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Brought Up Doing It With My Wife
Citation:   Lovin the X. "Brought Up Doing It With My Wife: An Experience with MDMA (exp107358)". Erowid.org. Oct 2, 2019. erowid.org/exp/107358

100 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
Marriage MDMA Amazing

In my late teens and early twenties I had done ecstasy quite a few times. It was always big rolling parties. There were massages, light shows, trance music, vicks, and the whole nine yards. I always had a blast when we partied. Then I got my act together, went to college and pretty much stopped partying all together. I never missed the drinking, but would always reminisce and wish there was a way to roll again with some of my old friends.
I never missed the drinking, but would always reminisce and wish there was a way to roll again with some of my old friends.
8 years pass and Iíve met my fun, amazing, incredibly hot wife (way out of my league). One night, after a few glasses of wine, I told her about my younger years and how fun ecstasy used to be. She said she had never done any kind of drugs, but said she would try it with me because she trusted me and was intrigued with how fun I made it sound. That was great, but unfortunately I didnít run in the same circles and had no way to acquire some.

Fast forward to 6 months later and I discover a way to get some! I tell my wife and she agrees we should buy a few hits. Finally, we have a Friday night where we can do it. We go to the grocery store and buy all the fun stuff for rolling. 3 different types of gum, vicks inhalers, massage oil, Gatorade and lube. We get home and I pull out the gram of molly that we purchased and it almost looks like brown sugar. Looks different than the little blue dolphin pills that I remember, but boy does it smell the same. I carefully split the gram into 10 equal doses and me and my wife each scoop a hit onto our hand. With Gatorade bottles at the ready, we lick our hands and chase the terrible taste. Just awful.

We decide weíll watch Tron in bed while we wait to feel the effects. We both enjoy the movie and the soundtrack is incredible. I can barely pay attention to the movie, Iím so anxious. 30 minutes in and neither of us really feel anything. We keep doing status updates as both of us are wondering whatís up. Iím disappointed thinking this might be bad X. After 45 minutes, I stand up to go to the bathroom and while Iím peeing I being to feelÖ.a little different. My hands feel clammy. I go back into the bedroom and sit down on the chair next to the bed. The musicÖsounds so good. I can feel it moving thru me. I announce ďI feel something!Ē I explain to my wife how I feel and then ask her how she feels? Nothing yet. I suggest that we go walk around to help hers kick in. We walk downstairs and out into the warm humid air. It feels great though. I feel light as a feather as we walk around, but the short walk does nothing for my wife. We head back in and go upstairs to the bedroom. My wife heads to the bathroom and then yells ďI think I feel it!!!Ē I yell at her to get into bed and suddenly we are both rolling full steam ahead.

Over the course of the next hour we tell each other a million times how much we love each other. My wife is breathing heavily and rubbing her hands all over her body.
My wife is breathing heavily and rubbing her hands all over her body.
I begin to rub her body and every inch feels so soft and amazing. We being kissing and she tells me that this is the best sheís ever felt and is so glad we are doing this. She tells me this is not the last time we are going to do this. Itís then that I kiss her deeply and bring my hand down to her shaved pussy. She is soaking wet and I insert a finger into her. She involuntarily lifts her hips and moans so loud Iím worried the neighbors will hear. I start fingering her and she is almost screaming, telling me how good it feels. My eyes are rolling in the back of my head with how hard this is making me blow up.

My wife asks if I will please fuck her. The problem is that I am outrageously turned on and horny, but my cock is not rock hard like it usually is. She goes down to suck me off and itís probably the best feeling Iíve ever felt. Itís amazing. I get hard and flip her over on her hands and knees. I stick my dick in her and we both are yelling (like literally yelling lol) about how good it feels. I fuck her for what feels like hours of ecstasy, but turns out was only about 5 minutes. I lost my attention and went soft. My wife was still outrageously horny and was begging for me to fuck her more. I just couldnít get my cock to cooperate so she told me to fuck her with anything. I start looking for things to fuck her with and then realize there are bananas in the kitchen. I run to the kitchen, grab the biggest one on the counter and grab a condom. I put the condom on the banana and then come to my wife who is spread eagle on the bed still writhing in ecstasy. She is a small woman and has an equally tiny pussy, so I start out slow by rubbing the tip up and down her slit. She loves this and is bucking her hips, telling me she wants more. I start to insert the banana slowly and she grabs my hands and pulls taking the whole thing. I fuck her with it nice and slow and she is in ecstasy for every minute of it. She creams all over the banana and has countless orgasms.

We finally go and grab some waters and head outside (we live in an apartment complex) for a cigarette, still rolling our asses off. She is dressed in the smallest booty shorts and just a white tank top with no bra on. All we talk about is sex and our secret fantasies. We both realize just how insanely sexual we are and that we can't wait to try new things. We decide that we will do X again in a few months and see new sexual heights. While talking a younger guy walks by and is staring at my wife's tits. We both realize that she's way under-dressed and head inside. We continue our conversation and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day we woke up and felt a little tired, but great otherwise. We talked about the night before and were extremely turned on about what the future was going to hold. We had sex and while fucking we told each other all the crazy things we wanted to do.

Needless to say, I was extremely happy that I brought up doing ecstasy with my wife.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 107358
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Oct 2, 2019Views: 1,108
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MDMA (3) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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