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A Very Strange Day
DOC, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Kaleida. "A Very Strange Day: An Experience with DOC, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp107362)". Jan 30, 2016.

T+ 0:00
2.5 mg oral DOC (liquid)
  T+ 2:10 1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 5:00 1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 6:30 1 shot oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
This was my first experience knowingly taking an identified psychedelic in the DOx family. For this reason I feel that I should give a little extra background information here, compared to all of my other reports that I have been writing about tryptamines.

For most of my psychedelic career, I have focused heavily on LSD and tryptamines; the only psychedelic phenethylamine I would say I have any considerable amount of experience with is 2C-I, though I have taken a few others. Most relevantly to this, back in my early days I did end up taking a couple of different blotters that were said to be LSD but turned out to be bitter in taste, and this was before the rise of the 25x-NBOMe chemicals. One of these I knew immediately was not was it was claimed to be, but the other I was not so sure of until I tried real LSD. I could definitely tell the difference, but despite that I thought that that one blotter had still been particularly nice. I very much hoped that I could figure out what was on it while it had still just recently been around, but I had no such luck at the time.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I learned something rather interesting. My father, who used LSD back when it first took the world by storm, actually had his first ever psychedelic experience on the infamous STP pills which were sold as LSD but later reported to contain unnecessarily large doses of DOM. He had no idea at the time however, and spent many later trips wondering why he could never reach the same level of intensity with LSD as he did that first time. Combined with the fact that I knew that my blotter experiences had to have been on some DOx chemicals as well, this made me become more interested in one day getting to experiment with this somewhat elusive class of drugs on my own in a more professional manner. But, since LSD and tryptamines were both more available and still seemed safer and deeper to me, I pushed those thoughts into the back of my mind for some time.

Given where I am in my personal journey now, I had actually just about given up on the idea that I would ever get to explore the world of psychedelic amphetamines again, but then an unanticipated opportunity presented itself that I just had to pursue. As it turns out, this was the right move to make, and now I am left with a few chemicals I truly was beginning to think I would never have in my possession. After reading about them and hearing anecdotes from others, I decided that the first one I would try myself would be DOC.

My previous experience with psychedelics includes Psilocybe cubensis, Ipomoea tricolor, Argyreia nervosa, bufotenin, DMT, LSD, 2C-B, 2C-I, 4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-MET, 4-HO-DET, 4-AcO-DET, 4-HO-MPT, 4-HO-DPT, 4-HO-MiPT, 4-HO-DiPT, 4-AcO-DALT, MiPT, DiPT, DALT, and at least a couple of unidentified things.

T-1:00 - I awoke probably due to the sound of my roommate closing the front door as he left for work in the morning. I had been planning this trip for at least a few days now, but I still had some nervousness in me at this time. None of this was due to the identity of the drug itself, as I had heard many great things about DOC from others, but just from the family of psychedelic amphetamines in which it sits. Though I could not recall having any physical issues when I took those blotters in the past, I am no longer the invincible teenager that I was back then, and I was a little worried that some vasoconstriction was going to make itself known. I had been told of some supplements I could take to reverse these effects, but for the sake of understanding the drug's interaction with my body I had opted to go without it first, which I still thought was the best idea but it still also added to my worries. However, I tried to reason with myself that perhaps even if it was a factor it wouldn't be around forever, as I actually had found from those blotters that I also seem to trip for much shorter lengths of time than most people list for DOx chemicals
I actually had found from those blotters that I also seem to trip for much shorter lengths of time than most people list for DOx chemicals
, having managed to fall asleep not even eight hours after taking one of them, and coming down after maybe twelve hours after eating a whole ten strip of the other. Knowing that I had already been putting this trip off due to these thoughts as well and probably would continue to do so forever if I didn't just force myself to go for it, I finally got out of bed, pushed all thoughts into the back of my head, and grabbed my bottle of DOC dissolved in an alcohol solution.

T+0:00 - 2.5 mg of DOC dosed from a dropper. The vodka is the primary taste in my mouth, but there are extra hints of bitterness in there as well. It probably would have been a nastier experience if the alcohol wasn't strangely offsetting it (and I really can't stand liquor's taste normally). No turning back now.

T+0:30 - Up until now I have mostly just been pacing around to wake my mind and body up. I was wondering if I was going to feel anything before an hour, but right around this time I started noticing that my head was feeling nice, an odd mix of lightheadedness and heavy relaxation. I was also starting to feel a slight pull in my muscle movements, something that I don't feel from LSD or tryptamines, and my immediate assumption was that this was the vasoconstriction kicking in. I tried to ignore it for the moment, and instead started looking at textures and lights to notice that things were beginning to wave very slightly.

T+0:50 - At this point the body feelings have continued to increase, and though I do have some energy still to move around I am finding myself more and more inclined to simply lie down and wait. This was definitely not expected for an amphetamine, but I enjoyed it more than I think I would have enjoyed a lot of stimulation. But, given that things were still developing slowly, I decided that I was going to have to keep myself a little busy as it kicked in to not drive myself crazy just sitting around, so I loaded a bunch of clothes into the washing machine and started running a hot shower right afterward. Just before jumping in, I also loaded a bowl of cannabis in a bong and took two decent hits.

T+1:15 - The shower was nice and relaxing, but also a little physically overwhelming. I was reaching the point where I just didn't want to move at all, and so I got out and decided to just try lying in bed instead like I would for a tryptamine, but had not quite expected to for this. As I made my way over there I noticed that the visuals were definitely starting to kick in more fully, in addition to the synergy I'm sure the cannabis was providing. Notably, one of the very first things I noticed was that I had strong tracers when I moved my hand, not just trailing lines and colors behind them as I normally get with LSD and tryptamines, but fully repeated transparent and colorful afterimages of my arm and hand left in space behind it. This is something that I had only ever gotten as strongly before on those good bitter blotter experiences all those years before, and so I immediately knew that I was entering that same space I had long since left behind. With my eyes still open I stared around the room just a bit more before completely relaxing and saw that similar geometry to that trip was beginning to appear on surfaces as well, with similar color themes. Excitedly, I leaned back, closed my eyes, and began to meditate.

Upon staring into the darkness, almost immediately I was met with a type of visionary imagery that was this time distinctly not like anything I had experienced on those blotters before, and instead remarkably similar to LSD and certain tryptamines to an extent. I would say that the detail of the visions reminded me more of tryptamines overall, and perhaps notably particularly of my recent experience with 4-HO-DPT, but the general emotional and psychological vibe felt more along the lines of LSD. Something I experience significantly on LSD is quickly moving visuals of different people (be they random, people I've met, or even just people I've seen on TV) flashing before me and momentarily making me feel as though I am that person or at least inherently linked with their energy, and it is very often based on subtle physical correlations such as me making the same kind of facial expression that my brain has registered that person making before. This was now happening quite clearly to me on the DOC as well, but the variety of people was much greater and the feelings that accompanied them were more detailed. Probably the simplest way that I could describe the difference would be to say that on LSD it is often like I merely mistake myself for someone else, whereas on this it was more like I felt that I related to them emotionally almost as much as I do to myself, to the level that my inherent 'understandings' about the situations flashing through my head would change somewhat to reflect the way I seem to subconsciously assume that person would feel as well.

I was enjoying this effect and it's similarities to LSD greatly, and honestly by this time I already did feel that this was indeed one of the closest psychedelics I have ever taken to LSD on a visual and psychological level, but at the same time I couldn't help but notice that the feeling of vasoconstriction was already increasing. I continued to make the most of the visions for as long as I could while they were still at the intensity I was witnessing, but soon enough I knew that I was going to have to do something to curb the bodily changes slightly if I was still going to be able to keep having fun with this experience. I honestly can't say how bad the vasoconstriction was compared to other things, but coming from someone who never uses stimulants or anything and has a history of physical sensitivity and being a hypochondriac, it was a little much to handle.

T+2:10 - So, at this point I decided to take a shot of the very same vodka that I used to dissolve the DOC into. I would have just had a beer instead, but unfortunately this was the only form of alcohol we currently had, and all I had to chase it with was water (not the best planning on my part). Luckily, I didn't find the taste to be as nasty as I would have while sober. I figured that this one shot would probably be enough to dilate my veins at least a good bit, so without pushing it I went back to lying down and waiting for it to hit. Before long I noticed much of the physical strain dissipating, and as it did it became much easier to enjoy the rest of what was going on in my mind and body. After just sinking into it for a little bit and letting the alcohol reach its peak effect, to make the most of it I decided to put some music on to help myself relax more into the experience as well. After just a moment's internal debate, I decided that if ever there was music made that was meant to be heard on DOC, it would have to be something that Xorkoth had a hand in. I grabbed my laptop, put on my headphones, pulled up his band's SoundCloud page, and put on a twenty-two minute jam, during which I went back to just rolling around in bed with the lights off.

This turned out to be an excellent backdrop to what I was experiencing, as was expected. The combination of the physical focus loosening up and the music driving my mind started to push me into some more deeply psychedelic places, with quickly spawning and jumping thoughts along the lines of LSD or something else with a fairly classical headspace. It was not by any means overwhelming, but was certainly not weak either. Given that I had gotten most of my DOC advice prior to this trip from Xorkoth himself, I could not help but feel that listening to this music was only the most fitting thing to do, and that worked its way into my emotional experience as well. It occurred to me that for the first time in a long time I was exploring a new kind of psychedelic space that I knew very little about and was serving more as the student than as the teacher as I have done for many tripping companions with the LSD and tryptamines, and so rather than navigating the state as I have been one to do lately I simply made the effort to sit and absorb the lessons. This was perhaps the most calming and soothing part of the experience for me, which I believe was in no small part due to the music which I was really getting into.

T+3:15 - This is about the time the jam finished, and afterward I felt that I was in a much better mood than before. My body felt still just a little bit funky, but I felt refreshed from going deeper into the psychedelic state than I had really gotten to yet, and I was surprised to find that that shot of vodka had done absolutely nothing to hinder the hallucinogenic potential of the trip. Decent visuals still appeared to be moving around on and distorting surfaces, and I still occasionally felt my identity switch to someone else for half a second. I had been thinking that I might have more energy by this point, but perhaps the bodily feelings combined with the alcohol were still making me lazy, as I still didn't want to move much. I did feel like changing my scenery though, so I took a couple more hits of cannabis and then moved myself instead into a warm bath. During this bath I honestly stopped trying to focus on the psychedelic effects too much though and instead just started thinking about some things going on in my life, continuing on from the same relaxed feeling I had before. This seems more peculiar to me in retrospect than it did at the time, because the more I think about it the more it seemed like I could very easily swing between tripping hard and tripping not at all simply based on how I focused my attention. Certainly not something I would expect from most of the psychedelics I'm used to using!

T+4:25 - By the time I got out of the bath, I noticed that the effects that had been present before were now starting to lessen somewhat. The visuals were not as overwhelming, visionary imagery did not come so easily with eyes closed, and the general feeling of being altered was just a little less present. However, the vasoconstriction that had been inhibited by the vodka was starting to resurface, and though it was still less than it had been at the beginning, it was becoming a little annoying again. I thought to myself that I could try to hold out until my roommate comes home and start drinking with him when he arrives, but as far as I knew it was still going to be at least a few hours away. I thought I might be able to make it if I kept myself distracted.

T+5:00 - During the time until now I had been playing and hanging out with my roommate's dog, and I had the idea to go outside for the first time and explore the world while taking her on a walk. The weather had been stormy all day but it was very calm and clear outside right then, so I got excited for an adventure. Unfortunately, literally the second I stepped out the front door the sky basically exploded and it was raining harder than ever, so I just ended up going back in. I tried to just keep waiting for my roommate after that, but I really had been counting on that walk to keep me distracted and keep my blood flowing, so after not too long I cracked and ended up taking another shot of vodka. Like before, after maybe ten or fifteen minutes this end up helping with the vasoconstriction quite a lot.

T+6:30 - And then, of course, not too long later I get a text from my roommate saying that he's coming home early. I asked him to pick up some beer on the way so I wouldn't have to keep shooting anymore, and he arrived a little under half an hour after that. Quite possibly because this is the point I started feeling a little drunker (it doesn't take much for me these days), this is also the point that I stopped taking notes, so I'm going to be writing from memory from this point on.

When he arrived, we both immediately started drinking a beer and smoking a little more cannabis. He talked a little about his day at work, and then I started telling him about my experience on the DOC so far. He is not what I would call a psychedelic enthusiast, but he has used a decent number of different substances and occasionally likes doing so to break the monotony, but usually sticks to cannabis and alcohol. He has enough experience though that he could appreciate what I had to say and was interested in learning more about this substance vicariously. We just discussed things for a bit and I described what various things I was seeing looked like through the visual distortions, and then he invited me to go outside with him while he walked the dog after my previous failed attempt. I agreed, and so off into the outside world we went.

And what a world it was! Though I still have not been able to try mescaline itself, I was instantly reminded of descriptions that I have read of it before, particularly in the sense that the extremely vibrant detail of the real world took precedence over any visual distortions. It was a little bright out, possibly due to the combination of drugs but my roommate noted it too, but otherwise it was very nice, and warm and sunny considering how the weather had been earlier. The breeze also felt amazing, it was a great day. My roommate gave me the handle to his dog's leash at one point so that I could see how it felt walking her while tripping due to the memory of a time we both tried this together on LSD years ago, but in this case what this actually made clear to me was that I felt very numb all over. I could barely feel her weight pulling me at all, which caught me by surprise. This got me thinking more about the trip again, and as we were walking more I noticed that the effect that changes who I see myself as was coming back, though at this point it was making me flash on really drunk people due to the now alcohol-driven facial expressions I was making. I found this somewhat amusing at the time, and I think it was the last time I can recall that effect showing up.

When we got back inside, my roommate went to give his dog a bath as she had been rolling around in mud. During this time I decided to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cup of pear slices, as I barely had anything in my stomach at all besides vodka and beer. I actually just remembered this right now while typing this, but I forgot to say that earlier I ate a slice of leftover pizza and a chocolate chip cookie as well.... I honestly can't remember when this happened anymore, but it was early on, and basically just stuffed down to keep my stomach from complaining. Anyway, it had been a good while since then, so I was getting legitimately hungry now. The meal was very refreshing after this long day that was still going, and after that I felt like I might be up to try participating in some more normal activities than just staring around and getting lost in thought.

My roommate reemerged not long after I finished, and so we decided to watch a couple episodes of Bob's Burgers, which he has been watching in order lately. I'm not too familiar with the show, and I found it pretty funny in this state of mind. Staring at the bright light and hearing all the talking did get to me after a little while though, so we decided to switch to music instead. At this point I was just sort of curled up on the floor because I felt so out of it that I didn't really know what else to do, so he was controlling the musical experience and occasionally asking for suggestions from me. I know that we listened to a lot of Electric Light Orchestra, but that's about all I can recall. This was the point where there was the most alcohol in my system, and when there were the fewest notable psychedelic effects occurring, so some of it is understandably a blur now. But, I do know that I was greatly enjoying just lying there and listening to the music, basically just feeling spent by now.

T+11:00 - This is the point when the music stopped and I finally got up, and I noticed something: I felt great! I couldn't believe it. I had heard from multiple sources that DOC works in two phases, the first being more hallucinogenic and intense and the second being more stimulated and euphoric, but after being in the first one for so long and watching it start to fade away I was really wondering if this switch could possibly occur. Everything about my body and mind until then had just been telling me that I was so done with everything and ready to pass out into a drunken half warm, half sick stupor, but that was now completely gone. What had been a relatively strong alcohol intoxication by then suddenly switched to more of a background event that had little effect other than decreasing anxiety and increasing euphoria, and what dominated instead was a cognitive lucidity and energy very comparable to what accompanies the later hours of a good LSD experience. It felt very useful and enjoyable, though by this point I have to say that it almost hit me like a joke, in the sense that I felt like I had been dragged through a very harsh and powerful version of an LSD peak that was expanded to last literally the entire day, just to drop me back down into the same old pleasant glow as ever as if nothing had even happened right before I'm ready for bed. I informed my roommate of this change and he was happy that I felt better overall, though being very tired himself he decided to go off to bed afterward. With no one to hang out with in the living room again, I headed back to the bedroom myself.

How long I stayed up after this, I honestly can't say. I know that I had to get to bed early unexpectedly so that I could meet up with a friend in the morning to help them out with something, but I didn't get there right away. The first thing I did in my bedroom is post on the forum, and then I went and got the rest of the leftover pizza that I had been eating from before. I ate this happily while watching an episode of Friends, and then I turned off the TV and turned the lights out. I didn't fall asleep right away, but of course I can't really remember what I was thinking about at that time anymore. I do know that I had the thought that it might be hard to fall asleep on the DOC, but I figured I could do it if I really tried, especially with the alcohol still lingering in my system. Without too much effort I did manage to get there eventually, and only woke up a couple of brief moments throughout the night.

And so, that concluded my first experience with a known DOx chemical. Today I woke up feeling very nice, much like I had at the end of the night but in the form of an afterglow. So far I believe that this was my favorite part about the second phase, because I really don't think that glow would have occurred if the trip ended on the first phase instead. I did have a slight stomach ache this morning especially after smoking cannabis again, but I believe that this was the result of the alcohol. Ultimately, considering how physical the trip was for me at the beginning, I would say that my body feels surprisingly healthy after the fact.

I believe that I have included all of the most important parts of the experience in this report, but given that I was trying a new psychedelic and drinking at the same time, I must ask your forgiveness if anything has escaped me now. My final thoughts on this trip would have to be in some ways DOC did live up to my expectations, but in other ways it really showed me some things I wasn't expecting to see from it at all. I had anticipated an overlap with LSD in its effects based on what I had heard about it, but what I didn't see coming was that the things I found it to share with LSD are also some of the very same things that I find LSD to share with some of my favorite tryptamines, and in this way I found it to show promise to some very deep states of mind of the kind I would not have thought I'd find in it before. I certainly have no plans to push further into them without first finding the proper recipe to help myself avoid the vasoconstriction effects, but when that time comes I do expect that DOC will deliver what I see in it and more. In the meantime, I also now have a much renewed interest in the DOx class after seeing what one its truly powerful members can do, and am very much looking forward to exploring others in the group as well. The next one on my to do list for now is DOPR, and I am very eager to see what it has to offer me now.

So, that about wraps it up. This seems to be a very special psychedelic, but also a very physical one. Please use caution and respect your body if you choose to explore it yourself, and I'm sure you will be rewarded if you do. Vasoconstriction or no, DOC provides a full experience that can rival any other powerful trip like LSD, and I definitely think it's worth seeing to any dedicated psychonauts who find themselves with the proper opportunity.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107362
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jan 30, 2016Views: 5,987
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