FA has), but on the way back as I was walking to a friend's apartment with a few other friends, it suddenly hit me all at once. I felt energy, but it wasn't as if I was powerful, rather as if I just didn't need to put in any effort for anything I was doing, and walked really fast behind my friend who had a good speed going as well with the 4 pills of MDMA he had taken.

I felt my own voice fade away from inside my head and my mind move forward right behind my eyes. Suddenly everything I did was done naturally, instinctively, my schizophrenia instantly faded away as I now see. It was magical. Had a good time after we got to the apartment, socialized more than I had in years and I could feel my personality seeping back in.
I could feel my personality seeping back in.
I had a good time and a great sleep.

The next day I went home happy after some goodbyes, and still high I thought as I hadn't been myself in so long I thought I was still high and the schizophrenia was how I normally was, and I hadn't felt the comedown which really just had me feeling satisfyingly tired, solved with a good night's sleep. Slightly addictive after the first take but not since and the addiction faded away after a day.

When I came into my room and saw my bongs though, I was amazed that I no longer felt that desperate need that a mental addiction will give you, and could see at the same time that I was previously addicted (a good thing too, I had been trying to quit after I passed out from sinking a bowl, which incidentally cost me my best bong). A couple uses later I no longer felt the need to smoke anything at all, and could be satisfied being sober. I completely stopped bongs (had one more bowl while on LSD which destroyed me and had me puke up salmon and spinach lasagna, absolutely disgusting) and that took care of the will to sink bowls. I slowly realized that for a long time I had been unable to feel anything but anger, sadness, depression and my bong hits. I kept smoking a good while but my favorite type of tobacco now gives me a headache for some reason and since I no longer feel the need to smoke I decided there was no point and even gave up the rest of my hash to a friend.

The following weekend a friend came over and of course he tried my pills, said friend being a past heroin addict and currently on a substitution treatment (buprenorphine). He also met a girl I know that night he got rather enamored with though there was little he could do since she was already in a happy relationship. We all had fun and long deep conversations as 4-FA is a very social and emotional drug. The following week he came back telling me he hadn't had to take his substitution treatment the whole week, though at the time he thought it was because he was in love and I went along with him, pretty dumb when I think back on it now as the human body tends to work a defined way, and it was the following week again that I saw him suddenly feel bad and have to take his treatment, and we both realized the 4-FA was the only logical answer (I had identified the pills by then). We both made a note of it, though I had no more at the time to give him and I can't find this stuff anywhere except online which takes a few days. Seems it was very effective, and the time he went without taking anything probably lowered his dependency more than his treatment ever had up to now.

This drug has completely turned my life around, and given me and my friend new hope on his health (secondary effects of substitute opioids suck almost as bad as the real thing in my opinion, if not worse). In other words, it got me off of smoking, took care of my schizophrenia and addiction and may even be the answer for my friend's addiction.

Neither I nor the people who tried then or since seem to have experienced the reported side effects. A couple of girls puked which may be related to reported nausea, but it was all bile so even if the empty stomach wasn't entirely responsible I think it had some part in it. I've slept perfectly well since (I think the insomnia may have been a side effect of schizophrenia) and have had no headaches or nausea at any time on it, never really felt the comedown either. I consider it to be stronger than MDMA, as it may be the first I tried but I did do some MDMA since and I basically didn't notice it that much, though it did end one bad trip I had on LSD. The MDMA high to me is a bit too speedy and scattered, 4-FA was more relaxed but yet felt healthy and stimulating.

I only swear by 4-FA now, it's very pleasant and has surprising properties. I've also noticed a slight increase in unsolicited attention from girls while on the drug, already a bit since my faded schizophrenia made me capable of properly socializing again but more so when the chemical was running through my veins.

It's a miracle compound to me. It showed me hash had made me weak and numb, and I couldn't take decisions for myself or feel anything other than anger, sadness/depression and bong hits. I also felt constantly exhausted and my lungs were fucked, I couldn't run or even sing a few sentences without running out of breath shortly (also solved). That is quickly noticed when I take drugs that enhance my emotions. I am incredibly grateful for the existence of this drug and the presence of the guy who sold me those first pills, as I feel I owe them my life.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107349
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 9, 2017Views: 2,603
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